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  2. Javisupra

    unstable ilde

    Thanks thanks Adamw , I'm checking what you tell me
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  4. Stock, Old Truck engine ; Fitted with a Crank Sensor, Distributor and Stock Injectors
  5. You are not running any Lambda fuel correction. Your Lambda correction is off due to TP lockout. Change it to 10% and it should start working. Keep in mind it will turn off at 11% so use your discretion to the value. Delta lockout to 5% Your CLL gain table is empty too. Lambda rate is 1 so corrections will be slow.
  6. Wow, this list is significantly extended compared to one I found from earlier messages on this forum! Looks great! If it works out I will be able to get lambda signal from CAN because that board can receive Innovate serial WBO stream and send it over can. So that way I can have one more analog input in ECU and have digital signal from WBO controller to ECU without offsets... Unfortunately not the case for my inovate MTX EGT gauge since only WBO stream gets transmitted to CAN.. Thank you! ordered my ECU and hope to test it soon! )
  7. remski2

    unstable ilde

    Hi. Fix your ignition so it doesnt jump from 32 to -2 deg during idle. Next increase your idle base position table at lower ECT you have 335 at 70C and it idles ok, yet you have 300 when it stumbles. Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks Adam, appreciate the help. Ill look at the serial number, if its 10000< then what? Would this expansion loom do the job and give me all the pinouts I need ? Or is this the correct connector so I can make my own? https://otakugarage.com.au/product/canbus-connector-kit-for-link-g4-plugin-ecu/ It would suck to have to buy two expensive cables just to get two wires out.
  9. What pump are you looking to use? I'm using a Volvo pump which does have a CAN connection but it runs in a default mode without CAN with just an on signal which on the stock vehicle is an alternator output. I'm using an output that's engine RPM over 500 to trigger the pump on.
  10. if you are interested in remote tune, let me know.
  11. Make sure you check what ECU plug type you have in the car as some evo 8’s have 3 pin block and some have 4 pin blocks. For example, my evo 8 runs the evo 9 vipec because of the plug layout. I think it’s 3 pin blocks whereas the one you have is 4 pin blocks so check what your car has if it’s an evo 8
  12. Amazing! Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting stuck in. ECU arrived yesterday. Here we go!
  13. Hi! does anyone have a basemap for v88 2jz gte (non vvti) 1300cc injectors, vag coils, BMW DBW cheers erik
  14. Try this, should be closer. V88V6File27Feb Bump fixed.pcl
  15. Thanks alot for this batch of information. I will reciev in the next days the forester turbo ecu that will be the donnor of the female plug for the adapter harness. I'll start this project by running without idle valve and stock manifold and go from there. There will be for sure a time where i'll swap for a new age sti manifold, but not that close of a timeline.
  16. There's no way to use the 3 pins sensor with the V5-6 throttle body. The best way to do it would be swapping the entire intake with throttle body, fuel rails, fuel injectors and everything else. I just did it and it's not a simple job. I also changed the coils to the coil on wire instead of the coil pack. Will require some rewiring. Basically what I did: On the ECU B134 connector, swap: B134-14 to B134-4 B134-15 to B134-13 Config Ign 3 and 4 => Ignition 3 and 4 Aux 7 => Fan Relay 1 Aux 8 => Fan Relay 2 Aux 5 => ISC Wiring: Ign 1, 2, 3 and 4 wired to the coils ISC Signal to Aux 5 wire throttle body map to the oem map wires Beside that you will need a longer intercooler hose and some trim on the bottom part of the water reservoir to be able to attach on the same place.
  17. Great feedback, thanks guys. We do have working cars I can use.
  18. Pin 17 & 18 are for the 3rd and 4th coils on some models that had factory direct spark such as the GTB legacy. So they are paired up with ign 1 & 2 to run in wasted spark. The vast majority dont have a factory IAT, some specific models do. Maybe an "RA" or similar special. There are some common things such as EGT, Lambda, oil & fuel press & wheel speeds & steering angle can come in over CAN and be used just like a native wired input. There are also 8 general purpose "CAN analog volt inputs" but these are not all that useful in a lot of cases as you cant rename them or give them meaningful units (you can still scale it to give some relevant number). An example to make it clearer might be say brake pressure for instance - you could bring this in over CAN and assign it to "CAN AN Volt 1" but instead of having it displayed/logged as "Front brake press = 600psi", it would be displayed/logged as "CAN AN V1 = 600.0V". I will attach the current list of CAN inputs that are available below. I've never looked at the tinyIO (megasquirt CAN is a bit odd), but another common one to look at is the analogX from autosport labs.
  19. Assuming your G4 serial number is >10000, then the easiest option is to get a CANPCB cable and a CANF plug from a link dealer. Connection is then like so:
  20. I'm using the V7 base map. For sure my fuel table needs work. Will try to drive to the shop and have an experienced tuner take a look on that. Thanks for the help!
  21. Adamw

    unstable ilde

    You would be best to set active drives to Inj1-2 and injection rate to 1 cycle for your setup, but these are not related to your "unstable idle".
  22. It should allow the engine to start and run with minimal adjustment. You will need to configure all IO to match how you have wired it. You will likely need to adjust the master fuel to get it to run ok. You will need to check base timing once it is running. All of the other fundamentals such as dwell times, trigger setup etc shouldnt need touching. Download the manual from the BMW E36 plug-in page and go through the pre-start configuration and first time startup sections will cover most of it.
  23. Yes that sounds about right. The most relevant test is with the engine off check that MAP reads the same as BAP. Im not convinced. In your latest log the lambda seems to drift higher and higher as time goes on but the inj pulsewidth is quite stable. Im not sure if I would trust it personally but if you do then it looks like your fuel table needs a bit of work as the lambda is a long way off target.
  24. If you look at the correct channel it has a resolution of 1KPa.
  25. Yes the G4+ CAN is quite flexible and can generally be used to get most OEM devices functioning. The tricky bit for you however is finding info on the CAN messages the pump needs to operate. Typically you would sniff a working car with the OEM ecu still in place to reverse engineer what is needed. If you have info on what messages are required then I can help you set the Link up to duplicate it.
  26. Thanks @remski2 you were correct. My ECT and TPS had a bad ground. Fixed it and now is way better. Looking at the last log I noticed that the MAP is reading ~5psi at idle. Is it correct? I'm asking because I changed the map from the 3bar Link to the OEM one. @Adamw after a while the lambda started to work. Not sure if it could affect but the car was parked for several months. After the engine warmup it looks like that the wideband was working properly. The last log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lyvn97d0x3ofuov/Log 2020-02-27 7%3B40%3B25 pm.llg?dl=0
  27. Last week
  28. It seems that my choice will be v3-4.. So, I checked pinouts and these plug-in ECUs are indeed a bit limiting... I counted 2 inj and 2 ign outputs, 3 volt inputs and 4 Aux outputs inluding two DBW ones being not available... and one knock sensor input. Xtreme or Fury sound really good but I found great deal on PnP.. I figured out that I can re-purpose some of the IO. like i'll probaly will be fine with 2 ign channels, currently I use IAT on MAF wire with external pullup, aux taken by ac clutch I can use for something more useful in hot weather like intercooler spray or 0-5v signal for AEM WMI kit waiting for installation... so there goes another question, are there any in/out extenders that I can use to at least log all data on ECU? basically I want to keep all engine related sensors on ECU and extra sensors related to chassis or suspension - on CAN extension. Can I use something like TinyIOx for this? it uses megasquirt CAN stream: http://jbperf.com/io_extender/tinyIOx.html# Also, reading trough manual for v3-4 I noticed some errors like pin 13 is listed twice in pinout table and igniton 1 and 2 channels are assigned not only to pins 4 and 5 respectively as they should be as per subaru pinout, but also to pins 17 and 18 which, I believe, are empty. Is this for some purpose? I also couldn't confirm IAT on pin 38, it's not listed in diagrams that I have and from what I heard GC8 does not have usable IAT sensor.. I had to install separate GM IAT followng manual for my ECU. My car has PS switch signal there, but it's Frankenstein.
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