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  4. So you just want to switch this solenoid on at a certain RPM? Will it need any other conditions to prevent it from shifting during a burnout or anything? What happens when you lift off at the end of the track and RPM drops - is it ok for the solenoid to turn off then?
  5. I think its pretty self explanatory. Use the activation mode setting to trigger it how you like. It could be for instance a switch connected to a DI that you switch on manually, or you can assign it to a virtual aux so it only logs when say RPM is above 4000 or TP is above 50% or whatever you like.
  6. Hi- i know youve been asked before but cant find any answers . On a 6 cylinder can i wire up 3 low impedance injectors in series and run them off 1 injector drive ? Have 3 injectors on drives 1 and 2 and run group fire ?? Thanks - Ken
  7. Hi there, is there a written set up on activating the data logger to switch on at certain revs etc so I don't have to do it manually before a run down the quarter mile, cheers.
  8. Hi peeps I have bought a Shifnoid gear shift solenoid for my powerglide drag car and want to set up my Vipec V88 to shift into 2nd at a preselected rev range. What input wire do I use? AUX? and what in the ECU do I go into to set up rev range shifting, Thanks in advance.
  9. Assuming a 4AGE 20V, your engine doesnt have VVT, you just have an on/off VTC or VTEC style system (function for aux 5 is CAM-Switched). So it is fine as it is.
  10. Hi John, I dont personally agree with this strategy but it was added on request of one of our engineers. The scenario it was designed for was something like the common American V8, 4 barrel throttle body injection kits. These look just like a 4 barrel carburettor but have 4 injectors inside feeding 8 different length port runners. The manifold designs that they use are often terrible for fuel/air distribution and charge robbing etc. The idea with this strategy was to fire all injectors together every TDC to try to get better distribution. The bit I dont agree with is this means you are firing the injectors 8 times every 720deg, that means the pulse width is 1/8 of normal and there are 8 x deadtimes every cycle. I can really only see it working on a low power engine with small injectors and you will need very accurate injector deadtimes. This effect wouldnt be so bad on a 2 cylinder however.
  11. John, As per bsh's comment there in most cases there is nothing to gain from a MAP sensor for an NA ITB application, with two main exceptions: If you have an idle control valve that bleeds air past the throttle blades then a MAP sensor will help account for this and keep AFR more consistent at idle. If you have an air box that is restrictive or sees significant aerodynamic pressurisation then I like to have a MAP sensor connected to the air box to account for that (probably more correctly called an airbox absolute pressure sensor in this case but it its set up as a MAP in the software). Many other brand ECU's dont have a built in baro sensor you will see many people will recommend fitting a MAP (even if not connected to manifold) with ITB's to account for baro changes. Since all Link ECU's have a baro sensor built-in, this is already taken care of - you just need to set the fuel equation load source to BAP.
  12. In G4+frmware New Features you list : Added single point every TDC injection mode to activate all injectors on every TDC for throttle body injection kits. Can you elaborate on this please. Is this for engines with a single throttle body but with an injector in every port . Is this a way to make the engine operate without a cam sensor. Is the injection still sequentially timed as opposed to batch fire when all injectors fire at once. If the injectors fire every turn instead of every second turn does the Link automatically halve the pulse width to compensate. Regards, John Appel
  13. Hi guys, Im in the wiring phase of my 4AGE turbo build and see in my link storm documentation that Aux output 1-4 are used for high frequency outputs. I am wondering if VVT control needs to be on one of the AUX 1-4 outputs, Its a basic on/off switched solenoid but I dont know what frequency is suitable to get it to work as intended. Documentation in the pclink help section only seems to say it should be wired to AUX 1-4. should I swap the vvt and tacho output around? Will tacho be fine on AUX 5? Current AUX output below: Auxiliary output 1 - ISCV pin 1 Auxiliary output 2 - ISCV pin 2 Auxiliary output 3 - Boost control solenoid Auxiliary output 4 - Tacho Auxiliary output 5 - VVT Auxiliary output 6 - Rad fan 1&2 Auxiliary output 7 - Fuel pump relay Auxiliary output 8 - Spare ANy guidance appreciated thanks
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  15. Try these 884953830_k20Fury2.35strokerefr91801.6barboostVVTtest with eth.pclr 2125151649_wimlinkecu with Eth.aemcd7
  16. hi i want to see the ethanol content on the aem dash can someone adapt my files or tell me how to do it ? k20 Fury 2.35 stroker efr 9180 1.6 bar boost VVT test.pclr wim link ecu.aemcd7
  17. StijnFSP

    Wheelspeed sensors

    ok i will shave some off
  18. I dont know what engine or specs are you running cause with that boost you could have 300hp, on some engines even more. If you have to much boost on the midrange you just need to adjust the WGDC map, you dont have to run let say 70-90% of WGDC you could run from 0 to 100 if you need it for your needs. Post a rom and log file to check it out. Regards,
  19. bsh

    Tacho feed

    I have an Evo 2 that I have converted to coil on plug, and the tacho dont need high level signal. It will work with an aux-output setup as Tacho like most "newer" cars do. The plugin ecu should already have a tacho output taken care of. I assume you are using the plugin ecu for an Evo 1-3 vehicle?
  20. I wouldnt bother with map sensor as long it is an NA-engine. I prefer using TPS as load with ITB. If it is turbo, then use both map and tps.
  21. I used map for load on my 350Z with Individual Throttle Bodies, I've run 6 separate lines back to a manifold this then goes to an inline fuel filter which was big enough to smooth the pulses out it's a bit erratic on idle but past that it's fine
  22. On our twin cylinder motorcycle engine we have two throttle bodies.Engine has equally spaced firing intervals. Because of ITB we are using TPS for the load axis on our fuel and ignition tables. The EFI tuning books say using MAP for load axis on ITB engines does not work because there is no plenum chamber to smooth out the vacuum pulses from each port. In our inlet ports we have tappings for vacuum pipes. Currently we have these plugged up. I have been told that even though we are using TPS we should still connect the two vacuum tappings to the Link G4 Storm using a Y junction and rubber hose. This would smooth the pulsations to some extent but not much. Can the Link make sense of such a highly fluctuating signal. Does it have some form of electronic smoothing circuitry to deal with this problem. How does the Link make use of this vacuum signal when I am using a miilisecond base fuel table and TPS for load. Any advice. Regards, John
  23. It does show the same serial number yes. I will try locking it and unlocking it, but the map has never been protected. Im thinking it could be a PcLink version mis match between mine and the one on the customers laptop when loading it over TeamViewer, I’ll align the versions and try the lock/unlock and give it another go.
  24. Thanks Crackerjack - as it turns out, we are also building a ST185, and have done exactly the same thing (stolen the hole left by the Cold Start Injector) and stuck a Bosch open element sensor in it. Unfortunately, we haven't yet got as far as starting it up, so I'm not sure how well it will work in practice. With the 205, there is no cold start injector, and the stock Air Temp Sensor is even further 'into' the manifold, and is a M16 screw-in design (difficult to adapt the Bosch sensor to fit, given its mounting arrangement). I have spoken to our tuner and we will probably weld on a boss on the rear wall of the Intercooler core (right next to the outlet) and stick the sensor there. We will then be able to compare those readings to those of the stock sensor. Have you logged any data from your setup? I'd be interested to see how well the sensor performs there.
  25. Yes, it requires the use of an external E-throttle module: http://dealers.linkecu.com/G4RET Be aware however that for electronic throttle you need 4 analog inputs (2 x TPS sensors, 2 x pedal sensors), The RX ecu only has a total of 5 analog inputs so this is going to be pretty restrictive.
  26. Adamw

    Wheelspeed sensors

    1 wire to the DI, one wire to sensor ground. How many teeth do the target wheels have - if more than about 25 it is not going to work.
  27. Hmm, thats an odd one. If you open up the map that is giving you trouble and go to "ecu information" does it show the same serial number as the ecu that you are loading it in? Can you try locking it with a password then unlocking it again?
  28. Last week
  29. Hi guys, Wondering if you could shed some light on this, never seen this problem before.. Finished a calibration last week, and had to make a couple of remote adjustments to the map today and load it’s road fuel map back in. Race fuel map out - ok Road fuel map in - ok Tweaks made etc - ok Go to put racefuel map back in and get the message “The file is locked to a different ecu and serial number”. Erm how is this possible when the map has just come out of the exact ecu? Thanks for any insight.
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