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  2. Thanks Adam! Will try this. Bye the way... I'm right now working with a Nissan VQ35DE engine. Have a Fury for this engine, and we plan to use the VVT-system (only inlet on this engine). Saw that you have a basemap for this engine, but ECU in basemap is Extreme. Is there a simple way to take this basemap and change ECU to Fury?
  3. Hello I also have a problem with my ssr, Have all the cabling you've tested, whether Low Side Driver or High Side Driver, just do not get it to work. synonymous have a 1N4004 diode installed. My problem is when I start the vehicle, the system runs for a short time after that the relay switches off for about half a second and then goes back in, which happens every two to five seconds. used pump original bosch 044 Tested relay once 60amper china and once crydom 12A the technical data sheet from china ssr looks like this One-off time: ≤10ms Control current: 5-25mA DC Dielectrics voltage-resistance: 2500VAC Environment temperature: -30 ℃ - + 75 ℃ Working indicator: LED can it be the control current is too high and I have to install a resistance? Thank you for your help in advance
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  5. Actually, try something more like this. It still wont be foolproof but it should work more like what you want. Having the close breakpoints will effectively remove most of the interpolation, You will still need to be careful to press the button somewhere near a 1000RPM increament as if you pressed it at say 4400, RPM it would only need to climb a little and it will jump up to the next limiting range.
  6. Okay! Thanks for your answer Adam. Problem is that all analog inputs are used. We only have one digital input left unused.
  7. HI I don't remember exactly when I bought it, I took a picture of the serial number on the box.
  8. Can you do another triggerscope now it is running. Your camshaft signal in the last captures didnt look good so it needs to be checked again.
  9. I dont think it would be possible with an Atom. The problem is as soon as you turn on the limiter, your RPM drops, so does your target limit. All the other Link ECU's have latched launch mode (sometimes called rolling antilag) to achieve this but it was left out of the Atom firmware. I think the closest you could do would be to have a potentiometer or multi-position trim switch connected to an analog input so you can vary the limit.
  10. Adamw

    Can Lampda problem

    The 5 wire cable is the problem, this means the serial pins are connected, it should only have 2 pins (CAN H/CAN L) connected. The easiest fix would be to either cut the grey and yellow wires near the ecu or pull the terminals out of the plug.
  11. Download the Link plug & play data for your model injector from here: http://help.injectordynamics.com/support/solutions/articles/4000074340-link-engine-management Set the fuel pressure you intend to run in the spreadsheet, then copy/paste the data straight into PC Link.
  12. I have the info from injector dynamics for deadtimes do I have to enter these individually into pc link injector deadtime?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Ok. I have two kinds of instructions. I try another . Thanks
  15. Simon

    About ALTEZZA fuel gauge

    How long have you had the unit for? There is a hardware update that needed to be done for early released ECUs
  16. Internally there is a 0R resistor that needs to be placed for the Ign 5 output to be available
  17. Simon

    Can lambda set up issue

    Try at 500kHz as I have seen a couple of units come through set to that speed rather than the standard 1m.
  18. As per the instructions, yes.
  19. the same problem the fuel gauge not work. machine year 2000 ((((( Toyota Altezza SXE10 G4+ plugin Modelled fuel_14.pclr
  20. Hi, thanks, today i checked the wiring and it looks ok tomorrow I try to change the sensors (coolant sensor and air temperature sensor) I also found another problem I wanted to connect a solid state relay to aux ign5 but the aux does not work may be a related problem? thank you so much
  21. Just wanted to come back to confirm I did have both Crank and Cam Pins positioned backwards in the housings when I built the harness. I return my offset to 205 just as your basemap suggests and the engine fired right up. Thanks for your support!
  22. Hi! I'm trying to achieve a launch where you simply hold the rpm at a desired value - push and hold the launchbutton, and the rpm stays still. I use the GP RPM Limit 2 and in the table I've used digital input 1 (wich is the launchbutton) on the Y-axis (0 &1). X-axis is rpm in step of 500rpm, starting at 3000. On the 0-line I've written 9000 in all (RPM-limit is 8300rpm), and on the 1-line I've written the same rpm as on the x-axis. The plan is that if you hold the engine at 5000rpm, and push the button, the engine should stay at 5000rpm. But... It doesn't work. The engine goes directely to the lowest rpm written on the line (3000). Any suggestions? Best Regards Martin
  23. anyone figured out how to do this yet?
  24. With candash cable 5wire. Do i need to power the can lampda outside the ecu?
  25. Yes. Just copy the settings out of this file into your map. You can open two instances of PC Link side by side to make it easy.
  26. canbus file for rx8 runing gauge oem....use engine 1jz ecu strom ?
  27. This file is not for any engine in particular, I think from memory it was based on the Link RX7 basemap.
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