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  2. The 350Z table is definitely more suitable than your one. For the WOT row, usually around 0.86-0.89 lambda will be about right for an engine like this. For idle, some engines are happier slightly richer than stoich - just try it a bit either side of 1.0 to see where it is happiest.
  3. Adamw

    ID injectors 1700 set up

    There is Link formatted data on ID's website: http://help.injectordynamics.com/helpdesk/attachments/4057295777 choose the worksheet closest to the base pressure you intend to run and copy/paste it straight into your map.
  4. Adamw

    Nissan speedo signal

    The aux output will send out a 0-12V square wave of 50% DC. Is speed reading correctly in PC Link?
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  6. Hey there, I need support in setting up my nissan R33 speedo. I‘m getting the signal from a hall effect sensor on my cd009 gearbox into my G4 fury. I send the speedo signal via aux4 to the stock R33 speedo. But the needle does not move in neither setup. is the G4 fury not able to send the needed 12v signal to a nissan speedo? what can I do? thanks and regards Chris
  7. Why do you want to change it in the first place ? ( either will work ) And why on earth are you scaling things to 400kpa ! Find a competent tuner and get it done right. Although at least the idle area has become a bit more sensible.
  8. Hey guys, I have a boosted BMW M52 OBD1 converted E36, i now have installed a electronic boost controller but need help getting the Aux output wiring set up. i don't know where to get the wire from that needs to ground control the solenoid. I have the expansion loom but that doesn't look to helpful. I just need to know where to get the wire to connect the solenoid to and how to set up the AUX out put. Thanks guys.
  9. I control water pump speed.
  10. True (though I'd use oil temp, not engine temp, in order to compensate for the change in oil viscosity). It'd just be nicer to have pid capabilities available in a generic way. What do you control with that output? Water pump speed, or thermostat heater?
  11. Why can't you just use a 3d table with RPM and ECT on the axis to control oil pressure. How close to you need it to track your target? I use a 3d table to set ECT. Works well in that situation.
  12. FYI- I was using real dash successfully until I got a new device with USB-C I tried a few usb-usb C adapters that claimed to have OTG compatibility with no success. I did some more research and found this 3 pack for $7 USD https://www.amazon.com/Weduda-Adapter-Charging-Converter-Samsung/dp/B075QH2YB7 So now, using my usb-micro usb OTG cable from before, and this micro to USB C, everything works again. Thought I would throw that out there in case anyone else was having USB C issues.
  13. Hi all, Just doing a bit more tuning on my NA 1zz, idle MAP is at around 30-35 so I am aiming for an Lambda of 1, full vacuum is obviously 100 - car is currently not boosted so won't be using any MAP value above 100 at the moment. I have it current set to aim for around 13.5:1 top end, might look to richen it up slightly 12.5:1 - perhaps using a basemap for the 350z as an option. What does everyone think? Current Basemap for 350Z:
  14. brad1995

    MAC valve plumbing

    Thank you for the help Richard! I appreciate it. Brad
  15. Thank for the reply guys, If I was to change the timing table to the photo attached as a example and running it in MAP instead of MGP do I need to change anything else? Adamw as you have said it definitely was not tuned properly I was not happy for the tune I paid for. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi All, Hoping to get some advice on setting up ID 1700 injectors in my VR4 plug In G4+ mainly around injector set up in Ecu ? Planning to start new engine shortly. Thanks Carl
  17. Port 1 goes to air, port 2 goes to the actuator, and port 3 goes to your boost source. 0% in the wastegate table will be actuator pressure and 100% will be maximum HTH, Richard.
  18. brad1995

    MAC valve plumbing

    Hi guys this is my first time using a link ecu and my car is going for tuning in a few weeks and I have a link 3 port MAC valve and I was wondering what ports on the valve should be plumbed to what. The turbo is internally wastegated so only has the one nipple on the actuator. Thanks, Brad.
  19. I just enjoy trying different ideas and methods. Nobody builds a better mousetrap by building it the same way their father built it.
  20. seadoo rxp-x 260 rotax 1503 turbo setting knock setup Question. 1. freq channel: 6kHz Narrow band cy1 knk level gain 0.65 cy2 knk level gain 1.50 cy2 knk level gain 1.50 2. freq channel 10-16kHz-wide band cyl1 knk level gain 1.00 cyl2 knk level gain 0.80 cyl3 knk level gain 1.00 Which of the two settings is correct?
  21. Adamw

    Digital pressure sensor

    What are you trying to achieve over a more common automotive sensor? The biggest absolute pressure range they do is 30psi (so 15psi max boost), and it doesnt appear to be designed to handle fuel vapours. The common automotive MAP sensors usually have only fluorosilicone wetted so they are quite resistant to most fuels.
  22. Hello, I've been rather busy with my work so I didn't check this thread regularly. Thanks for all the replies. I checked the battery voltage one morning and it was about 14.5V after cold start, engine running. The ECU was showing about 12V. I have one 20 sec PC log that to took after about 20km drive. I tried various electrical loads by turning the lights and blower on or off. No change in reported voltage.I believe the reported voltage was wrong during the whole drive, it was running very rich whenever I had to stop or drive at very light loads. I also noticed that I can't use the search function for the battery voltage. -Timo batt.llg The ECU config file I posted earlier contains the settings that caused this issue. Maybe they can test using it? Anything else I can do to help? No problems since I turned off the logging, but I think it's a bit too early to tell for sure. -Timo
  23. Any brake or clutch input will cancel cruise control, so your proposal is fine. Wire DI6 so it only sees the clutch switch and set DI 6 to clutch switch (the clutch switch will also disable cruise).
  24. Hi Timo, We have had this reported by a couple of users now, so we believe it is a bug. We havent been able to reproduce it in house yet last time I heard so I will pass your log on to engineering so they have more info to help find the problem.
  25. I would say the timing doesnt look unusally high for 8.2CR with E85, but it also doesnt look tuned at all to me, it looks like someone has just made up the numbers. Why have so many rows with exactly the same numbers on them? You would be better to just delete them all. Seems pretty odd to have the same timing at 207Kpa than you have at 138Kpa. And as JMP says, that big step between 1500 & 2000 is gnarly.
  26. that transition from 1500rpm to 2000rpm in low load must feel weird on the road. On E85 I'd be throwing it on the dyno to check what your torque is doing, hard to tell otherwise. Any EGT logging?
  27. It'd be great if the GP PWM feature could be further expanded to support PID feedback control. So configuration would include things like: 1. Target map (2 or 3d map taking analog or canbus inputs and mapping them to a target value) 2. Current value (which analog input represents the current value) 3. P, I, D parameters 4. PWM frequency (assuming the PID loop is tuning the duty cycle) 5. Base duty cycle (2 or 3d map taking analog or canbus inputs and mapping them to an estimated duty cycle, in order to reduce the error the PID algorithm needs to compensate) I'm sure other parameters could be added too, but that would be a great start. With that, I could control the oil pressure on a BMW N20 engine (it has a solenoid that can be used to change the efficiency of the oil pump so one can reduce oil pressure). Without this the motor falls back to a mechanical fail safe relief valve. If it was feature-ful enough (ability to add extra maps as modifiers, either through addition or multiplication) then you could probably remove Boost Control as a separately defined function and just rely on this instead.
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