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  2. Ok, i think stock is around 540cc. So sounds good
  3. Experience mostly. There are many factors that come into it, but on a engine with 500cc capacity per cylinder, typical ball park master fuel number would be about 9ms for 1000cc injectors, 17ms for 500cc and 20-25ms for 300ish.
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  5. Yup, i definitely posted in the wrong area. I would move it to G4X, but i cant. Thank you for the help anyway. I'll try messing with master fuel. Out of curiosity, what makes you say double it?
  6. remski2


    Post the map and the log where you have a missfire and I am sure somebody will be able to point anthing unusual.
  7. HI adam it is even tried, no spark with sparks out it was one of our first thought and tried to cranck with them out and no compression on cilinders.
  8. The diagram posted above by Hussain would be valid for any Honda that uses the "OBD1" ecu (CivicLink 95). Except I would not connect the coil ground to Pin 26 as per his diagram. Coils should be grounded to the cylinder head only.
  9. If you have some spare time in the next few days, could you try the G4X back in the Clio and crank it with the spark plugs out to see if you get spark when there is no compression. That would at least back up my thoughts that it is the unstable crank speed that is upsetting it.
  10. jonnyt80

    Clio 172 f4r

    did you use the RS trigger or 60-2 pattern
  11. Cheers. I may look to downgrade the firmware unless it's likely an new revision will be released- although it may be a fair assumption that the G4+ will be left and the Link focus will shift to the G4X platform?
  12. Thanks. I'll have to check for a part number. The motor came form a 2016 Toyota Avalon which accordingly to Toyota parts online Toyota Part No.: 27060-0P141. The way it is wired is based off the diagram I paid for which has proven to be wrong about 10 different times now. But is as follows and is listed as a 4 wire in my notes from him. Keep in mind these labels are from the guy who did my diagram. Pin 1 - White - Alternator Sense Input - to EA 3 - Pin 17 Pin 2 - Red - Power Main - to EFI main (this is to the two post connector in the stock MR2 fuse box in the engine bay just as it was before. Pin 3 - Empty - Alternator load monitor. Pin 4 - Alternator warning light - Yellow/Orange - To EA 3 - Pin 4 From the video I take away that the 4 wire is not ideal for the swap and I should look to put a 3 wire in. So perhaps my alternator is working but it just won't charge more than the 12.5 we are seeing in the log ? Thoughts?
  13. Alan

    Dieseling on Mini r53

    My MINI is a GTS2 race car with NASA and BMWCCA. Some shots of it here
  14. I honestly noticed this recently with my gear display on my dash, I chocked it up to me playing with rear gear ratio at first but after a re-calibration of the wheel speeds its still kind of spotty and inconsistent. Maybe @Simon or @Adamw might have some insight on this. As for + to X platform upgrade, the physical pinouts of the units are not changing. Its just a new processor in the box with new software, firmware, and functionality. The physical I/O is not changing.
  15. There are a couple different alternators out there for this engine that are wired a little differently. This video might help:
  16. I'll check the alt, I thought it was working before and I haven't put a charger on the battery in the last handful of times idling. The boost leak makes sense, but it is able to go pretty deep vacuum. I'll look around next time I am up to try and see what I can find. Once I confirm the Alt/Boost Leaks. and Get the lower boost canister spring in I think that is enough front work to have the tuner take it and actually do some good tuning. Anything on the earlier post questions about the tablet you said came tuner ready? I haven't found anything like that available. I have been looking for tablets around 3.75 x 7 that have two charge ports to work with. I think there are only a few options.
  17. HI Adamw first of all thanks so much for your fast answer. Yes we have two g4x monsoon one upgradedn and other no upgrades so maybe i sent you remap from one and log from other, anyway problem is same with both firmwares. Awith g4+ car start up, rpm fluctuate a little bit on cracking but it start up, this engine is a really high cr compression so maybe it could improve the problem. On the other hand i have tested g4x on other complete different car ( vw 16v ) with hall sensor 60-2 trigger wheel and lower cr, it works ok on this engine. Hope it could be solved, i understand the dates we are so no problem for waiting some days, we can work untill solution with the g4+. BR and happy easter
  18. Is there an issue with the latest firmware as my gear detection (displayed on a Plex uSDM 100) has now got a huge delay and seems erratic after the update. Previously this was working brilliantly (for the last 2+ years and every firmware in-between). I haven't tried to reload the firmware or relearn gear detection as it does seem to display the right gear, eventually. As a complete side note, are there any benefits of upgrading from my G4+ to G4x platform? Specifically more digital I/O would be a great benefit for my application.
  19. Hello friends Is this connection valid for the d series?
  20. Merhaba arkadaşlar Bu bağlantı d serisi için geçerli mi?
  21. mxs 1.2 justin.aimcfg justin 1.8t.pclr
  22. Rustam


    Its a pity I believed that link has separate parameter which could detect misfires. Simon, so in this case would please explain how to determine the misfires based on the above parametres mentioned by you.
  23. Are you on the latest firmware? Your map attached above shows you where on an old version, but the log shows a newer version? Did you upgrade in between? Based on what I see I think this is a firmware problem as the triggerscope is showing the correct number of teeth coming through, but the tooth count is resetting often in the wrong place when the crankshaft quickly slows down (ecu thinks it sees a missing tooth). If you are already on the latest firmware I think this is going to need some adjustments to the code to fix. I will send an email to Link on your behalf and will cc you and ask them to get back to you. Note it is a 4 day Public holiday here in NZ for easter.
  24. Adamw

    Accel enrichment

    Not really anything I can remember that would be hugely relevant to yours (i mostly do ITB race engines). If it where mine I would probably change to alpha N to see if that gives more acceptable control. Sometimes MAP (especially single throttle, big overlap) just isnt a great indicator of air flow. Do fine breakpoints at small throttle openings like my example in this post:
  25. In general it looks like everything is working ok. It doesnt look like the alternator is working. Your ignition table is very retarded in the off boost areas and there is not much VVT action so it is going to feel fairly lethargic like that. As for the boost I would almost be suspicious there is a big boost leak as MAP never goes above 100Kpa.
  26. Is it a G4, G4+ or G4? A bit confusing as your title says G4+, but then has the part number for the G4X, and then you are posting in the G4 section... But in any case the answer is much the same. If the ECU is new then yes it will already have a base map in it. Just do all the pre-start checks etc that are listed in the manual as there may be small settings changes needed for specific car models and things like what type of air temp sensor you have connected. Confirm all basic sensors are reading realistic and calibrate the TPS, MAP and check base timing once it is running. The injector size as well as variables such as fuel pressure are taken care of by the "master fuel" number. It is set at 9ms in the base map which would suggest to me the test car had big injectors. Start with about double that number should get you close to starting up, then just bump it up or down until it runs ok.
  27. Any delays when using Link ECU. By bluetooth or USB cable.??
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