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  2. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    Then I would think its a sticky valve.
  3. Subaru Electronic Throttle Pinout

    There are definitely a few variations of pedal pinout depending on which pedal and model. When i did mine I found a few online and none matched the STI Pedal I used ( same main plastic body but with a steel arm for the pedal ). And my pinout is different than listed above. Best way to find out is to get a power supply or battery or similar and test it before hooking up to the ecu
  4. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    I haven't yet. Are you thinking that trick will close the valve correctly? Cause I can phisically see that it is the valve staying to far open for the time it revs at 2k
  5. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    Did you try the ignition trick ?
  6. Setup CAN module

    I have ecu link g4+ and i have obd protocol wifi on can2 but on can1 i have a boost controler my preparator has parameter can 1 on obd
  7. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    With doing that is does the same thing accept after the delay I am having it just kills the engine.
  8. Setup CAN module

    What ecu do you have? In the video you are turning on OBD2, this should be set to off unless the devices you are connecting are obd2. Once you have selected user defined and bitrate at the top of the screen, then you need to select a free channel down below and set it to a suitable mode and ID
  9. Setup CAN module

    Ah I see, you can only have ISO OBD output on one of the CAN ports at a time.
  10. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    it doesn't do it when valve is un plugged. You have the Idle Base Position set to 35% so this in the minimum the valve will shut, try changing the min clamp value to 15 and take 50% out the Idle Base Position Table, and play around with that, get this near perfect then turn closed loop back on.
  11. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    it doesn't do it when valve is un plugged. What I meant is by un plugging the valve it opens then when plugged back in it takes time to react. Just like when it is turned off by link by going above a certain throttle % or past a certain rev. Shouldn't the valve close when shut off? Instead of open.
  12. Setup CAN module

    J'ai essayƩ de cliquer sur ok et c'est fait pareil
  13. Setup CAN module

    Look normal, did you try clicking 'ok' ?
  14. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    If it still does it with the valve unplugged then I would suspect ignition hangup two things you can try: At -80kpa and below I would put 30 degrees of ignition in at 4000 revs and then highlight between 1000rpm and 4000rpm and interoperate between, which should make that point its hanging up a more reasonable 21 degrees. OR Use Idle ignition control to pull ignition out when idle conditions are met.
  15. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    in the middle of logging an saving the map for some reason I had switched it to open loop. I've tried 120 frequency and it doesn't seem to make any difference. In that log. What you marked is the exact thing that I'm talking about. I didn't do anything or change anything. All I did was revved the engine in the first box. And the isc opened up and didn't react (close) till the second box. Revs were stuck at about 2k between the 2 boxes you marked. I see on that log where it shows it's givin duty cycle to the isc. Maybe my valve is bad. I'll go pick one up from the parts store asap.
  16. Setup CAN module

    I have tested to activate 2 can and i can't activate
  17. Polishing the tune

    To get the information you need add these to your logging: AFR/Lambda Target Lambda 1 CL Lamdba Fuel Corr %
  18. Base map for subaru sti v7

    There is a V7-9 base map included in the VTS software.
  19. Newb: Defi Temp sensor Cal Table

    If you have a multimeter you could pull the sensor out, measure the resistance at about 20degC then again in boiling water. Let us know those two points and we will see if it matches any of the common sensor calibrations. Im assuming they are not still connected to a gauge as well?
  20. TPS tuning

    You dont need any voltage levels, you need to connect your laptop to the ECU, go to Options>TPS Setup, then follow the instruction on screen. Basically, it is just press pedal to floor, click ok, lift off, click ok. Do a store before turning off (ctrl+s).
  21. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    The settings in your map doesnt match the log so its a bit hard to see all of whats going on. Your log shows it was in open loop but your map is set to closed loop. The frequency of aux one might be a bit high for that valve, try it around 120Hz. In your log below, the idle valve was just fixed at 35%. Ive marked two areas, what made the RPM jump up in the first box then fall again in the second box? Was that you unpluging valve or something?
  22. Polishing the tune

    Thanks Clint. Thats a plan . Are there any parameters or compensations that you log to help with this process or if i log the basics is it fairly straight forward to see where i need to make changes ?
  23. Hi all Im new to the tunning world. I have a stock sti v7 and i just bought a second hand vipec v44. I would like to know a bit about how to create a base map so i can get started with it. Thanks Roman
  24. Ford iacv reacting slow when returning to idle

    isc issue map.pclr isc issue log file.llg ive found that no matter what when the iscv shuts off by turning off the car, revving, going above 5% tp or un plugging the iscv. The valve opens to a position where revs are about 2000 Then when turned back on by link it takes about 5 seconds to react and go back to desired position.
  25. Tables on virtual auxiliary outputs

    Yes, I did notice that when I started playing with the tables afterwards. It would be a useful feature for sure.
  26. TPS tuning

    Hi. I am about to install a new TPS and need to tune it. What exactly should I be doing? The car is a fd3s rx7. I know the volt settings for closed and open throttle. Is there something else i should do with the computer through the laptop?
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