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  2. I am using an AEM brass body pressure sensor. It is the STD Bosch calibration. I have one on my regulator and one in the injector rail. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/avm-30-2131-100/
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  4. Thanks CJ this is exactly the info I'm looking for.
  5. have a look on mouser or digikey for honeywell PX2 or PX3 sensors. They come in various fittings including 1/8-27npt and pressure ranges up to 10bar. One of them is brass body and the other stainless but are otherwise very similar. Try to get the ones with Nitrile o-rings in them. Nitrile handles contact with fuel better. The spec sheet for these tells you which letter of the product code identifies the o-ring type. Dont buy the chinese copies of these from aliexpress/ebay/etc. Even if they are accurate on day 1, they very quickly (a few weeks) become bascially random number generators. The genuine ones are reliable howver, and provide good data sheets that are easy to set up in the link calibrations
  6. cj

    Fuel pump controller setup

    or you could wire in an external pump controller which is PWM capable. There is a ford unit that is used in a lot of 2000's era jagaurs, fords, etc and is very similar to the controller sold by nzefi. Similar era subaru's with ez30's and I think a bunch of the later turbo models also had similar controllers. Most of these should be available in a junkyard for cheap. They typically take 12v, ground, and PWM inputs, then the PWM control the fuel pump on the 2x output wires.
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  8. Ya, I confirmed via the laptop that I have both crank & cam signals active when cranking. Based on this, I confirmed that I had a faulty fuel pump & have replaced it. Running again !
  9. Simon

    EVO 8 base map problems

    For the AC Fan go to Auxiliary Outputs Ign > Ignition Drive 4 then set the polarity to Low. For the water spray this will need to be configured. Ign 5 drive controls the IC light Aux 2 controls the IC spray relay Di 5 is the IC Spray auto request Di 3 is the manual IC Spray input. All of these will need setting up as they are not pre configured in the start map.
  10. On the Atom you don't have the same issue as there is no serial output. (assuming atom II) I would initially start by powering the ECU on the bench and then see if you can connect.
  11. You will need to connect to the CAN port on the plugin PCB This can be done using a CANPCB cable + a CANF connector See Wiring Information > Communication Wiring > CAN Bus Wiring in the PC link tuning software help file.
  12. If you head to the PC link help file then G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Auxiliary Outputs > Wiring Auxiliary Outputs there is a section that explains what can happen
  13. Hi from France, I've just fitted my Link G4+ PnP on my Evo 8 GSR, load base map, everything woks well exept 2 things : A/C fan (witch is in the front bumper) works all the time, as soon as you turn the key on he never stops. Water spray doesn't work in auto or manual and there is no light of working on the dashboard cluster I have the last update of software. Thanks for your help :) Victor
  14. I'm looking for fuel pressure sensor recommendations. I'm using a Wendon A2040 pressure regulator (up to 120 PSI) and it has a 1/8th inch -27npt female port on it for a pressure sensor. I'm looking for a recommendation based on accuracy and reliability in regards to failure rates (leaks) but also something that is relatively easy to source. Obviously I'd like it to also be compatible with the Link ECU's. It's a N/A motor. Also needs to be compatible with E85 & normal pump gas. Let the recommendations loose~!
  15. Hello , How you fix that problem ? I have same problem. I have a problem with LINK G4+ Atom. There have no connection to the PCs but the ECU is working. The error is "Unable to connect to the ECU but USB connection is present. Please cycle the power to the ECU. Please help!! Pcmaxgeorgia@gmail.com
  16. Guys, I"m using the G4+ EVOI-III plug-in and somehow almost impossible to get the VSS to work. I got good reading on my APEXI RSM and Greddy turbo timer which has speedo wire tapped in when i tested it out. But on my pclink it's showing 0hz. Using a multimeter, i got some voltage reading though but pclink seems not be able to recognize and signals coming through the wire. I've changed all possible settings in PCLINK such as pull up resistor and active edge but still no joy. I've even replaced a different cluster meter hoping it's the cluster issue but still nothing. I've also hooked up a direct wire from the 2 pins which sends out the signal wires and still nothing. I don't know what else to do. I know the wires are good as my RSM and Greddy is able to get speedo reading just fine tapping from pin #66 wire from the ecu. If anyone faced the same thing with the evoi-iii plug-in please let me know. Really need to get it to work.
  17. Hi guys may I know how to connect can bus to AIM 1.2 Strada Dash ? Currently using Honda Obd1 Plug in Ecu. Thanks
  18. @Serkan as a sanity check do you happen to have the TPS Main/Sub calibration values from the vehicles?
  19. Did you log afterwards and see the signals tracking over each other. I believe I've resolved my 5V issue noted above. I've got some new connectors coming in just to make sure the Ethrottle connection is solid... but i'm still seeing some inconsistencies in the sub sensor. I test drove the car after and i'm not seeing any faulting. Some momentary error count blips.... but the issue is so random that it will work "fine" for a day... then the next day be nothing but fault fault fault. So i'm not very trusting in functionality right now. I did not that for some reason the main signal is shielded in the chassis harness for the vehicle but the sub is not. They are both shielded together in my engine harness. I'm going to put some miles on it tonight to see how things look and i'll get some logs posted as well.
  20. when you turn the ecu off the injector drives are going to ground.
  21. I have done this to fix the issue already I'm more trying to understand what causes it when the ecu is switched off for example what is the ecu doing when I turn the ignition off to cause the injectors to start firing
  22. I’m not at a pc now, but it sounds like you are looking at the pinout for the wrong pcb version in pc link. The info in the printed doc and pc link should be the same as the manual is automatically generated from pages in the help file. The two fans connected to ign 4 just switch on together - effectively connected to the same pin. You can use any of those 3 ign4 pins for your coil, just have to make sure nothing is connected to the two you don’t use. the ecu has onboard baro so doesn’t use the factory one. The cat light pin can be used for something else if you wish.
  23. Oh also, having gone through the mapping of pins and functions a bit more; I have a few more questions: 1) Pin 73 - AN Vin 8 - Not assigned to anything: Can this be assigned to anything should the stock baro sensor not be pinned here? 2) Expansion Connector 1, Pin 6 - Is this assigned to DI10 or AUX4? The plugin installation manual states it's AUX4 and PCLink Help documentation calls it DI10 3) Pin 40 - CAT light - my car doesn't have a cat light. Can this be assigned for use as something else? 4) Pin 46 - Is DI10 assigned here or is it assigned to Expansion Connector 1, Pin 6? - The plugin installation manual suggests that DI10 is mapped to pin 46, with AUX4 to EC1,Pin6. That said, the PCLink Help Documentation suggests that nothing is mapped to Pin 46, and DI10 is on the expansion connector. 5) Pin 11 - Is this mapped to AUX4 or IGN6? - Plugin documentation suggests IGN6, PCLink suggests AUX4 I've summarized my questions in the table below: Hopefully you can clarify, I apologise if I am understanding anything wrong.
  24. Interesting - If I was to go to sequential ignition, which one of those pins would I connect my coil pack signal wire to? How does the circuitry/driving work given that the speed is controlled by two pins?
  25. Adamw

    1jzvvti base setup?

    MAF is normally connected to pins 21 or 9 in the HKS looms. Some of their looms have a seperate MAP plug already there but Im not sure about the JZX loom. There is unlikely an existing unused wire for the flex sensor, you can connect that to any DI from 1-8.
  26. louis19

    1jzvvti base setup?

    Thanks for the quick response mate! Would you be able to point us in the best location for wiring in the MAP sensor and flex fuel sensor? Is there any preference here? Can we wire into some of the unused factory plugs that run back to the ecu for signal wires like the MAF sensor which will now be replaced by the MAP sensor etc.
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