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  2. Typ17 16vg60

    Injector Timing

    hi all only for memory, richer afr by earlier injector timing ( closer to 360°) have more effience. the correction are made by ve table .. anybody experience with timing under load? up to 140kpa (MGP) benny
  3. Today
  4. Hi all, Im just wondering what are the Calibration table that i should use for the AC Evap temp sensor. Mine does have variable resistance in series with the evap temp sensor from the factory configuration to allow AC temp control. i tried using bosch std calibration in the PC Link but i found out it was not too accurate as, my AC keep on engage and disengage too frequently even i set the controller at the highest temperature setting. Just for info my car using Denso 077500-0710 thermistor for AC Evap Temp Sensor. thanks
  5. kelvin1982

    Trigger setup

    Ok, I understood and I will try doing trigger calibration. Will report if having problem.
  6. Do you have any information on the wiring of this Bosch coil?
  7. That is what this car is doing, it runs but very badly.
  8. Yes it is possible to spark without an igniter. I even had a car which actually just ran (barely) without an ignition amplifier.
  9. Well, thank you for the ideas. I actually was not aware, that knock control was enabled already. I will check the knock sensor settings first, and then will set timing to more early setting. Do you know, which frequency band I should set the knock sensor to? Is there a formula I may can use for calculation? The engine has 1834ccm. The knock sensor is mounted at the engine blocks back, between cylinder 2 and 3. BUT, the signal level from cylinder 3 and 4 is much higher, according to the log I used. Any idea where this comes from? Looking at the dwell time, I wanted to go the save way. Sure, I can reduce that, but I am not sure, if one or two ms are enought for the coils from 1997. The problem I had was missfireing with sparkplug gaps of only 0.7mm (with Fine Wire!) which allready is really low. I ordered new plugs, and reduced the gap to 0.5mm (I used Denso IK22), I also used that high dwell time, and it worked then. Do you know any stock dwell times for MD362913 coils? I could not use any maps of the stock ECU, because it has not been decodet yet. I use mixed setting adopted from Golf 6 GTI, Honda Jass GDI, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 and trying to adapt them.
  10. Hello, sorry to bring this up again. the pinout on the can end is the same on the newer ecus?
  11. Hello good day. I have the same problem as Tinytankwrx. But I use a MXL TRACK. How did they fix it ??? Thank you
  12. So it's actually possible to get a spark out of the coil even though it doesn't have a built in ignitor? I'm not 100% sure, I didn't build or wire this one, it just came in for tuning. I hate it when they arrive on a tow truck! Just wired in a R8 coil I had laying about for testing and the spark is very strong.
  13. What's Is the advantage to use this solution instead of ti set 4-10 kHz wideband ?
  14. That coil does not look like it has a built-in ignitor, do you have an ignitor connected?
  15. Hi I have a car in for tuning that runs very badly, at first I thought it was a trigger issue due to the cam and crank signals being at the same time. While swapping trigger edge for the cam I noticed the spark is so weak that I cannot get my timing light to trigger. Coils are BOSCH 0221504006. Testing the coil outputs in the software I have sparks that will barely jump a 2/3mm gap, Is this normal for the test mode or should I see full power?
  16. Great thank you for the confirmation. If enough input and output are freed up, is quad avcs possible too on that ecu, or is only intake possible (assuming engine comes from v10 car) ? Have a nice day
  17. Adamw

    Wheelspeed sensors

    My suggestion would be about 12 teeth for a good balance between resolution and max speed. Hall or reluctor is fine, but hall is often easier to mount and can work down to lower speeds. Have a look at a ZF GS1005, a simple M12 threaded body.
  18. Im not sure if you are asking a question or making a statement? Of course the fuel table and ignition tables (and all other tables) will need to be tuned to your specific engine before it will run well. It sounds like you dont even have a good grasp of the basic fundamentals yet so Im reluctant to advise you touch it yet. I would not attempt to tune a turbo car with this level of understanding. I would suggest you start by doing something like the low cost EFI tuning fundamentals course here to get a better understanding of the theory behind it: https://www.hpacademy.com/courses/efi-tuning/ If you try to tune without a good understanding of the basic theories then it will just end in disappointment.
  19. Adamw

    Connection Isses

    What ECU do you have? Is it an i series Vipec? There is a problem with our latest USB driver on windows 7 & 8 so you can try the attached one (uninstall the existing one first). ViPEC USB Drivers.zip
  20. Also, if you are using our plug-in ECU then the speed sensor should already be set up on DI1 and working by default.
  21. Yesterday
  22. It can be done. Assuming intake only being variable you will need 2 Dis for position signals and 2 Aux outputs for the solenoid control. Adding an XS loom often makes this easier as you can then move existing functions to the XS loom and free up the required channels on the main header. Regards Simon
  23. Simon


    No nothing that we do however a dealer would be more than happy to wire it up for you.
  24. Simon

    Trigger setup

    Nothing from us that is engine specific. But you will likely find the default numbers are ok to get it up and running on once you have set up the basics, TPS triggers, timing check etc.
  25. cj

    Impreza v3-4 Wheel speed

    You probbaly dont have ABS sensors on that car to tap into so you wont get individual wheel speeds. Your speedo will be driven by a gearbox sensor. connect the vehicle speed sensor in the gearbox up to any digital input, and configure this as LR wheel speed. Leave the wire connected to the speedo as well, dont just cut it. then under chassis & body, set driven wheel speed source to this DI. Also set non-drive wheel source to the same DI.
  26. Car is 1998 Impreza GT, tell stupid what I have to put to settings that shows me wheel speed? Or is it even possibly with this car? Would need it for closed loop idle, and also for gear showing. Sorry my bad english, try to understand
  27. 1320MINI

    Connection Isses

    Hi Guys, A couple of guy's that have been to me are struggling to get their laptop's to connect. The laptop's wont update the drivers. Anyone else have this issue?
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