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  2. Hi guys, I come from Germany. sorry for my bad English. I have a Honda Civic with B18C, AEM EPM, K Coils. The engine is running. Only he jerks extremely at about 3000 rpm. He has misfires. Lamda falls below 0.65. Can you help me? thank you B18C6 Built-CR12.21-DW440-Base1.pclr
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  4. Any way to build this in the software?..... Or Have a similarly system that may work with c02?
  5. For reference. The lambda sensor is a brand new Bosch LSU (Came with the Link LTC unit)
  6. @Adamw I have corrected the cam signal, see attachment below, will play with cam timing once my lambda sensor issue is fixed (separate topic). As the car is running too rich. Thank you
  7. Hi All, I have recently commissioned a new Link G4 Fury install on my Cosworth YB engine. I have no Lambda reading to my ECU, I have a LINK LTC unit installed, this has been correctly commissioned vi the CAN setup, the device is found on CAN bus and installation instructions followed several times. The run time values are intermittently throwing up the following code, the message is flicking between OK and "35 Open Circuit RCOMP" it is switching several times a second. Can someone explain this fault code to me please and the possible cause, i am leading towards the sensor as i have tested the power wiring and found it to be within specification. Any help would be greatly appreciated @Adamw Many Thanks This image was taken with the engine switched off, I am assuming the Lambda sensor is having a hard time self calibrating? See short video below IMG_4635.MOV
  8. Adam, thanks for the response! I will double check i didn't accidently connect the sensor ground to a group chasis ground. I followed the the link manual for pull-up resistors, so it should be correct, but I'll check it as well. Its not in a bad spot.
  9. Greetings Adams, Thanks for the feedback. Link tech support advise to me to switch to a 3D table and setup the dwell that I want the ECU to command to the module. With a 3D table, the ECU will command whatever I setup in the dwell table no matter what? I apologize but I want to fix this issue as again with the stock ECU for example I dont have this problem whatsoever. Please advise. Regards.
  10. Hi, I wired two switches to enable antilag and traction control to my expansion 1 connector (no E-throttle). Pin 2 of the switches has +12V and pin 3 is going to the digital input. Neither the status of both inputs will show active if the switches are enabled, nor the status LEDs of the switches between pin 3 and pin 7 will go out if the switches are disabled. If I disconnct the switches and the ignition is turned on, there are +12V provided from the ECU through the digital inputs. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance, Manfred G66.pdf 1_SubaruWRXSTIV8JF1GDBLH33G045680withlambdadata_switches.pclr
  11. Hi there, We have a little project here that is using BMW E90 hubs and wheel speed sensors. It does not have the ABS unit connected though. Wheel speed sensors are Bosch 0986594572 and are brand new. Initially connected to a thunder (DI 11) with DI11+ and DI11- No signal.... So I've got a spare hub and sensor and no combination of 12v pull ups, earths, etc etc will give us any signal on my scope! Anybody know how the heck to get the sensor to give some sort of signal?? Thanks! PS. Also tried an Audi (also Bosch) wheel speed (ABS) sensor and have the same issue.
  12. The coils have 12Volts also the injectors! When i crank the car they still show as OFF. I will check test mode and let you know. I forgot to upload the scope! I will tonight!
  13. ozyvr4

    Power feed for Monsoon

    I have checked those Bosch valves out before. I have a customer with a supra that has 1. Seems to work fine. This is for a mate so for the moment we might try ignition idle control to get it running. Thanks for the for the info.
  14. Hello adam the diagram is done if you can help me please with a lq4 basemap to start the engine and check everything is runing fine before going to the dayno thank you so much for your support appreciated
  15. bob.bayloun.1

    Extreme g4+

    Hello everyone please if someone can help me with a basic wirring diagram from extreme to 2jz engine (2 looms A and B ) Thank you
  16. Hey I am very interested in using this dct gearbox controller on serveral project cars in the future. http://htg-tuning.com/ How can we make it to work with the link via can together? Torque Reduction strategies depending on load and DBW Autoblip for the start?
  17. Adamw

    G4X & Mazda GTX 1995

    I would say with a car that age you should be fine. Measure with a multimeter to check if either of the abs sensor wires are grounded by the abs unit, if one is then splice into the other one and connect it to a DI. Leave the pull-up turned off. If neither wires are grounded by the ABS then you may have to try both wires one at a time to see if one gives a suitable signal.
  18. I dont think the trigger disc being upsdie down will worry a G4+. As far as I know it is just looking for the widest slot, it doesnt care which order they are in.
  19. Sorry, there is no dome pressure control functionality in the G4+
  20. I dont see any of the common signs in your log that the ecu is not happy about the trigger signal. Do you injectors click and coils spark in test mode? Is there still 12V at the coils and injectors when cranking? Can you do a triggerscope so I can take a look.
  21. The dwell scatter you see in your log is pretty typical for a low tooth count trigger connected to a camshaft. Early evo's and MX5's are just as bad. If you want less dwell then you can command less in your dwell table but there is always going to be a lot of scatter either side of whatever you command. The only way to improve that is more trigger teeth, and less mechanical backlash in the drive system.
  22. I dont see much wrong in your tune. I would turn the lambda target overlay off but that is just going to make it richer. Im not convinced the trigger is happy though. Notice the cam sensor only comes down to about 1.2V, rather than zero. That is right on the threshold where the ecu considers it "high" so it may upset the sync. Are you sure it has the right value pull-up resistor on the LH inlet cam? Is the cam sensor ground connected to ecu sensor ground?
  23. I'll take a video when I get a minute Heres a small video showing the problem. Not sure if it makes any difference but I'm running an old macbook pro with a windows partition https://www.dropbox.com/s/spfw1ivlpiznki6/20200525_094419.mp4?dl=0
  24. Is it possible to wire in traction control, parallel to functional ABS, with some diode bridge, or I need to choose one of them ?
  25. I would also like to know how you got this working on a double din. I have the g4 extreme and was also looking for a double din to display vitals.
  26. I finally tested it this last week, works wonders.
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