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  2. Hi Simon When the sync mode was set at cam level I didnt get any error count ² I've read on a post that on g4 when it's on cop the timing offset needs to be set to 360 advance for a 3s ? I'm still not having any luck with the timing being all over not staying in one spot could this be the original sheilded distributor wiring or maybe timing light Thanks Jamie
  3. 400s

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    @Adamw there is spark and timing light is set perfectly. We have tried different fuel enrichment combinations (even doubling the pre and crank enrichment) with no luck, cranking with new plugs from as lean as 16.1:1 all the way down to low 12s. Car is running ID1050x injectors. I have attached the full rom, trigger capture/log and crank log Changed the trigger offset by 360 degrees with no luck too and I have the trigger capture/logs for that too if you will need to have a look at them. Car sounds like it wants to fire up (on trigger 1 priority) but does not. Interesting thing is majority of the time plugs 1&4 are wet while plugs 2&3 are dry.. not sure if this is important data towards my situation. Steve Map A Crank twice Log.llg Map A.pclr Trigger Scope Log A 2019-06-19 12;25;05 pm.llg
  4. Ahh Gotcha so maybe the reason is because the pull up is turned off!! Will try it on when I get to the car later and see how that is! Thanks Adam
  5. A hall effect sensor typically just switches to ground. It wont "output" anything. In that video he is measuring the wires coming from the ECU, not the sensor. So the 5V you see on his meter is coming from the ECU. This is the "pull-up". Our ECU's DI pull-up is 12V but that doesnt matter it will still work. This is why you normally need the pull-up resistor turned on for a hall sensor.
  6. Thanks will do that once I'm with the car, what do you want a log of so I make sure I get everything you need. From reading on the internet I'm seeing apparently the signal wire on a stock Honda outputs 5v, while mine reads 0v?? I've got 12v to power pin and good earth to the earth pin but 0v on the signal pin at the plug end. If you skip to 3minutes in it explains it in this video
  7. You may have an option at the bottom of your editing screen like below (I may have different privledges to you so Im not sure). Otherwise if you dont have that option you can share it using google drive/onedrive/dropbox/etc.
  8. I didnt no, I will try with pull up on and see if it makes a difference. How do I attach map and log?
  9. efi265

    logging Knock ?

    Ok ha ha i should give up there then .o i just re read the help file my mistake yes it shows the amount of retard applied as you have stated and yes it is set to zero on ecu power on so it shouldn't show any numbers after the restart i will leave it at this thank you
  10. Did you try it with the DI pull up both on and off? Can you do a short log and attach that and your map.
  11. Adamw

    ethrottle question

    No it wont work as you propose, these need closed loop control to work. You will need a throttle kicker/jacker or bypass solenoid.
  12. Adamw

    logging Knock ?

    Im not sure if you are understanding how the knk i-trim table works. If the "clear i-trim table" is set to ECU power on (this is the suggested option for most users), that table should be all zeros. Only if the ecu detects knock and has to retard ignition then it will "write" how much retard it applied to stop knock into the relevant cell in the knk i-trim table. So it should only ever at worst have small numbers in a few cells where knock was detected (<5), and they will be zeroed everytime you power on. I dont know how your original table got messed up but it is not correct to have big numbers in it like that. It looks like someone imported the ignition table in or something.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Head on over to https://www.linkecu.com/contact/ecu-service-requests/
  15. You are going to need some external hardware to handle that type of current.
  16. hello how is everyone i have a dodge ram VDO ethrottle laying around but my link ecu is monsoon so it does not support it my question is can i install it for only using it for cyclic idle and raising idle at cold start ? what i am thinking is to make it same as a cable throttle body but using the motor inside the throttle body to blip it open for cyclic idle and cold start
  17. Hi there Simon I am New Zealander I stay in Auckland Manurewa manukau where about should I ship it or take it?
  18. Yep that is a back feed. The ECU will provide a ground when not powered up so switch on and ECU of the relay will energize.
  19. We can do a bottom board swap to convert it over to a EVO 8/9 setup. Only catch with this is we would have to get the ECU back to NZ to do the swap and reconfigure
  20. Lift the lid on the ECU and look for the green LED this should light at key on if not it most likely not getting power.
  21. Hi all, having a right mare with my vss ECU is Honda 95 pnp g4+ The vss wont read on the ECU, I've tried everything I can possibly think of and cannot get it to work. The catch is it used to work!! What I've done is; Changed vss for brand new item, even tried a friends known working vss. Changed the plug for vss, tested it's got good 12v and earth. Changed the signal wire straight to ECU, literally everything I can think of! Tonight I've taken the vss out the gearbox and put it in a drill to rule out a problem in the gearbox, still nothing on the tablet, it doesn't even come "on" in runtime values. Then I took the signal wire out of ECU plug and used multimeter (12v from battery and the earth onto the signal wire) and turning the wheel this pulses 12v-0v-12v !! So why on earth it wont read on tablet is beyond me! I even tried putting it to another digital input, stock on Honda is a/c switch, which I haven't got so swapped this to lf wheel speed and it still doesn't read anything. Sorry if I've baffled on or bits and pieces dont make sense I'm just miffed as to why it wont work and I cant get my head around it. Any help be appreciated
  22. I am trying to drive a PWM water injection solenoid that draws about 4.75A max. It would be rare for this output to see more than 50% DC. Aux outputs are only rated for 2A, Injector outputs are rated for 5A but I am not seeing the option to use them as a general purpose PWM. Is there any possible way to do this? I'd rather not set up an external transistor. Thanks
  23. Its a plugin i have a Honda obd1
  24. I've come across a strange issue that I'm hoping someone might be able to help with. For some reason, my nitrous solenoid is activating if the toggle switch is ON with key OFF and obviously no conditions being met as the engine is off and 0% TPS . If I turn the key ON and the toggle switch is ON, the solenoid turns off until it meets the conditions specified in the GP output as it should. With Key OFF and toggle switch OFF, things are off. I've attached my wiring and GP output settings. Could this be a weird backfeeding issue? KEY OFF / SWITCH OFF: SOLENOID OFF **KEY OFF/ SWITCH ON: SOLENOID ON ** KEY ON/ SWITCH ON: SOLENOID OFF KEY ON/SWITCH ON/CONDITIONS MET: SOLENOID ON
  25. If I have g4+ 4 plug previously From my evo 7 I want to use it for my evo 8 3 plugs is there harress or loom or adapter I can use to plug this ecu into the 3 plug evo 8
  26. I had another thought when you are back on to it. Can you confirm what you are using for a coil/ignitor? From memory the Omex has built-in coil drivers whereas our ECU's dont and will need an external ignitor or coil with built-in ignitor.
  27. efi265

    logging Knock ?

    ok so found the pcl file with knock setup from my old tune .but i am having trouble copy and pasting the old knk I-trim Cyl table to the new tune i have been doing as the new tune .It says i am only allowed 5 degrees retard which i understand. but how does the old file have larger numbers but everything else i see is identical in the knock set up .sometimes it will paste different parts of the table and not others and its always a different sequence ? sorry but i cant fit the pcl files on this reply ? and the screen snips are to large also ?
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