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  2. will do. thanks adamw
  3. Hello, I connected my fuel rail pressure sensor to analog Imput 4. I used Cal4 as calibration table to make sure the ECU calculates the correct value. BUT: It always shows me 92kpa which is (funny) 0.92V Sensor Output. Im messured it again by hand. I entered calculation values in Cal 4, and tried it again in CAL9 Table - Non of the values is calculated at all. The system only works, if I unplug the sensor and use the error Output Option and set the usual 5000kpa by Hand. Is this a Software failure? Best regards from the UAS in Zwickau Konstantin
  4. MAF seems to work - To be honest, I dont know if the mesured air mass is of realistic value, because in the log it only Shows the status "Active", but at least there is no error left. But to come back to the Question: Does anyone know about the dwell time? 1.0 Injektor Peak duration angepasst 390us, 2,5ms startinjektion, MAF Digital.pclr MAF working, inj. 2.644ms 320BTDC.llg
  5. Ah great, thanks for excellent support:) btw do you never sleep?
  6. Okay, thanks for that. I thought I had to use analog imput. I will connect it and post my result. ;-) I have a nother question: For Mitsubishi single ignition Coils (plugged ones), which dwell time do you think is Max. possible? Best regards
  7. Hi, I recently bought a ls2 gu patrol with link g4 ecu i have 2 problems with tune that need fixing... one being when I start the car cold it fires fine and then slowly drops down in revs untill it stalls. The second problem is when warm and I start the car it revs up to over 2 grand and then slowly drops down and stops at 900 rpm and then idles fine. Any help would be appreciated. i do have pc link and could adjust myself with guidance
  8. I think you could move your IAT & ECT to AN Temp 3 &4, this will free up AN Temp 1 & 2 which have switchable pull-up resistors. Set the function to "RTD EGT" and do a custom cal table. From memory there is still a bug with the RTD EGT calibration where the temperature values in the cal table need to be divided by 10 but you will work that out pretty easy I think.
  9. This would be my suggestion as a troubleshooting step: Unplug idle valve. Set ecu hold power keep alive time to about 60sec so it doesnt shut down while we are doing the tests. With ignition on but engine not running, start PC logger. Switch off ignition, watch idle position runtime, observe if it behaves correctly - winds down to zero, then back to 50. As soon as it gets to 50, turn ign back on. Repeat step 4 say 10 times with it logging the whole time. Save that log when finished. We want to see if it behaves correctly with the valve unplugged or still does something odd randomly. After that reconnect the idle valve and do that same test another 10 times with the valve plugged in to if this gives us any clues.
  10. Hi, A rally car that needs 2 more analog inputs for EGT (not Can). Have 2 free, but need 2 more for 4 EGT in total... Temp3 and Temp4 are free, but suppose they cant be used as 0-5V inputs as they have pullup? Car use DBW. Can I use only one anaalog for TP Main and one analog for AP Main, and get rid of TP Sub and AP Sub and run it in setup mode as it isnt used for the road and ditch failsafe? Then I have 2 more analog inputs free:) Thanks
  11. The Evo MAF is a Kármán vortex type, it outputs a frequency. You need to connect it to a frequency capable digital input (DI1-8), assign the DI function to "MAF meter" and set MAF type to Evo 7-9. Im not sure if the pull-up needs to be on or off but I suspect on.
  12. Use the audi TT table as originally suggested. That is not exactly what you want but it will probably work. Search "Hantek HT308" for a more typical extension lead. But you dont even need that - any old HT lead off a distributor engine will do, you will probably find one for free if you have any mechanic friends. You need to get the unlock code from the dealer you purchased the ecu from. Once you have it, go to ECU controls>ECU Unlock. Yes, that looks fine.
  13. Polarity is correct and the waveform looks good. I assume you are using 1JZ vvti triggermode? Have you done the trigger calibration/base timing?
  14. Hi Adam/Simon, Am still having some probs trying to set up my outputs and boost controller. Am using DRIVE B to switch on my chargecooler pump. No matter what i save the starting RPM it keeps reverting back to 5000? Same with the water spray. Am using this for my meth injection pump, it reverts back to 50% at 70FF no matter what i save it as. Last prob im having is setting up the MAC 3 port controller. Have attached one wire from the mac solanoid to the W gate pin on the back of the ecu... and the other solanoid wire to the bodywork common grounding point. Should this other wire go to a 12v ignition instead of grounding it? Im using an external WG btw. Im ok with mechanical stuff but have really bin in over my depth trying to figure out setting up the ecu lately. Any help you guys could give me again would be GREATLY appreciated. Gonna test AUX 2 output today for the launch control, to see if that works. Many thanks Chris
  15. Hi Adamw, I've applied those basic values to corresponding variables as per your suggestion. I did notice that on average, the dwell time is higher on the R8 coil table as compared to I assume oem r32 gtr coil dwell time. Can the system self-learn dwell time values or do I just try to find the best values overtime? From what I've read to never go over 4.5ms and that other rb26 have had luck with around 2.0-2.2ms, though for which voltage and what RPM? I dont know. Also regarding the timing light, I found this tester which I assume can act as an HT-lead given that they are designed to display spark.. https://www.amazon.ca/Lisle-20610-Inline-Spark-Tester/dp/B0002STSC6/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Lisle+20610+Inline+Spark+Tester&qid=1556075689&s=gateway&sr=8-1 So the timing light connector would just clip onto any part of that tester cable? I connected my ecu to the laptop via auto connect and it prompted that I enter some sort of activation code. One, where do I find this code and two, how can I find the prompt to enter code once obtained. The fuel pump primed which, I'll take as a good sign? and disconnected after that. Please find my .pclr attached to correct or suggest any new setting or future setting. 89 BNR32 v1.pclr Also please comment on my dead time curve. Thanks again for all your help! Really appreciate it from Canada Regards
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  17. I have concerns that I may have triggers with reversed polarity on my toyota 1gzfe build. I did not have cars pinout, made educated guesses concerning wiring of triggers, engine has 2 crank sensors and 2 cam sensors. . Car is started and runs, but timing seems off. I ran a scope capture, its attatched here. Can you tell from this if polarity is wrong? Thanks in advance Trigger Scope Log 2019-04-23 2;10;54 pm.llg
  18. I know about that, but I thought I might work better for turbocharged cars than just MAP-sensoring does. The Sensor I have here is the E5T08271. (481) PC Links shows an input error. Do I have to do more than just setting the imput to MAF Evo7 Type? Do You know, if the Airflow Sensor need more than 12v and 5v, mass and signal out to be wired? Honestly I want to try leaving it in, if it could work and help somehow.
  19. Mitsu uses frequency airflow. I would forget about using that and tune base on map.
  20. Closed loop cuts off at 4k. Fuel table is well done by friend who is experienced. We will drop the values in the 0 TPS, 5k+ RPM range to help clean up the sudden rich area when the throttles shut. It's a little tricky being an ITB setup but we will get it sorted. Thanks for the help.
  21. It looks like before going lean you are going much richer than your target (while letting off throttle and immediately when pressing again). If you have closed loop lambda this might lead to very big negative correction which will show up as lean in the following moments. Please excuse me if this advice is stupid, but I am still a Link ECU beginner, however I guess checking your CLL parameters on the log would not hurt. By the way, if you say you want to get rid of the fireball, shouldn't you be concerned with the rich area instead of the lean one? Regards, Florin
  22. Nettlez

    Stalling Issue

    Thanks for the info I will try adjusting it. Yeah I uploaded the wrong log sorry, heres the right one, it nearly stalls then actually does stall http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=15704473844804950514 Also heres a link to a scope at idle http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05225190735803187576 Thanks
  23. Thanks for that, I did see an anti theft setting for the CANBUS I think, didn't know about the DI option - there are so many options for DI on the list!
  24. All the wiring is stock factory on this evo. Idle valve power supply is from main relay same source as ecu power. This behaviour happen randomly.
  25. Thanks, that really worked. The injection Time is now arround 2.5ms which is ways better. Do You know, how to make the Mitsubishi air mass sensor work? I connected 12V, 5V, Sensor Ground, and Pin3 which should Output sort of an PWM Signal - Voltage= Air mass, Duty Cycle*4= Engine RPM It is connected to Analog Imput 4, calibrated as Evo 7 MAF. test lmm on, PWM Pump Controll on (23.04.2019).llg Start 23.04.2019 - Zündung noch einstellen! PumpControll Enabled, Inc 3000ccm.pclr
  26. Yeah, I can see whats going on but unsure what is causing it. Basically the way ECU hold power works is like this; when you switch off ignition the ECU kills the engine by cutting spark and fuel, it then commands a "stepper motor reset", this reset is normally seen as the valve "slowly" winding fully open to 0, then winding closed to 50steps ready for the next start up. Once the ecu sees that the stepper motor has reached its 50 step home position it starts counting down the keep alive time and then shuts off. In your "no good" log this doesnt happen - the valve jumps to 0 but never closes back 50 steps so the ecu stays alive waiting for that. However, even your "good" log doesnt show the correct behaviour - when you turn ignition off rather than the valve "slowly" going to zero and back, it jumps suddenly to zero. Im suspicious maybe the idle valve +12V is being cut with the ignition switch rather than by the main relay? I will post a couple of pics of how a normal stepper reset looks compared to yours. Here is the normal expected behaviour (this was done using your file in an ecu running the same firmware as yours): Your "no good" log: Your "good" log:
  27. The Firmware is already updated. I did this last week. But I will try to enable the GDI Pump controll without having it connected. The Pressure sensor shows the entered 5Mpa to me. It is confusing, that the Software is not working with that value.
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