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  2. We have a Toyota GT4 (model ST205) fitted with a Link G4+ Storm ECU that we use for short course tarmac rallysprint events. The car is largely stock, with just a few upgrades (rebuilt stock turbo with steel wheels), coilovers etc. The car has been tuned in Perth by one of your major dealers who are well experienced with your ECUs. The car has been a lot of fun, weve been chasing an issue where the car feels like the ignition system (which is single coil with a distributor) is 'breaking down' at certain (random) times. To eliminate the ignition system, we replaced the cap, rotor, and gapped the plugs smaller during the last event, but the issue still occurred. We enabled ECU logging during the last event, and at the particular time we felt the issue occurring, I have examined the logfile in detail, and it seems to be the ECU applying a limit to the ignition timing. I have attached the logfile and the ECU tune. I have spoken to our tuner about what may be causing it, but as it is not easy to repeat it is difficult to pin it down. The specific questions I have are: 1. In the logfile, at file time 16:34.46 through 16:37.76 the logged parameter 'Limit Ign Trim' goes from 0 to -2 degrees a number of times. We actually felt this in the car - felt like a misfire of some sort. I've looked at the various limits setup in the tune, and discounted: a) MAP limit. MAP only gets as high as 212kPa. MAP limit is 260kPa, with a Limit Control Range of 15kPa, so nothing should happen until we hit 245kPa b) RPM limit. We are well under the RPM limit c) I don't think it is a trigger error. The Max RPM recorded in ECU Statistics is a 'normal' number Maybe it is a Engine Coolant Temp limit (the ECT is 102/103 degrees at the time)? Looking at the ECT Ign Trim 3D Table, I'd expect some sort of limit (goes from 0 limit @ 100 degrees to -8 limit @ 110 degrees), but I'm not sure why it is so 'sporadic' in the way it is applied? Can you please have a look and advise if this is what you'd expect, or if we need to look at some other settings/logging? Thanks 06-Angelina - enabled ECU logging.pclr 190314-Rallysprint Rnd 5 - run 1 thru 4.llg
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  4. Evolution55

    Tacho feed

    Hi there I am currently in the process of fitting a G4 EVO 1-3 plug and play ecu. We have an expansion loom fitted and are fitting additional sensors etc and have changed ignition from wasted spark to sequential as i am running coil on plug. The issue we have is having a tacho output so the factory tacho works as it would get its feed off the stock ignitor, but we dont have any outputs/inputs left other than ecu hold power. Will it cause an issue using this output? Or is there another way? Cheers
  5. Figured it out. On the G+ Link ECU the VC is the 5V+ :-)
  6. Kelly Gordon

    G4+ replacement

    I know you guys are hard at work on the G4+ replacement ECU. Any estimates on when it may be ready for prime time. I'm looking at a Fury but would hate to have a new, more capable ECU come out right after I buy a G4+ Fury.
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  8. I'm also interested in oil pressure via ODB2. I want to log it so I can check for any oil surge even though I have the NZ EFI pressure sensor wired in with safety protection on the tune.
  9. I use a dual boot Chuwi Hi8 Air tablet with an OTG adaptor for charging and it also allows the use of a bluetooth dongle for a mini keyboard/trackpad. Good bit of kit for the money. Vid of it being used. https://youtu.be/G4mAl1DLrG0
  10. Fantastic, thank you. Firmware now updated and switch now set to toggle. Thanks
  11. Hi All, I hope someone can clarify something for me. I have a full kit ready to be built in my 91 St185, but have some confusion about connecting the Link 4 Bar map sensor. I think I should swap it with the factory one but... the factory has 2 sensor outputs and a ground (Brown) input, 1 sensor wire goes to ECU PIM pin & Boost Gauge in dash (Red-White), the other to ECU VC pin & AFM and Throttle sensor (Pink-Blue). The explanations for VC and PIM are pretty much the same: - VC: Turbo charging pressure sensor signal - PIM: Signal from the turbo sensor, also drives the boost gauge So if I can replace directly, is the VC the +5V? Or do I disconnect the factory MAP and need the expansion loom to make this work? Hop someone can clear my confusion :s With kind regards, Mystefyer
  12. Superb, thanks so much, as soon as I receive missing parts I will try and give you feedback. Best regards
  13. Download the 2 stream files I have attached. Make sure the AEM device is set up for "mode 1". Set up like this: mode: user defined, bit rate: 500k. channel 1 = receive user stream 1, ID 31, format extended. Channel 2 = receive user stream 2, ID 431, extended. Now go to the streams tab, click on stream 1 in the left panel so it is highlighted, then click "load stream", load in the stream 1 LCs file. Do the same for stream 2 except choose the stream 2 LCs file. The AEM widebands will come into pc link as Lambda2-5. AEM 4ch stream1 ID31.lcs AEM 4ch stream2 ID431.lcs
  14. Hello, after a good experience in g4+ gdi for swift 1.0 boosterjet i'm looking for best link ecu solution for a rally car Suzuki swift sport. I see in pclink that trigger, vvt and ethrottle are ok for my engine, but my question is if somebody have installed link ecu in standard loom, because car has keyless button and i'm little bit scared of this. My car feature is: stock engine (compusory for FIA rules) stock engine wiring loom (is not compulsory but if i can save it I prefer for all cars users for example cluster, steering etc. ) sequential gearbox and i need upshift and why not blipping function. I think best ecu for my application is Fury. Thanks a lot for your help. Giorgio
  15. Hello, I come back as parts received and fitted on the car. Still waiting after Can connection from AEM to Can 2 on the Link ecu, and I will be able to test. Any assistance in configuring the Can menu would be very appreciated
  16. For the moment the engine is running just fine without any trigger error. Will try to capture at higher RPM just to see what it will looks like. Thanks adam.
  17. Last week
  18. Not really but if that scope capture was just cranking or idling then you will probably find they will even out at higher rpm. You may have to lower the arming threshold a bit in the low rpm cells if it is causing trigger errors.
  19. @Adamw is it normal for the cam waveform to look like that. The first tooth amplitude is shorter than no 2 & 3
  20. Hi Guys, Does anybody here know the Stoichiometric value of Sunoco RTF-R5? https://aaoil.co.uk/product/r-tf-turbo-fia-102-ron-90-mon-3-7-oxygen/ Can't find the information anywhere, and obviously it's needed for the Modelled Fuel Equation...
  21. I have oil pressure running in torque pro from a generation 3 LS1 factory ECU, other aftermarket ECU's have this available
  22. Adamw

    DSG 7 speed controller

    It is not possible with any aftermarket controller that I know of at this time. The two ecu brands mentioned above still require fully functioning matching ABS unit and all other related CAN devices from the car the DSG came from. I believe one of them is working towards making it functional without the other devices. We aren’t working on it at all yet as we would have to buy a fully functioning car to reverse engineer it.
  23. The DSG Gearbox has its own controller, the ecu just needs to communicate with it for engine torque, tps and torque reduction while shifting. I am also very interested in these gearboxes!
  24. I will do the verification and let you know if it has the can line. It seems to me that it has a Can first version, then since 2000 they have installed a new can. We assume that it does not have the can line, is it possible to solve the problem?
  25. hi simon, Can you be more precise? I think I didn't understand correctly thanks
  26. I'm going with the Chuwi Hi8 Pro since it has the 2din screen size and has a USB C port to support OTG and allows higher amperage. Will update once received and installed.
  27. Simon

    Fault code 11

    That is good that would suggest the MAP sensor is happy. So we need to check the signal wire back to the ECU header. At the ECU connector you should get the same voltages. Pin 78 as marked is the map signal into the ECU check between ground and pin 78 and see if you have voltage. (This image is looking into the ECU from wire side ) I should check when you are clearing the code you are clearing the codes via the event log. And that your error voltages are correct.
  28. im also just finishing building my rb 25/30det vct got a hx40 and 1000cc need a map to start up and drive round the block off boost and do the first 100ks so i know its good to go to dyno with no issues anyone have a base map like this would verry much like it g4+ plug and play
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