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  2. Drive in drive out supply and fit local toWest Sussex

    Spoke to you a month ago and you took my contact details and said you would work out a price and email me. Still not had the email !
  3. Drive in drive out supply and fit local toWest Sussex

    I do at least 1 Cosworth YB a week and have ready made adaptors for e-throttle, you can see some in action on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/brandshatchperformance/ www.shopbhp.com
  4. Subaru EJ253 triggers supported ?

    I am looking to buy an ECU to control the engine out of a NA EJ253 2009 Subaru Forester in a non-auto setting. I wonder if your products support the OEM crank and cam trigger wheels and whether there are any base maps available, preferably using MAF as the efficiency factor. It would also be very helpful if there was a technician prepared to help with set up at a site 50 km NW of Melbourne, Australia. Many thanks. Rupert Clarke
  5. Drive in drive out supply and fit local toWest Sussex

    Alternatively speak to Clint at Brands Hatch performance. Hes got a lot of knowledge on YB engines as well.
  6. Pulse width measurement

    Another for this. Useful when trying to use the link to replace external controllers to log them replicate.
  7. wiring for gauges

    You wont be able to do either option easily. Sending a "simulated sensor" signal out of the ecu would need analog voltage outputs which the Xtreme doesnt have natively. It could be done using PWM outputs and a RC filter but it is going to be a lot of messing around to get it to work accurately. To do the other option you would first need to reverse engineer the communication network that system is using, then built some sort of interface than converts from the ECU CAN or predefined Serial streams to the Defi protocol. It will be easiest to duplicate the sensors. They could also be shared but you will need some equipment to verify the calibrations.
  8. Link PDM

    Another yes for this, something I keep looking at, but to have an entirely separate system doesn’t seem sensible. One to work with my .thunder would be awesome.
  9. Crank trigger wire

    Exactly what i wanted to know. Thanks
  10. Drive in drive out supply and fit local toWest Sussex

    Thank you mark. Will drop you a email in the next few days.
  11. Missing Cable? ECU to USB

    Thanks for your help, going to order one
  12. Drive in drive out supply and fit local toWest Sussex

    email me mark@abbeymotorspot.co.uk and we discuss your requirements. I am away on holiday this coming week so I wont be able to reply to the week after. Thanks
  13. I'm looking for a dealer that can supply and fit a link ecu and loom on a YB Cosworth and convert from cable to drive by wire and fully map the car as a few places I have spoken to said they can fit but not fully map or have not done the DBW conversion so not sure what I need to supply them with. Any local dealers that can do the whole job in house without having to travel the country
  14. wiring for gauges

    I have a link g4+ extreme and am looking to order some defi gauges. The gauges use a control unit where all the sensor wires input to, and then the gauges are daisy chained off the control unit. http://www.defi-shop.com/installation/system_connection/advance/ Instead of sharing sensors or having duplicate sensors, I'm wondering if either I can have the g4+ output this information along the daisy chain, in place of the defi control unit. Or if i do still need the control unit, then I assume I can have the g4+ output the sensor readings into the control unit? Thank you for your help! Wasn't sure how far I can research without having the gauges sitting in my hand ready to wire up
  15. Storm RX7 FC Turbo II Wiring

    Thanks Adam. I did end up finding out a little more about the circuit relay. Thanks for backing it up. To confuse the situation my car is originally an auto but the previous guy swapped it to manual. Here is a link to the wiring diagrams http://wright-here.net/files/manuals/1991RX7WiringDiagram.pdf and attached what I believe are the correct pages. Charging/Starting for A/T then for M/T and also Engine Control Thanks again
  16. The best way to get some clues for what Aux 1 was connected to will be to look at the map. I would not do a firmware update yet as if that is on really old firmware (prior to 4.4), you will have lots of settings to fix after the update. You should still use the latest VTS (V4.10.2) to connect to the ECU and save the map out of it. To power up you just need ground on pin 34 and +12V on pin 5. Connect to VTS (green online indicator at top right of screen), then go >file>save as.
  17. IGN feedback (ICMB pin)

    Thanks for that, I was hoping that would be the case! Cheers
  18. Storm RX7 FC Turbo II Wiring

    You will need the "Circuit opening relay", this controls the main relay that supplies power to fuel pump relay and injectors etc. This may not need to be connected to the ECU but it will need to be connected to something. You will have to research how the circuit works in this car or post up a schematic and I can advise. I cant find any info about what the "port air solenoid" does - I suspect it is emissions related but dont know. The PRC solenoid is not needed, this would have originally been used to increase the fuel pressure during hot starts. Get rid of that solenoid and just connect Fuel pressure reg hose direct to manifold. The other two solenoids controlled the Air valve so they are not needed either.
  19. St205 Dwell Times or St185

    If the ST185 dwell table works better for you then by all means please use it.
  20. 4age 20v blacktop base map , g4 link atom 2

    Here is something to get you started. You will need to check trigger offset yourself with a timing light. You will need to check my input and output assignments match your wiring (Note I have assigned Tacho and fan under ign outputs). G4+ Atom 4AGE 20V Stock NA startup.pclr
  21. IGN feedback (ICMB pin)

    Correct, no aftermarket ECUs use the feedback pin, commonly called ICMB or IGF. Just 3 wires needed to each coil.
  22. IGN feedback (ICMB pin)

    Hey guys, I'm rather impressed with the amount of information on this forum and have so far managed to answer all my questions from the search function so thanks all however, this one doesn't seem to have been covered.. I'm throwing out the distributed spark setup on my little Daihatsu Charade 3 cyl and upgrading to a set of Toyota/Denso COP sticks (keeping with the 24 - 1 tooth cam triggers in the process, hopefully that will still work ok??) and wondering if I can just ignore the IGN feedback pin, labelled "ICMB" on the attached diagram? My assumption is that this is merely a feedback loop for the ECU to say that all is OK and ready to fire but I can't find any specifics on the internal wiring of the igniter to confirm this. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers Tim
  23. Crank trigger wire

    Hi, the standard Trigger 1 & 2 wires in the LINK supplied looms are well and truly up to the job. If i am making my own loom i use BELDON 8723 SCREENED 2 X PAIR. Regards Dave.
  24. Crank trigger wire

    Is there a preferred type of cable to be used to connect a crank trigger to the Link ECU? I know the standard connector and cable have plain wire but diagrams I have seen suggest the use of a shielded pair type of wire. Going on a high speed engine but only 6 tooth trigger wheel and using Link supplied crank and cam trigger sensors.
  25. Last week
  26. Hi everyone, Well the FORUM pages certainly look a bit prettier than before. I am still alive and still having good and bad days. However on my good days i still try to support LINK/ViPEC customers and do a little tuning. I also spend some time configuring and sorting issues for customers and friends. Not sure if this has already been sorted but i have decided to make the post anyway due to sorting the issue testing and proving it works on Friday just past. CAN BUS settings for both G4+/iSERIES ECU and MoTeC C SERIES COLOUR DASHES. Please find attached sample PCL for G4+ using a FURY and MoTeC comms config files etc for C Series colour dashes. Any issues please advise. Special thanks to my friend Mohammed from PCG (Pro Car Garage) in Saudi Arabia for testing my files as i had no dash to test on. Simon and Adam if already done please delete. This has been tested and is all working perfectly, there are a lot of parameters in my template, still room for a lot more to be added. Regards Dave. LINK G4+ with MoTeC C125 ETC_CANBUS CONFIG..c125v60 LINK G4+_ MoTeC C125 DASH ETC.CC8 G4+ Fury_ MoTeC C125 SERIES DASH CAN BUS CONFIG.pclr
  27. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    Have a look at your firewall - is it straight up and down, on an angle one way or another? Maybe get some pics then just go down to a friendly wrecker and have a look through whatever ethrottle pedals they have in stock. make sure they are willing to sell you the last 6 inches of the wiring harness to connect the thing too. I think I paid $40 for one. Its preferable that its from a common model of car or one on the link helpfile list too so you can get pinout diagrams for it, but you can figure these out if you have to anyway with a multimeter.
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