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  2. Adamw

    help anti lag RB26DETT

    You are probably best to discuss this with your tuner. Antilag is not very practical for a road car, you will need non-vacuum assisted brakes etc. It sounds like possibly a tune issue to me, I would expect the S300 to be excessively laggy. Your tune file is password protected.
  3. Greg W

    2jz trigger 2 cam polarity

    And then there was light Thanks Adam makes perfect sense now
  4. Anything else you can think of in that engine bay that isn't doing anything?
  5. Adamw

    Short pulse width adder values

    They can be positive or negative, it just depends on whether the injector squirts more or less fuel than the "straight line" curve would predict. For instance if you look at ID1000 data the adders are all positive on the other hand the data for the ID1050X injector is mostly negative.
  6. MGV101

    Short pulse width adder values

    Should the short pulse with adder values be in +ve or -ve? Previously I have used +ve numbers for the values but I am building up a new map today for a new ECU using the sample base map for my Fury and noted that all numbers are in negative. Tried looking at other base map too and noted they are also entered as -ve numbers. Does it mean logic of the G4+ actually adds the value entered into the tables to determine the effective pulse width and therefore -ve numbers should be entered for it to work properly? Meaning I have entered the wrong numbers into the pulse width adder all along?
  7. Correct, on this particular ECU the purge valve is not connected either.
  8. Adamw

    4AGE 20V Turbo Base Map (Thunder)

    From a pinout perspective you have it mostly right, the only two that dont look right are the launch and boost control "dials", these would most likely be analog 0-5V signals so these should be connected to analog inputs, not digital.
  9. Adamw

    Adjusting Speedo through aims race studio 3

    To confirm it is actually a direct dash input, can you check in the ECU runtimes screen (F12) if any of the wheelspeeds show any speed when you are driving.
  10. Adamw

    2jz trigger 2 cam polarity

    You are not alone, missing tooth trigger waveforms catch a lot of people out as they kind of look opposite to what is intuitive. A quick way to pick correct polarity is the trace will be rising through the "gap". The two above are falling through the gap. The part that is important to the ECU is it triggers when a edge falls through the zero line. Below is a 24-2 triggerscope with the sensor wired correctly, I have marked the edges that fall through zero near the gap. Notice the spacing between the pink edges on each side of the gap are about twice the width to the teeth preceding and following, this is our -2 teeth. Now below is a 24-2 triggerscope from an engine with the sensor wired backwards. Notice now if we look at the edges that fall through zero we now have an odd "tooth" in the middle of the gap - and the gap is no longer 2 teeth wide, its more like 1.5 teeth. With a 24-2 wheel the ECU expects to see 22teeth per rev, however with the sensor wired backwards it will see 23 teeth per rev. The ECU will freakout every time it sees this "extra" tooth.
  11. As tittle says I have finally found my speed source and I'm pretty sure it's been wired directly to the dash instead of the ecu. Is there a way to tune it so it's right. I'm clocking up the kms ATM as it thinks I'm doing 450kph everywhere. Ive tried to change it in the ecu but the ratio doesn't do anything Thanks in advance
  12. Yesterday
  13. lostsoul

    Hunting Idle on a Cold Start

    Had a play with things as per your suggestions and a few other thoughts I had. Not looking to bad now ? Using a screen shot of the 1st 30 -40 sec as the log file was a fraction too big.
  14. Great thanks for that Adam, I'll stop routing the MAP sensor line through it then. So I would be right in assuming that the 'purge control solenoid' located on the rear of the intake manifold which is part of the EVAP system isn't doing much purging anymore either?
  15. quattro5v

    Audi TT 1.8 20V Trigger errors

    BBU / BJX are the same... What was the difference in the loom between the BBU and BJX? They share the same setup between the BBU, BJX, BKV & BLZ from NOV 2004 on-wards. The CAM Angle Sensors in a lot of the 06A motors had problems. Have you checked/changed this and can you confirm the CAM sensor wheel is the 4-window instead of the 1 which was in the early 058 motors?
  16. Greg W

    2jz trigger 2 cam polarity

    Adam i must be more dislexic than i thought , but the trigger 1 here looks correct to me , and trying to figure out why i read it wrong looks to me to rise from 0v to 1.3v then fall to -1.16v and return to 0v do you actually read it at 1.3v and falling to 1.16v ?
  17. FunJam

    Hayabusa turbo

    Here is just one foto from todays shoot, before we tear this bike apart for modifications. And some info you can find also here https://www.facebook.com/FunJamRacing And you can find us also in instagram @FunJamRacing
  18. Hi Adam

    im going to run a link atom on my mercedes m104 3.2 and wanted to know if i can use the factory flywheel pick ups for crank position or if i need to run a trigger wheel

    the factory one has 3 teeth on it and one being a magnet will this work with the atom if not what sensor would you recommend as i have a 36-1 trigger wheel that i could mount to the front of the crankshaft 


    thanks Martin 

  19. lysaer

    r33 gtr cylinder 1 spark plug fouling

    I want to make sure that I keep the good current coming directly from the battery, if I wire in a relay to work with ignition on the 14 gauge wire I have used directly from the battery will that be ok, or will it cause interference again or power up issues ?
  20. senordos

    Monsoon vs. Storm vs. Fury

    Thanks everyone. Seems that the Monsoon does pretty much all I need it to, the closed loop lambda, closed loop boost control. The question is, do I want to run the knock control? For this, do I just need to wire the donut style sensor direct into the ECU (Fury) or do I need a controller for this between the donut and the ECU? Also, with the research I've done, I see that other ECUs (like the Haltech) make minor updates to a second ignition map if knock is detected, essentially reducing timing over time if knock continues to be sensed. Does the Link do something similar with its knock control (and for that matter, the lambda and the boost if off target)? Presumably it's possible to see in the logs that it happened anyway? Thanks.
  21. Steve

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    You run the engine at idle. Unplug the injector and coil and run it on 5. Use the big one. Backpressure should be as close to athmospheric as possible. Study the article above. That said. Sounds like its going to be easier to just split the exhaust to check this out of the game
  22. TimmyD

    Boost trace log

    Take a log and capture these parameters (assuming you're running closed loop), it makes analysing and tweaking a piece of cake!
  23. Miguel Silva

    2µF Suppressor, what type can it be or must be?

    Mine is a "Gage Pressure Transducer" not a "Absolute Pressure Transducer" but to test back pressure I think it's ok. What kind of back pressure should be expected at 250/260 RPMs? I also have a 4bar/60psi transducer if more low resolution is needed? But it will max out on compression.
  24. Jeepra

    2jz trigger 2 cam polarity

    Adam, mad genius you are. Not just on my issues but all the problem and issues you catch is simply invaluable. Had her on a true mustang dyno yesterday 420/412 with a small hx35 on gate pressure - 20 psi and ran out of injectors. tuning on e90 with flex tune - it did 377 hp pump gas. very happy! Great experience with Link thus far! excited for the next season, Thanks again!
  25. TimmyD

    Covert llg file to csv?

    Did you mean this...
  26. Booston

    Covert llg file to csv?

    Any tips ?
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