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  2. Thanks Adamw - That's just what I was looking for!
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  4. Was searching for options for booscontrol and was looking for this. Always look out for the new tech.
  5. Same error its same error how can fix it? are the unlock code is wrong?
  6. It looks like the dealer has given you 2 codes there, one for a HC92 ecu and one for a storm but in your screenshot of the error you have used the storm code in the HC92? Shouldn’t you be using the code that starts with C36?
  7. i insert my unlock code but still error how can i fix it? Thank you
  8. IBR ( Brake and Reverse ) will be canceled. For the dash i think we will run an Aim Link steert dash. So other than dash and reverse brake everything else should work? Triggers i think is crank 36-2 and cam pulse x1 every 360deg.
  9. Hi all this question has probably been asked loads. But I cnt find any info I'm looking for the injector dead times a short pulse width figures can anyone help please.
  10. Added later: Forgot to mention, the best low cost crimper that will do a decent job on them is the 1026 CT
  11. I dont know sorry, I have no info on that stream. I could sniff my test ecu but I dont know how or if that would help you. Unless someone can sniff your car and document exactly what is missing, what each missing message does and how it is all formatted etc, there is no easy way to help you. You cant just stab in the dark and copy paste bits of different CAN streams together to try until you have success as there is so much data moving around and so many different combinations of how it could be layed out you would be there for 20 years. You might have to buy a basic sniffing tool and learn how to use it to get much further.
  12. It is not assigned in any of my basemaps. But in any case it not used for anything in the Link base map. It can in fact be used for MAF if the user really wants to, but there is no calibration curve for it in the software and the Link base map is set up to use MAP instead so it would be a big job. In many cases the user will remove the MAF and use the input for something else like fuel pressure or whatever.
  13. Knox

    B18 Turbo

    Sorry for late reply. I wrote late because I thought I found the issue but it just make me increase the boost to until 2.0bar before misfire. What I changed from last time is lower the k20 coils dweel times as I found on Link forums who writes motec's test on k20 coils. I helps until 2 bar now I can increase boost without issue. I'm attacing tune file but I forgot to have a log with misfiring so I will attach an old log without misfire when I first lowered the dweel times, boost is 1.9-2bar there (this log file injectors looks 111% but now car uses two fuel pump and duty cycle is around 80%). And now engine makes 680whp on dynojet. B18 RACE FUEL COP VE Honda Civic 92-95.pclr 2 bar Log 2019-09-27 10;58;13 pm.llg
  14. In the file I gave you the water temp light should be controlled by Virtual aux 5 and the CE light is virtual aux 8. If you temporarily set these two outputs to "test (on)" does anything change? The oil lamp is controlled by Virtual aux 6, on my map this was linked to the oil pressure switch on DI1. The OEM bmw oil level sensor will not work.
  15. Need to know more about the signal from the transmission. It would be very uncommon to have an "analog signal". Generally older basic trans from the '90's will just be a simple on/off digital signal, but in later trans there are many other variations like frequency based or some sort of coded digital signal or CAN or multiplex/BEAN. These newer trans usually send the not just a torque reduction request but will also tell the ecu how much to reduce it by as well as timing the shift based on feedback from the ecu. So if you confirm how yours works I will advise if there is anyway work with it.
  16. The triggers etc are unknown. Even if you could run the engine , it will be very difficult to get everything working together in this boat, generally in the seadoo's there is lots of CAN bus interaction with the dash and reversing/braking control etc.
  17. You can get a few different variations but the common ones are: Gold plated for 20awg wire 3-1447221-4. Sometimes the similar 1437284-9 (gold 18-20awg) is easier to get. Gold plated for 16-18awg wire 3-1447221-3
  18. Yes, although the calibration is unknown so you will have to do some trial and error to work out the calibrations. The temp sensor will likely use the AC Delphi calibration. Pressure sensor will need to be wired to 5V, sensor ground and an analog input (pinout unknown but should be able to work it out from gauge wiring). Temp sensor will be wired to sensor gnd and a temp input (either way around).
  19. So would the senors be ok to use? Wouldnt mind hooking them up so i can get some data
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  21. cj

    help for porsche 986 2.5

    Can you post the config file you are currently using, and a log of its starting+idling? It will be a lot easier to help with all the info available. If you think the idle valve control is having no effect, try removing the idle valve from the car, but leaving it plugged in, then try making the valve move via the ecu config. You should see it open & close Did you follow this process to wire up the solenoid? If you have it backwards it will not function correctly.
  22. Hi, I just purchased a '93 RX7 that is running a Link G4+ Fury wired in ECU. Since I'm going to need to modify & rebuild the wiring harness to add some features that the prior owner didn't use, I was wondering if anyone can point me to the correct industry part # for just the replacement terminal pins used in the AMP super seal A & B connectors used on my Link Fury? If these are industry standard terminals, I could probably get them from Mouser, Newark or one of the other big online electronics parts suppliers. Cheers, Pete
  23. Hi everyone, we will be atteding to a european jetski race. Engine will be a fully built turbocharger. Can i run Link Fury ecu to the above jetski listed?
  24. Thank you very much The oil temperature, speed and water temperature work. engine control light does not work as well as water temperature light oil level? switching lightning does not work yet. Picture attached
  25. Thanks for the help I have been adjusting the ignition based on the 5º of the manual and the 35º at maximum rpm that I have seen that some coach quotes in the porsche 986/996 variocam engines How can you see it as a starting point to move the car and try a driving test? On the other hand I can not fix the idle problem as you can see in the photos is very low I have tried to increase the work of the idle valve but I do not see that it has an effect on the air flow and therefore at higher rpm I am doing something wrong? Thank you
  26. I see that on audi tt plug in there is an input assigned for MAF signal. Since MAF isnt needed for engine operation, what is it used for?
  27. Whats the CAN ID for torque on mk5 stream?
  28. Hi Adamw, Abble to provide some suggestions to this problem? Fabian
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