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    Share your Math Channel List

    Something I've done recently is add a knock warning to my CE Light, I used a math block to calculate knock level - threshold and put it through a gp output to get an off delay (hold time) and fed it into the CE Light Aux. So far I've only used it for playing around with setting up my thresholds (so I can see how often it happens and for a clearer picture of when it happens) but I imagine it will be very useful once I've finished setting u the knock too. It has also been very useful for reviewing Knock stuff in PCLink logs as often the knock stuff happens too fast to be caught by PCLink but the knock light status can be used to see when it occurs without needing to actually see the knock level above the threshold.
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    Fury with MXS dash reverse gear

    Dave, this is an older MXS, not the 1.2 we sell. It doesnt look like they have updated the CAN stream in it. Even if I create a new MXS config from scratch in the latest RS3 the ECU stream version is still v00.00.01. In the MXS 1.2 the can version is V02.00.05
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    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    Has been released! Some key functions I'm dead keen on: Traction Control and Torque Management. More GP Tables Boost Control pressure source selection MAP Sync Fixed the file path directory thing so it's like G4+ again Faster connection speed and faster navigation inside PCLink GP Output On Delay (I'll make a post soon on why this is cool) Download Here Release Notes
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    Couple of things on WRX107X

    When the clutch is disengaged there is no longer a fixed relationship between RPM & speed, so the gear cant be calculated.
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    LS Triggerscope - Check it out please

    That will all be set automatically when you choose LS2/LS7. I would expect falling on both.
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    Pulstar sparkplugs

    I would agree with Vaughan's comment, from the extra noise you have on the lambda trace it suggests you have a misfire or at least 1 cylinder with very poor combustion. It is definitely not due to an increase in torque or efficiency - probably quite the opposite.
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    Pulstar sparkplugs

    If the idle got rougher and it is showing a leaner afr it seems reasonably likely that it is missing which causes a leaner afr (sensor measures how much unburnt oxygen there is).
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    Couple of things on WRX107X

    ok, thanks very much.
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    Awesome cheers buddy, I am going to use them then but I'll have to run new cables Anyways as they have to go a further distance so mayaswell put new ones in
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    Suggested Settings for Mixture Map

    Yes, mixture map can be used from road logs. Set up a Transient filter Eng speed < 250rpm/sec and another with TP<5/sec will get rid of a lot of the inconsistent data. Here's a video I done for someone else earlier with some further info: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPszz5hTxJ8ec0MitL?e=2JbDVh
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    Combining Power Grounds?

    The ground wires on the Link looms are 18awg, 120°C rated, so will handle about 15A each. Obviously my 60A example was stating the worst case example so that you or anyone else that reads this post in future has good information to base their decisions on. It would be very rare in real life to ever have a scenario where every output is running at 100% DC all at the same time but with power wiring it is important to consider what you have connected, the maximum DC/loads, the wire lengths, the insulation temperature rating and the amount of voltage drop that you consider is acceptable. I have seen many fails in my time where the installer has assumed because the ECU works fine with a 5A fuse that they only need a ground capable of 5A. All ground pins are connected internally to the same ground plane so I cant think of any electrical theory reason to do so, I suspect this is more just a statement that was made to encourage installers not to take shortcuts on arguably the most important wires.
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    Combining Power Grounds?

    It should be ok through a single pin provided it can handle the current with a good safety margin above steady state to allow for in-rush and minimal voltage drop etc. An Xtreme for instance, 10 aux outputs capable of 2A each, 8 inj drives capable of 5A each = 60A total ground current fully loaded = unlikely to work through a single ground pin... However if you only have 4 x injectors that pull 1A each and a few auxes pulling 0.5A then a single ground pin would be fine.
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    Link CAN wideband

    Thank you sir
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    You guys are absolutely shit hot!!! Thanks alot for your help, that explained everything!!!
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    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    It seems to work ok for me. Are you doing this online or offline? If offline, is the map you are working with from an ecu with the latest firmware?
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    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    im not 100% sure what this means, but there is a note in our system that reads something like "Flipped WRX10 inputs & outputs around to match bank numbers", So it was possibly just they had it set up with bank 1 on the wrong side of the engine. The built-in analog cal table for the AEM was wrong, if yours is connected via CAN it wouldnt have an affect. If yours is connected by analog input then the ecu would have displayed lambda a bit leaner than actual at the rich end of the scale. Thanks for that. I will get it reported. The firmware engineer was nervous about breaking something there, apparently there where huge changes to the way those lists work to speed up the connection and search. I dont personally use the ecu settings search much, but tested it over a couple of weeks of day to day use and never stumbled on to this issue. I obviously didnt try every letter of the alphabet...
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    High Cam crossover Knock windowing

    Put your cam aux status on one axis of the knock target table. In my experience the 2ZZ is very prone to knock on the low cam but not really needed on the high cam.
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    Generic 3d table for switched output

    Correct, thats how I would expect it to work. The switch point would be 60kpa and 1500RPM. 59.9kpa and 1499RPM would be off. 60.0Kpa and/or 1500RPM would be on.
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    Fuel table max VE

    Yes in modelled mode fuel temp (or ethanol temp if a flex sensor is configured) is used as along with fuel density temp coeff to calculate the change in fuel density due to temp.
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    Long Term (Stored) Fuel Trims

    Yeah I added this to the list a few months ago.
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    Fuel table max VE

    No, VE is volumetric efficiency. This is how much volume of air you can fit in the cylinder. Boost doesnt change the volume, it only changes the density. Boost is already part of the air mass calculation in the background provided you have the equation load source set to "Load=MAP".
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    G4X does not start subaru v3-4

    Yes i did . BUT after instaling the new loom permanent after testing ignition and injection the ground pin on the connecter i used popped a bit out and it didnt had good ground on the coils stupid f*** i am always looking to far . pulled the wire on the plug and the ground pin just came out thnx for the heads up but i was too focused on the triggers.
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    Generic 3d table for switched output

    Thanks. I'm waiting for the G4X Fury so can't test but it looks like I have options for VTC.
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    Generic 3d table for switched output

    coworker has made the comment that you might be better of switching around math block 1 and 2 there as that would mean the LH End calculation would happen immediately before the lower threshold calulation which uses it instead of using the value from the last round of calculations, I doubt you would be able to see a difference but it would be more technically correct.
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    Running a KA24DE on the S15Link

    Yes, it should be no drama running it in a KA24DE car provided it has the 64pin connector and similar pinout to the SR's. The ecu has jumpers onboard to take care of the pin differences between distributor and COP engines as well as a few of the other pin differences. I know it works in almost all other Nissans that take the 64pin ecu, GTiR's, N14, N15, P10, P11 primeras etc.
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    IACV delete

    There is an idle ignition function but you will likely need to open the throttle stop a little too. With the engine warmed up lock the ign timing to 5deg (open set base timing screen) then adjust the throttle stop so that the idle speed is sitting at about what you want with no loads running (fan etc). This will get the throttle is a good place to allow good idle control from the idle ignition control function. From there close the base timing screen, turn on idle ign control and set it up like below as a starting point. Will need adjusting from there.
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    The DI's can be switched to ground or to positive, they can be set up to work either way. So you should be able to just connect it up to the stock wiring and it will work.
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    Sensor calibration setting

    Great, thanks for the quick response
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    No, with charge temp approximation biased more towards air temp the ecu thinks the charge temp is varying more than it really is so it applies more compensation. ECT is more stable so you need to bias more towards that so it gets less variation in the compensation applied. You have to retune the VE table everytime you change the charge temp approximation.
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    You need to bias it more towards water temp at idle as the air is moving through the port slowly it picks up more heat from the hot manifold and water jacket. Typically charge temp approximation numbers will be up around 70-90% at idle. You can see the E-throttle target is stable, but your TP is bouncing around a lot, this means your E-throttle PID needs work (not idle PID). I suspect due to the throttle bouncing around as above, the throttle stablises a little when the fan is on so MAP is much more stable and therefore PW is more stable. The unstable TP is also causing a little bit of accel enrichment to kick in.
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    2jz gte vvti in G35

    The missing tooth looks to be in the same position as the retaining tab when the keyway is facing straight up
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    OBD2 disabled on Monsoon X

    OBD2 hasnt been implemented in the G4X yet sorry, it is being worked on. For your dialog problem, I suspect it is the windows display scaling, it needs to be set to 100% for PC Link to function correctly.
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    ECU Hold Power

    does this help?
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    No, MAP is the most relevant for ignition as that is more closely related to combustion chamber pressure (ho much advance it needs). MGP works better for the VE table look up. But you are right, it is often nicer and more intuitive to have the same axes on both fuel and ign tables. If you dont see large elevation changes in your normal use then its not going to matter - you can use either. I often put MGP on the ign table, but it is relatively flat around my ways.
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    Ford TFI to trigger atom x

    Correct. Another option to look at is VW 0986221015. These are a 6 cyl wasted spark coil with ignitor built in, so no need for an external ignitor. You can often get the whole coil for less than the cost of an ignitor.
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    First start issue

    Ok, I'm getting MAP numbers now but no AFR/Lambda 1. I have the Link CAN-Lambda wideband controller on CAN 1...all green and ok in Runtime Values.
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    Engine died while running

    Ok so that means the ECU is switching the main relay on correctly. So since it has +12V on the correct pin, it must be a bad ground that is preventing it from powering up. I am not sure which pin/s are the main grounds, but you could try connecting pin 18 directly to ground with a small jumper wire or similar and see if the ECU then connects.
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    Ford TFI to trigger atom x

    Most igniters will current limit at about 7A. So if they don’t happen to fry themselves straight away then you will only have about 3.5A available to charge each coil, it’s going to be a very weak spark.
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    G4 Expansion Loom CAN PORT?

    Proper CAN bus structure is easiest to describe as a "daisy chain". So you start at one device, go to the next, then from the 2nd device to the next, etc. The first and the last device have to have terminating resistors. The ECU has a permanent terminating resistor built-in and the dash has a terminating resistor built-in that can be turned on/off in the software, so it is easiest to have one of these at each end of the bus and the Lambda in the middle. So two wires from ECU down to the lambda, then another two wires from the lambda back to the dash. If you use small wires you can just crimp two wires into a single pin at the lambda connector to save having to do a splice or whatever. Sorry for the rough drawing but hopefully gives you the idea:
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    JZX100 G4X plug-in base map

    As far as I know the tacho gets its signal from the ignitor in these cars. Have you changed any of the ignition system? I suspect AC maynot work until the control units sees RPM.
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    JZX100 G4X plug-in base map

    Make sure Disable Digital Input is set to off or is inactive, if that doesn't work check the knock status runtime
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    The settings overflow/underflow will be solved with a firmware update - basically it is just a scary warning that there is a setting out of bounds, it wont effect the way it runs. The re-lock thing sounds more worrisome, like some serious interference or something. Does it have resistor sparkplugs fitted?
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    I had the same issue. Update the firmware of the ECU, that should solve it.
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    there you have it, like Adamw said, it just need more tuning. Usually you need to take quite a lot of fuel at higher rpm because like Adamw said, the efficiency of the engine drop (maybe no so much in a high na revving engine)
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    Engine died while running

    With the ECU unplugged, can you confirm there is +12V on pin 85 when the key is on. Then with the ecu plugged back in, with ign on, can you check there is +12V on pin 59.
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    Engine died while running

    I think it is possibly fault code 30 that the green led is flashing. A bit weird as that is AN Volt 7 is on the ethrottle connector which looks like you have nothing connected. The blue LED on the bottom board is just the dash comms so that is irrelevant. I suggest to eliminate the possibility of a wiring issue is to pull the ecu out of the car and power it up on the bench. See if the laptop connects then. See this thread for an easy way to power it up:
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    Engine died while running

    Lights should stay on a short while after turning the key off as the JZX100 has ECU Hold Power (For the idle stepper motor). Does the ECU stay on indefinitely or does it turn off after about 10 seconds? if indefinitely try unplugging it and plugging it back in to power cycle it.
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    Issue Connecting ECU to PC

    I was using the wrong software. I was under the impression it was a g4+ ECU, as that is what I ordered, and that's what the instruction manual listed it as. It's a g4x ECU. Waiting on the unlock code now, but, the ECU is able to communicate with the PC now.
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    Cranking time

    Add pre prime fuel or increase it. Try lowering your injector timing table values, and make sure fuel rail volume does not drain back to the tank as it will take longer to build fuel pressure.
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    EFI University or HPA?

    Hi All, Ben here from EFI University. Honestly, you really can't go wrong with any of the choices out there. Ben and Andre at HPA do a really great job and we have nothing negative to say, in fact a lot of our customers tell us they've used both and learned things from both. We try really hard to focus on giving our clients a real world "experience" by letting them actually put their hands on the dyno and doing the work. It's obviously a different approach to the learning process than an online experience, and we realize that due to cost and time not everyone can take advantage of this platform so we do offer some online training as well. As we move forward we may offer more of the online stuff based on requests from customers, but it's unlikely we'll ever transition to online only as it just doesn't stack up in real value to the customer the way a true hands-on experience does. I always like to use flight training as an example...you can only play on Microsoft Flight simulator for so long and eventually you HAVE to get into the airplane. No matter what, the experience will be different in real life so while we absolutely agree there is value in online video based training, our focus will always remain on training in a real world environment. I hope that was a helpful introduction and explanation of our core philosophy and if anyone had any questions don't hesitate to call or drop an email! Thanks, Ben Strader, President, EFI University, inc
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