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  2. Q3 gives you a divide by 8, Q4 is divide by 16.
  3. Adamw

    Ethanol Sensor wiring DI

    DI 1-8 are the ones capable of reading an ethanol content sensor. DI 8 on pin 88 is usually the easiest option on the Evo 9.
  4. Hello all, sorry for this post as I must be missing something very basic. I am setting up an EVOLINK 9+ and I am very confused to which Digital Input exactly this must be wired in. I have checked the wiring guide in the help and it just mentions to a DI but does not point to which one. Within PCLink Ethanol Sensor is predefined (but also does not point to any specific DI). If I want to manually set a DI (for example DI 9) I do not get the Ethanol Sensor as an option in the drop down list. If anyone could chime in and help. Thanks in advance.
  5. my circuit building knowledge is very slim. can i feed 12 into the VDD (14) or must i feed it 5v? ground goes to VSS(7) My sensor signal goes to pin (1) and my output i’ll have to try Q3(9) i’m also not quite sure how to calculate the pull-up resistor value for the VDD side
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  7. can u use the original tune file on the link lem ecu after rewiring the ecu, ie tidying up the wires and using different aux outputs and that to control the engine. is it a matter of just changing the outputs on the ecu to what u have wired it up for as the wiring is a mess have made a diagram i may also be changing the cas to a nzwiring one also
  8. Since switching to Link ECU, I have noticed that my IATs during driving have seemed higher than they should be. Around room temperature, the calibration is close. But when I expect IAT to be about 100F cruising on a hot day, The ECU was reading 130F. This was with the same calibration numbers as my old ECU (ohm scale). With the car having been turned off for a few hours, I would expect IAT to be slightly lower than CLT. However, IAT was about 20F higher. I tried converting my ohm values to Volt values (I'm using 1kohm internal pullup and assuming 5v reference is used internally). I found that when I plugged these values in, the IAT immediately dropped from 120F to 88F (following pictures were less than a minute apart). Obviously, we would expected both calibration methods to give the same reading. I tried inputing with F and C, both gave the same result. I have only gone for a short drive, but it seems like the IATs are more what I would expect. Unless I messed up my calculation, it seems to me like there is an issue with the Ohm calibration function. My spreadsheet is below. V = 5v * (R1/(R1+R2)) R1 = sensor ohm value R2 = pullup resistor value E28.pclr
  9. You can build one using these chips for a few $ https://www.jaycar.co.nz/4024-7-stage-ripple-carry-counter-divider-cmos-ic/p/ZC4024 Depending on which output you take the signal from it will divide by 2/4/8/16/32/64/128 I've used these in the past to adapt high frequency gearbox outputs down to something that can be fed to a DI at lower frequency and they have worked fine. Only thing to check is whether you need a pullup on the input & output circuits - input you need to add a pullup resistor to 5v or 12v, output side (ECU input side) you do in the ECU config for the DI.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi thanks Adam. Just got it fixed somehow my dumba$$ swapped all the 5v in the pressure sensors where the ground is supposed to be.
  12. Fotis

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    Yes i will post em tomorrow but timing is locked and correct i've checked it 3 times. Maybe my external msd coil went bad. If so i will do a COP.
  13. cj

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    can you grab a trigger scope at idle and about 5-6k? Those dwell spikes are a similar symptom as what Richard Hill was talking about with trigger or timing issues.
  14. Fotis

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    Dwell time 12.70ms isnt that too much? I am guesing the MSD Coil went bad and it does that?
  15. clayjay

    Fuel Pump Control ECU

    Gotta say you guys provide a great service with this forum let alone your feedback. Thank You!!!
  16. Check the 5V out parameter on the runtimes screen, ECU status tab. Check it is showing near 5V. If it is not then you have a short on the 5V power supply somewhere.
  17. Adamw

    Fuel Pump Control ECU

    Yes, the prime setting is in the fuel pump control folder.
  18. smukc

    Low voltage at ECU

    wired in ecu directly and now it is error free voltage is ok and car starts but dies right after ( but i think that this is a map foult )
  19. clayjay

    Fuel Pump Control ECU

    Thanks CJ, will this single aux out wire give me fuel pump prime time. This is all that I would want to control pump cut out when RPM 0 and Prime Time for the fuel pumps.
  20. Hi guys after rebuilding my motor I tried to start the car and the ecu showed crazy errors. 5V supply error. AN temp 1 and 2 above error high value and some others like the on board map reading crazy numbers with the car shut off the tps also reading funny. Car is an 2003 Evo 8 USDM. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  21. Last week
  22. When you use the test function on cylinder 3 do you get spikes on the scope?
  23. Thanks Rich, i realized after asking about DI11+ that my Fury doesn't have them. Any idea where I might find a divider circuit that I can configure to divide by 39? Edit: It only needs to decide by 6 or 8 to get the full resolution
  24. Having this issue with PC Link ver Sometimes, when I have my tune file open and PC link connects to the ECU, it will close my tune file and open the tune file stored on the ECU. It doesn't bring up any dialog before doing this. The tune file name/path in the header of the PC Link window disappears when this happens. I haven't figured out exactly when this happens, but it seems to do it more often if I have been away from the car, changing settings.
  25. What ecu are you using? if its a thunder then yes the differential digital inputs are fine to use with high speed inputs. All other ecus are restricted to lower speeds, so a divider circuit would need to be used.
  26. I dont think I can use DI1-8 for an ap1 s2000 speed input since the frequency is much higher than that of other sensors. Here is a chart i found. At very low speed it works fine but anything faster than 20 mph the reading goes erratic reading as high as 1500mph at times. Any suggestions? I already tried to switch from rising to falling. I have not tried the pullup resistor since it does read speed. EDIT: I just checked the runtime values on DI3 and it reads up to 1600hz reliably before it starts to drop out. Unfortunately 1600hz is only 34ish mph which coincides with the chart below. VSS Signal: speed(MPH) S2000(hrtz) Integra(Hrtz) 0 0-100 0 010 500 15 20 940 26 30 1340 38 40 1800 48 50 2230 59 60 2640 70 70 3090 80 80 3500 91 90 3910 101 100 4310 112110 4810 123120 5240 134
  27. Thanks guys! Glad I asked!
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