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  2. bsh

    Tacho feed

    I have an Evo 2 that I have converted to coil on plug, and the tacho dont need high level signal. It will work with an aux-output setup as Tacho like most "newer" cars do. The plugin ecu should already have a tacho output taken care of. I assume you are using the plugin ecu for an Evo 1-3 vehicle?
  3. I wouldnt bother with map sensor as long it is an NA-engine. I prefer using TPS as load with ITB. If it is turbo, then use both map and tps.
  4. Today
  5. I used map for load on my 350Z with Individual Throttle Bodies, I've run 6 separate lines back to a manifold this then goes to an inline fuel filter which was big enough to smooth the pulses out it's a bit erratic on idle but past that it's fine
  6. On our twin cylinder motorcycle engine we have two throttle bodies.Engine has equally spaced firing intervals. Because of ITB we are using TPS for the load axis on our fuel and ignition tables. The EFI tuning books say using MAP for load axis on ITB engines does not work because there is no plenum chamber to smooth out the vacuum pulses from each port. In our inlet ports we have tappings for vacuum pipes. Currently we have these plugged up. I have been told that even though we are using TPS we should still connect the two vacuum tappings to the Link G4 Storm using a Y junction and rubber hose. This would smooth the pulsations to some extent but not much. Can the Link make sense of such a highly fluctuating signal. Does it have some form of electronic smoothing circuitry to deal with this problem. How does the Link make use of this vacuum signal when I am using a miilisecond base fuel table and TPS for load. Any advice. Regards, John
  7. It does show the same serial number yes. I will try locking it and unlocking it, but the map has never been protected. Im thinking it could be a PcLink version mis match between mine and the one on the customers laptop when loading it over TeamViewer, I’ll align the versions and try the lock/unlock and give it another go.
  8. Thanks Crackerjack - as it turns out, we are also building a ST185, and have done exactly the same thing (stolen the hole left by the Cold Start Injector) and stuck a Bosch open element sensor in it. Unfortunately, we haven't yet got as far as starting it up, so I'm not sure how well it will work in practice. With the 205, there is no cold start injector, and the stock Air Temp Sensor is even further 'into' the manifold, and is a M16 screw-in design (difficult to adapt the Bosch sensor to fit, given its mounting arrangement). I have spoken to our tuner and we will probably weld on a boss on the rear wall of the Intercooler core (right next to the outlet) and stick the sensor there. We will then be able to compare those readings to those of the stock sensor. Have you logged any data from your setup? I'd be interested to see how well the sensor performs there.
  9. Yes, it requires the use of an external E-throttle module: http://dealers.linkecu.com/G4RET Be aware however that for electronic throttle you need 4 analog inputs (2 x TPS sensors, 2 x pedal sensors), The RX ecu only has a total of 5 analog inputs so this is going to be pretty restrictive.
  10. Adamw

    Wheelspeed sensors

    1 wire to the DI, one wire to sensor ground. How many teeth do the target wheels have - if more than about 25 it is not going to work.
  11. Hmm, thats an odd one. If you open up the map that is giving you trouble and go to "ecu information" does it show the same serial number as the ecu that you are loading it in? Can you try locking it with a password then unlocking it again?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hi guys, Wondering if you could shed some light on this, never seen this problem before.. Finished a calibration last week, and had to make a couple of remote adjustments to the map today and load it’s road fuel map back in. Race fuel map out - ok Road fuel map in - ok Tweaks made etc - ok Go to put racefuel map back in and get the message “The file is locked to a different ecu and serial number”. Erm how is this possible when the map has just come out of the exact ecu? Thanks for any insight.
  14. I have a ST185 and since the Link ECU is installed, everything works great and I have deleted the Cold start Injector. There is now a hole that I can put an Audi Bosch open type element in there that will catch the air stream coming in. In ST205, they probably got rid of the cold start but I am sure you can drill a small hole and tap a 6mm threaded hole that can expose an open element temp sensor from Audi A4 or VW vehicle. Nice thing is that sensor is listed on the software to use. Cheers
  15. StijnFSP

    Wheelspeed sensors

    ok thnx because they mounted opel wheelspeed sensors now reluctor type any sugestion on wiring
  16. Was looking over my setup and was curious if this is even a possibility. I've found the setup options within the PC Link software. But there isn't much info available on setting it up/wiring it in. Specifically I'm looking to ditch the factory Rx7 FD throttle body and upgrade to an LS style 90mm GM unit.
  17. The Multifuel warmup enrichment table needs the multifuel blend ratio table to work as far as I know. You could achieve the same effect though just using a 4D or 5D fuel table I think? Or put a more suitable axis such as eth % on your single warmup table?
  18. Is it possible to have dual warm up enrichment tables with the traditional fuel equation being used?
  19. I get 0.4 ohms Thanks for your help, I will fit a set of coils with built in ignitors.
  20. Jefferson.C

    Injector Timing

    This is the INJ table on the new firmware R32-34 GTR map. Now, lets say you are using an RB25 cylinder head with RB26 ITB setup. The VCT is not variable and just ON/OFF with selective RPM points. If I were to explore the outcome of adjusting the table, would you recommend leaving the Y axis MAP?
  21. If you check the resistance in ice water and again in boiling water and post those here I will tell you if it matches any of the built-in calibrations.
  22. Thanks for confirming that! I will be running K20 coils with in-built igniters.
  23. Adamw

    Injector Timing

    What's your duty cycle at 140Kpa? As per DavidV's comments above once you are over about 25% inj DC, injector timing will have very little influence. At 50% DC you injector is open for one whole crankshaft revolution... In most cases Y axis is not needed, ideal injector timing will be related to transport time (RPM) and intake resonance (again RPM related). If you have VVT then cam position would be a good Y axis. If you have staged injection with vastly different primary/sec locations then choose something that reflects the % secondary.
  24. To confirm if an igniter is needed measure between the 12V feed and the signal in, If its low around 1 ohm then an igniter is needed.
  25. I have a vague recollection that the pinout posted above by Scott may be wrong. Please check this one:
  26. It focuses the input closer to the expected knock frequency so you should get less background noise coming through. Making it easier to identify knock
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