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  2. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    I've been told the VW / Audi 1.8t throttle body is the same size and bolt pattern as the original YB Cosworth throttle body so think I will be using one of these so just need to work out which pedal will fit best in a Sierra Cosworth.
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  4. 4age 20v blacktop base map , g4 link atom 2

    Hi Adam , the engine is a N/A stock blacktop 4age 20v and still runs factory injectors and distributor. Cheers
  5. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    As @Adamw mentioned, I have used the Subaru STi pedal a handful of times in custom applications. Primary reason is cost and availability. You can typically find them for about $25-75 USD on ebay. I prefer to use the older unit with the larger connector as the connector body is easier to get from the likes of www.bmotorsports.com. Also as @AbbeyMS has said, the 350z unit is another option. They are very similar to the Subaru unit. I believe even use the same connector. Pretty much any electronic pedal will work as there is not much fancy going on there other than 2 position sensors. The actual throttle body is where the more difficult control comes from as they will all have different PID values from make to make. For the pedal I would go with whatever you can get your hands on. For the throttle, I would pick something off the list that Adamw suggested. If you are looking for larger I would look into a GM LS2/3 throttle as they are just about 100mm.
  6. Storm RX7 FC Turbo II Wiring

    Hi all Bit of a noobie to ECUs Im nearly finished making up the harness for my Link Storm for my 1991 FC RX7 turbo. Just wondering about bout the last couple of wires on the list. Do I need the following which I have underlined? Circuit opening relay - input pressure reg valve solenoid - output port air solenoid valve - output solenoid valve (switch) - output solenoid valve (relief) - output I have removed all the emissions stuff on the engine OMP will also be blanked and tuned out Cheers
  7. Simon, Thank you for the response. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back. I work a lot and don't get much free time on the computer. Here is a picture of the wire in question. Given the characteristics of the wire, I would expect it to be some kind of 12V power, but since I did not splice it in I can't make any assumptions. I'm also including where the wire corresponds to the V44. When I update the firmware, are there any things that I need to pay attention to that might get changed in the update? Things like preferences, settings, etc. Also, can I just update to the latest without going through each revision? Thanks, Jason
  8. St205 Dwell Times or St185

    Hello Guys i just try to find out my Dwell times. I have St205 electronics but with my PFC and Dwell times for st205 the car doesnt work properly. But when i set Dwell time for St185 it work very well. I assume that ignite is from st185. So i must to do the same here? I must to just copy the dwell time table from St185 map? My concern is this picture and the unstable rpm log
  9. Turbo Speed Input: G4+ Thunder DI 11-16

    is there a way to configure it as a different configurable input on the di11-16 for the time being to get some reasonable output from the sensor? You can choose "frequency" right now... that would at least allow me to multiply it out on my own. Wiring it to a different digital input would only record up to 20k rpm turbo speed... not useful at all.
  10. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    I have a pedal unit from a 2008 Subaru STI I would sell... I bought a few pedals to see which one would work the best for my application and have it left over.
  11. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    Also tjere are cars that have a cable on the pedal that actuates a remote pedalsensor. Like some mitsubishis. Also there are cars where the throttlebody itself are hooked up to a cable that is remotly actuated by a motor. Some bmw m3s. Ive heard late s2000 got this. And look at jenvey eta2. This doesnt need to be hard to do if you are aware of the posibilities out there
  12. 4age 20v blacktop base map , g4 link atom 2

    Hi Jimmy, I dont have a basemap but it is a simple engine and I do have enough info and experience to knock up something that will get you running. Can you give me a quick rundown of your engine... Is it stock injectors, NA or turbo, still distributor?
  13. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    We use the Nssan 350Z pedal assemblyl which is cheap to buy and works very well. And data for set up available on the Link Help files
  14. Fuel Trim table 4 missing

    Excellent tech support as always, thank you. I hadn't got as far as programming ECU as I wanted to be 100% happy with what I was setting up, hence the reason for seeking your advice... As you probably guessed, I'm not an experienced tuner, so apologies if my query was a daft one!
  15. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    For the TB, you can pretty much use anything but it will be easier for you if you can get one of the models that we have tuning information for to fit. There is at least a partial list in the help file below, but that may be missing some, for instance we have plugin ecu's for WRX V10 and audi TT but they seem to be missing from that list. If you want to use something else and are not familiar with PID tuning then you could send it to us for testing (this would be free). For the pedal, again you can use almost anything that will fit in the space. @Brad Burnett has often suggested on here a Suburu one that is a nice universal design (he may pop in to give more info later). The last install I done I found a VW at a "u-pull-it" type place that was nice and easy (forget what the model was).
  16. Mazda alternator control

    If either of you guys have any decent information on how the alternator works and what it needs to control it I will take a closer look at if we can do it.
  17. Fuel Trim table 4 missing

    You are limited to 30 tables in the G4+ ECU's (It is usually quite difficult to use them all up!) , but you have already used up all 30, that's why it wont allow you to add the last. When I loaded your map into an ecu here PCLink popped up a warning saying that too many tables were allocated so it should have been clear. You can see what your tables have been assigned to by viewing the "table allocation" item at the bottom of the ECU settings tree I will paste a copy of yours below. You dont really need all individual cylinder trims active unless you have individual lambda probes in each primary to be able to tune individual cylinders. A Typical install wouldnt use them at all but some tuners might turn on one or two to add a little extra fuel to the hottest cylinder if they know the engine is prone to damaging certain cylinders. You also have 4 individual cylinder trims enabled which is unlikely needed.
  18. Fuel Trim table 4 missing

    Either way it doesnt matter though - because your main fuel map represents that one cylinder, and then the other 3 represent variations away from it.
  19. Turbo Speed Input: G4+ Thunder DI 11-16

    Unfortunately no sorry. The next firmware release is still a few months away, I have been pushing to have this function fixed for release so hopefully it will be.
  20. Missing Cable? ECU to USB

    The cable you are missing has part number #CANPCB. This is what it looks like: http://dealers.linkecu.com/CANPCB_2 You can search for a local dealer here: http://www.linkecu.com/dealer-network/ Most dealers would not have this part in stock but our UK warehouse has them in stock so it wont need to travel too far.
  21. Hi , I have a G4 link Atom 2 and is after a start up base map for a 4age 20v blacktop. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Jimmy
  22. Mazda alternator control

    I've asked the same question before, see So I ordered that board that Adam recommended, but it was not working, still getting 18V continuously, the manufacturer got back to me and gave me a few things to check out. In the meantime, I've setup a GP PWM output to control the alternator field, it's stable enough under idle and light load, but I'm yet to take the car for an actual drive
  23. Hi , i have a g4 link atom 2 and is after a start up base map for a 4age 20v blacktop. Any help is appreciated. Cheers
  24. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    I'm looking for info on which E Throttle body and pedal to use on a cosworth YB engine and where to purchase from. will be running on Link G4+ Fury Ecu
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  26. Missing Cable? ECU to USB

    Do you know where i can buy this cable, preferable in Germany? Haven't found it on any link dealer site.
  27. Windows tablet multidisplay

    I've gone with a 10" win 10 tablet took the back off and connected an external button to the power switch
  28. Mazda alternator control

    Hello all, Is there someone who has succes with controlling the alternator from a mazda MX5 NC (or mazda 3, or even Ford) using a link Xtreme ecu ?
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