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  2. iceman

    Can lambda set up issue

    Thanks again Richard. Set up as directed and running now. Cheers.
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  4. Hello all, the pin-out diagram for the factory knock sensor is 91. Im assuming that the factory knock sensor can be used regarding this ECU... With that being said what settings are needed as a starting point? Also is there an additional step to get the LINK ECU to communicate with the factory knock sensor? I have initially chosen the following settings: Knock mode: knk internal Freq. Channel: 6kHz Gain channel: 1 Clear I-trim tables: ECu-powered on Window start: 10 Window length: 50 Ign retard limit: 6 Retard gain: 1.00 degrees/% Advance decay: 1 sec Advance rate: 0.5 degrees/sec RPM high lockout: 1000 RPM low lockout: 9000 TP low lockout: 0 TP delta lockout: 5.0%
  5. Yes. The rx8 trigger wheel and sensors are on the jz engine along with coolant temp and oil pressure.
  6. Hi, I have an old G3 ECU, and as far as I can tell there's a CAN connector on the ECU. Can this be used to connect to a dash? And if so, what type of CAN protocol do I select in the dash config? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Sebastian Oh, and I should mention that I have an AIM Strada Dash, and when configuring it, I can select the link G3 ecu.
  7. Hi, thanks, I power on the ecu only with pin 3 (+ 12v) and pins 1-2 (Gnd) without connecting anything else and 5V seems stable
  8. Because the next time I connect to the ECU, the can settings are zero. I guess the installation didn't work then !?
  9. How doo, I'm going to be using this sensor as an oil temp sensor: https://www.efi-parts.co.uk/index.php?productID=125 Does anyone have any pointers on dialing it in to my st205 plug in ecu Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all. I just bought an Evo IV GSR -97 with G4+ Plugin in it. The car is supposed to be properly dyno tuned, and it drives fine, but I'm not sure the tuner has set up the idle correctly, or if I might have a hardware issue. Idle is fluctuating +-150rpm, and I've tried pretty much everything with the idle control settings in the ECU now. I can't get it to a point where it's stable, not even in open loop mode. At first, I couldn't get it to go below 980rpm or so at all, so that's when I learned about the base idle screw in the throttle body, and from Mitsubishi/DSM forums it seems like the guys with oem ecu does some kind of base setting of the screw with the ecu idle control disabled, but I can't find a way to disable it in pclink, so I tried disconnecting the connector on the throttle body instead... But even then, I can't really get to a stable idle by adjusting the "BISS" screw. Could this be because the fuel map is badly tuned at idle? Or is it definitely a hardware issue with the throttle body/stepper motor thingy? How do you guys have the Evo 4-6 idle set up? EDIT: I should probably add that I have a spare Evo IV throttle body laying around I could try with (took a better condition BISS screw from it already), but I'd like to avoid and find out it if it's a tuning issue first. Thanks.
  11. Wuppet

    RPM Drop/cut random

    Folks, Hope you can assist, I have a seemingly random rpm drop which doesn't occur all the time. Mainly notice it when coming off acceleration and rpm drops back to about 2000 then there is like a momentary dropout and back again, sometimes it will do this multiple times in reasonably quick succession. caught it in a log file tonight have a look at log approx. 32:28 you will notice rpm drop - file is too large is there a way to trim log file so that I can attach
  12. Awesome. Thanks for clearing that up for me
  13. So how is the RX8 ECU getting an RPM signal? Do you have an RX8 triggerwheel on the 1J as well? Is the tacho on the dash working?
  14. Hi Adam. Thanks for the reply. Yes it currently has the stock rx8 ecu in place controlling the dash etc. I've got the thunder wires run to where the stock ecu is with a view for the thunder to control the dash. I've got the can file example you uploaded in another thread loaded on the laptop ready to put it. Will it need more can information for the pas ecu?
  15. Since it is an adjacent pair of cylinders there are many possibilities. I have seen all sorts of fails over the years, so you cant assume anything, you need to eliminate the most obvious/logical possibilities as completely as you can first then move on to the next. Just some random examples of what I come across before that could potentially affect compression on 1 bank; Cyl head bolts/studs bottomed out on the threads before the head clamps tight. Head gaskets on upside down or back to front. Small fire ring gasket on oversize bore causing leak between cylinders. Valve lash too tight or lifters not bled. Cam timing. I have even come across things like rags left inside the ports/manifold...
  16. Does it still have the factory ECU in place or is the Thunder taking care of the CAN bus messages for the dash and steering etc? How did it work before - did it still have an RX8 ecu in there too?
  17. Adamw

    Can Lampda problem

    Im not sure how you have been testing it, but be aware the CAN Lambda wont work until the engine is running. It wont even start heating until it gets an RPM signal from the ECU.
  18. You will need a MAP sensor for either ECU. I dont generally bother with Lambda as a protection strategy, I have never found it to be fool proof enough even with ECU's that have much more complete lambda based protection strategies built-in. My preference is usually to monitor differential fuel pressure as the main fuel related engine protection - this wont catch things like a bad connection on an injector wire however. It is still really nice to have Lambda for logging and tweaking the tune however and if you plan to do any tuning yourself you will of course need Lambda. If budget is the priority another option is to go for the Storm and later when you can afford it get a CAN bus wideband, either the Link one or there are some decent lowcost options such as Ecotrons ALM or 14point7 Spartan 3.
  19. Appreciate the response from everyone,thank you. Issue was a difference in the terminal layout for the sensor. Sensors were new and the wiring in the connector didnt match,change the terminal layout to suit and all rectified. The TI calibration works excellent,thanks Adam.
  20. Last week
  21. That's a good capture as it shows the 5V out dropping to ground. Can you take the unit out and then power on the bench with just power and ground and see if you have the same 5V issue.
  22. Try giving us some information on how you have it wired and the ecu configured. Will it even work for you as a simple relay, with no PWM ?
  23. Hi. Can I monitor these parameters as runtime values somewhere? In total (and it's sub envelopes) like cold start parameters ? I haven't found something. Also in the latest firmware I have noticed that overrun is being activeted later than the previous firmware? All conditions are met. Is that my idea or not?
  24. Hi I will try the update if it does not help, I will contact you thanks for the help
  25. Simon

    About ALTEZZA fuel gauge

    It is likely that the upgrade will fix the issue. Its firmware but for a sub-micro that is not field upgradable. You are welcome to send the unit in for this at any time that suit you.
  26. Can confirm that Aux 12 is on pin 55
  27. hi, thanks today I changed both sensors (IAT-ECT) but unfortunately nothing has changed test2.pclr
  28. Yes, that is something on my list of to-dos. That is just a freaking pain in the back, being a flat 4 engine. But is it likely that two cylinders on the same side having exactly the same compression issue due to internal mechanical problem? This is why I was investigating from a cam side as that would equally effect two cylinders at the same time. Anyhow, next week I will do the compression test.
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