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  2. No there will be no additions to the G4 features.
  3. After reviewing the wiring yet again the diagram I paid for is wrong. Pin 1 needed to go to 6 and 2 to 5 3 and 4 were correct. After re pinning it the wideband now works. I am sure this is a stupid question but I could not find reference for as to how to start the cam test so after googling and doing a bunch of other random things to the car I gave up for the day. I'll be back working on it next week. Where is the test itself? I checked all the settings and they appear to be all the degrees and settings straight from the 2gr-fe help file. I was also unable to figure out how to get the idle down. I set it to target 700-800 rpm but it stays up at 1100. It is running better than before and I was able to lean it out a little as you can see in the log. I did not mess with any pedal settings. I plan to schedule some dyno time once I make sure the car drives down the street without issue. I believe he has a 4 week backlog. thanks again for the help. 11-17-19 wideband working.pclrwideband working.llg
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  5. cj

    help for porsche 986 2.5

    As I understand the variocam on these engines is just on/off intake cam phasing by a fixed amount? In this case, its only the intake valve opening & closing angles that are advanced relative to everything else in the engine. Your spark timing is not affected by this. Assuming the engine is all stock, there will be mechanical stops to prevent over advance to the point where you get piston-> valve clearance issues. At which point the only place you need to consider this from a tuning persepctive, is that the fuel cells between 1300rpm & 5200rpm will need to be a bit richer because of higher VE. If you change the cam switching parameters then you likely need to adjust your fuel table cells that move from "in" to "out" of the variocam activation range or vice-versa. If you think its impacting your idle, just disable it by disabling aux 7 & 8 or change the rpm limit up to 4k or something way above idle, then turn it back on later. I suspect this is not your issue though, and its more likely to be incorrect fuel table values/master value & that you have closed loop idle control enabled & are hoping this will automatically sort out your idle valve settings, but probably haven't run through the open loop calibration first (see the help file for this process).
  6. Usav8or

    Lambda/AFR problems

    I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my Lambda #1 was not giving any sensor information and the temperature is indicating a constant 32 degrees. Now the #2 Lambda is indicating an AFR around 45-50 at idle. Nothing has been changed in the last couple weeks except for an ECU update. Even then the lambda #2 worked fine. It wasn't until today the it started acting up. Any ideas? log file 11-17-2019.llg
  7. Hello everybody Have a BMW e46 330ci with M3 instrument cluster. ECU is an Xtreme. I've set the can mode mini r50-r53. some works well. Unfortunately, the oil temperature in the M3 tacho not. but that would be very important for a turbo engine. synonymous, the dsc mk60 does not work what I would be important. In addition, it shows the steering position of the runtime misc. Unfortunately, the engine almost dies from me when I steer the stand. Is it possible to integrate the steering during idling without input directly? can someone please help me my English is not good. Take the translator thank you
  8. Yes something like this as you mention (mixture map function) but much more simple than the megalogviewer So according to my understand there is no any way with PC link to have a table with AFR average value per fuel cell. Could be possible in later PC link version to add this function for link G4?
  9. Alright. I have no idea what stock thickness is but this might certainly be a factor
  10. Running out to the hardware store for a jiggle pump. Should I fill w/gasoline?
  11. Anything above 150Hz means contaminated fuel. Most likely water but could also be diesel or similar. You will have to drain the tank
  12. Adam, Got it done. The tuner I used didn't set-up the screen like you have so it took me a bit to find the correct screen. The E85 sensor is on DI6 in my set-up. The Hz reading was @ 190. What does that signify? Further, the E85 sensor appears to be active since it's still reading fuel temp. I pulled the connector off while @ idle and the temp went to 62 degrees from 72 degrees when I have it plugged in. I plug it back in and the fuel temp goes back to 72 degrees, then up to 74 degrees after a couple minutes @ idle. So, I'm kinda ruling out a wiring issues. What's your thoughts?
  13. Hi Brad, Yes, I am adjusting the main Fuel table. When I did get it running and up to temp I adjusted the values in the Main fuel table 1. These values ended up being double the initial map. So if this is the case, because I doubled the fuel table cells I should in theory divide the warm up and crank tables by 50% to balance out and give me the same injection volume I had when I initially got it running on lower Fuel table values.
  14. I've looked for this issue as well but man is kicking my ass. I think my iacv took a shit also
  15. Adam, Thanks for the info, I'll check it out here in about an hour and report back.
  16. Thats not what im saying. The warmup and crank enrichment values are percentages applied to the main fuel table. As Adam said, you will really dial these in after the main fuel table has been fully calibrated. But adjusting the injector scaling initially will get you in the ballpark. For Injector scaling, I hardly ever have them exactly set to what they are said to be. I adjust the value to get the outcome i want while keeping the fuel table within a usable range(in modelled mode the max fuel table value is 150.) If you find that you are maxing out the fuel table, you can scale both the injector size and the fuel table by the same percentage to get more resolution. When you say you have to double the "injector VE" value, are you refering to the value in the main fuel table?
  17. Thats not what im saying at all. you have some set up in the ac/fan area that needs addressing. But as far as the hiccup is concerned, a sudden voltage drop will cause similar effects.
  18. your fans kicked on right before the voltage dip. My car makes a similar hiccup if the fans kick at low rpm causing a voltage drop. Not sure why you have 2 DI's set as AC request. But they are opposing so its always trying to run the AC? Compressor clutch is always engaged, or at least thats what the log shows. Might have something to do with why its also running so cold and the fans are cycling.
  19. it is not a known good waveform, but from the shop manual. So everything as far as engine assembly goes are brand new. Shortblock was ordered from IAG Performance, and since the block is converted to closed deck by them, I assume they skimmed it, but to be honest, I can't recall the specifics around that. Heads are also brand new. They are CNC ported Cosworth heads, so I don't think they were skimmed. Headgaskets are Cosworth 0.78mm.
  20. What could cause this? Alternator? Or voltage regulator? Battery?
  21. Hi Brad, so I’m running modelled. I have set the injectors to 1000cc and at 3bar base pressure fuel. I have set the secondaries at a ratio of 1.65 too. Are you saying the algorithm, once the above values are applied, adjusts the warm up and crank values as a ratio so the base values shouldn’t really need touching? if so I’ll do exactly as you said and go back to the base map with the adjustment for my setup inputs and outputs etc and try again. I did however once I got it started previously have to double the injector VE value to achieve perfect idle and AFR values. I assume this is due to the doubling in size of my intake ports. Thanks again for your help. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  22. I see the "hiccup" at 2:25. There is a battery voltage fluctuation immediately before that. And the injector pulse width drops in that area as well.
  23. You want the map as well? current map.pclr
  24. could you please attach the corresponding .pclr file?
  25. Hi guys I was cruising in my 2003 Evo 8 and it had a small hiccup but it was very quick it went lean. Thankfully I always have my laptop recording, I'm gonna attach the log here. The time is 2:25.305. Thanks in advance for any inputs you guys may have.Log 2019-11-17 12;29;03 am.llg
  26. hanks I managed to keep it in idle and accelerate it well The variocam advances 25º the base map from about 1400rpm, should it delay something on the ignition map telling that the variocam will advance these degrees? or how should I adjust it I am afraid of going on too much ignition because of the variocam Thank you!
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