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  2. File,Save, File is in use

    That's because G4 PCLink doesn't pop up to tell you it wasn't able to save a file, it tells you implicitly by not displaying the "File saved successfully" message, then it just loses the changes you made. Better reporting was one of the improvements we made to G4+ PCLink, handy huh? I don't know how google decide when to access your files for syncing, but in your example above I think you just got lucky.
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  4. File,Save, File is in use

    Dave: Very plausible theory, But never had an issue with G4
  5. File,Save, File is in use

    Looks like your google drive is locking the file while it syncs. It's accessing the file to parse it, upload it to the cloud, analyze it for government secrets or something. Once it's finished doing whatever it should free the file to be saved, because basemaps are so small (172KB) I would expect it to do this fairly quickly, unless your internet connection is really really slow. If it's not freeing the file when it's finished with it, then it's a bug for google. While we're at it, does anyone have better experience with other cloud services? microsoft, dropbox, mega, amazon, etc?
  6. 06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    update for anyone who has this issue, it was exactly as said; narrow band oxygen sensor completely throwing off the lambda average, hence the steady fuel removal. removed the function from the narrowband and now I have a nice steady correction at idle, reacting to whatever target afr I chose using the average of one wideband sensor in the downpipe. thanks for the help again, I may be back with more questions very soon haha
  7. 06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    just updated firmware tonight to latest version tonight so hope its not that. ill go have a play, I think itll have something to do with the lambda average being way out because of the narrow band, if I cant get anywhere ill post up me map and a log showing what I'm up against. thanks for the help, ill post me findings either way
  8. 06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    Firmware will need to be current as there were issues a while back around the Lambda average. Next step would be to put a copy of the map up or email it with a log and we can take a look.
  9. 06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    ok cool, no I'm not using dual channel mode. so if I check I have the lambda average pulling from the right source,as in my wideband rather than narrowband, it should work as intended? anything else I might have missed?
  10. 06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    Yes that is correct assuming you are not using the Dual channel mode available in Stoich Mode
  11. 06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    Hi simon thanks for the quick reply, just to clarify A; does the closed loop correction work only on lambda average and B; the lambda target table being my afr/lambda target table?
  12. 06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    Would need to check the lambda average reading, The lambda target table will also need to be set up to suit.
  13. File,Save, File is in use

    Do you by chance have more than one copy of PC link open at the same time both looking at the same map?
  14. 06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    Hi wondering if I'm being daft or short sighted but when I turn on closed loop lambda corrections on my wrx v10 plug in, the correction steadily removes fuel until the engine dies or it hits the percentage change cap. is this a bug or is there another table I need to set up to allow useful closed loop lambda correction? thanks a lot, lots more questions but I thought id start with a simple one hopefully....
  15. File,Save, File is in use

    Anyone else or just me?? Have to Save As a new name, delete old file in Windows Explorer and rename new file back to old file name. The longer you've had G4+ installed the more frequently it's bugged
  16. Edit: remove the phase tooth that is closest the phase sensor. And report back when you have tested some more.
  17. flex fuel

    I would suggest the content sensor as it will compensate for varying ethanol contents. Pump E85 is not always 85%, it can be all over the place.
  18. Launch controll goes off after some time?

    Funny story, one of the first link units I ever installed, some 8-10 years ago, customer had a ej20 Subaru. Guy was picking up his buddy, so instead of calling him or honking the horn, he decides to stand on the launch limiter to get him to come out. Stood on the limiter long enough that the valve train got unhappy and spit a shim.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I will remove one of the teeth on the phase. I will turn the engine over by hand until the gap on the crank pulley is lined up with the sensor and then remove the phase tooth that is furthest away from the phase sensor ? Or just remove either one ? Is that correct ? And will also sort the changing issue out too and then perform another log and see how it goes.
  20. Closed Loop fuel trims

    That's really interesting Mapper, I've been meaning to have a play with that CLL gain table but havent yet. I think you've just piqued my interest however! I'll try those other numbers for a starter and see how it differs.
  21. flex fuel

    good afternoon i am just wondering i am running a sr20det on e85 fuel is it worth running a flex fuel sensor on it if it is just e85 or are they more for use with duel fuel setups?
  22. Closed Loop fuel trims

    Ah really, haven't been aware. Sorry for wrong infos.
  23. Advise needed on G4+ Plug In Ecu

    Thank you Simon
  24. Siemens DEKA 80lb 830cc injector data

    I linked to the full Ford data sheet in that thread. what data do you need that is missing?
  25. Closed Loop fuel trims

    Actually, the Storm doesnt have automode CLL, only the Xtreme and higher ECUs.
  26. CAN Keypad

    I just had a quick look at the manuals for a couple of the common ones (motec and racegrade), they dont seem to have built in latch functions for the keys so they are going to be difficult to make work with our present firmware (not impossible but difficult).
  27. pressure sensor wiring

    A quick google suggests the LS1 oil pressure sensor is a 3 wire unit. It will most likely be a linear 0-5V output, you will not need a pull-up or calibration table like the VDO sensor in this thread subject.
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