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    Link CAN lambda and methanol

    My 2 pence worth , 0.65 on Meths is super rich but the difference between 0.8 and 0.65 lambda is safety the power difference will be very small from what I have found. We we was running a methanol drag car we was running NTK sensors but was only using the lambda's as a reference we looked upon the EGT's to get an better idea on how the car was running. Running CLL on full throttle on the Link is something that I would like to do but we dont have the ability to change the closed loop control from low load to high load like Syvecs. I.e have a much smaller adjustment parameter when on high load parameters and it would be good to have the ability to change the CLL % to a different figure from +(add) to -(minus) again like Syvecs.
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    No it sounds more like whoever is advising you hasnt got a clue. Even the later "V2-3" ECU doesnt have ign2-4 on the normal 8 pin expansion sockets.
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    CAN DI for Antilag activation

    The setup below should work as expected. You can invert the behaviour by changing the highlighted field to a 0 instead of 1, but I would expect 1 to be correct.
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    In the case of D Jetro, please tell me where the mounting position of the IAT sensor is in the traditional and model base. air temp sensor position (AVO/Motec Japan written) A. The temperature before the air cleaner B. Temperature before throttle C. Intake manifold temperature after throttle When considering repetition by overlap, which is better? Thanks,
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    Let me know if we can help further were in the UK 01474 850666
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    In a piggy back situation I wire the old EML light into the Link on a DI so you know if there is something wrong with the OE ECU and then just wire the Dash to an Aux Out configured as the CEL from the link.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF0dT5CAIOs&feature=youtu.be i have a log file but its to big to send without email but here is how it sounds first start
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    Nah, I dont know where that 20-30mm "spec" came from either (may actually be a minimum I suspect), but I have personally used (and also seen it on many professional builds) the common 2 core twisted M22759
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    idle issues,2004 ej257

    IMO, any "Tuner" worth their salt can tune a Link, sure it's not as easy as the canned stuff but it's not different to the rest of the major players in the standalone world
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    Brad Burnett

    knock sensor setup

    Per the help file: with bosch aftermarket sensor use 6khz
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    If it helps with creative solutions, the expander can be configured as a full bridge or pair of half bridges. I'm wondering if it would be easier to use a pair of virtual on/off functions to drive the half bridges - to open the flap one output, and hence bridge, could be driven on and the other off; vice versa to close it; and both off to stop movement. If the on/off was scaled in the CAN transmit setup so that "on" sent the value needed for 100% duty, and "off" sent as 0, then this might work? I know I said to send 50% duty when no movement is required, as for a full bridge that gets us a net 0% drive, but with half bridges that's not necessary (and, as an aside, a 0% duty request to the full bridge will actually cause it to shut down, for DBW safety reasons, but no in half bridge mode).
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    RB26 series 2 coilpacks built in Ignitior

    Nissan twin cam coil packs ground the high current side through the coil pack body (transformer core) to the head. They have a high current 12V supply, ECU trigger reference and a low current ground through the plug. Those injectors should be fine, they should be around 4 ohms?
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    Evo Thunder Wiring

    No as I said earlier, the speedo is not connected to the ECU at all in our plugin ECU or the factory ECU. Your problem is elsewhere.
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    Evo Thunder Wiring

    Tacho is on Pin 45 - on our plug-in ECU it is driven directly off the crank sensor (this is a leftover from when our plugin ecu's had less available aux outputs so it was done to spare an output). As far as I know the speedo is not connected to the ECU - although it probably does share the VSS signal somewhere along the line.
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    Evo Thunder Wiring

    Main relay driver will need to be set to "ECU Hold Power", this is probably your problem. Ignition Sw DI should be on level=high, pullup=off.
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    g4+ atom b16a coil on plug problem.

    This was 2 years ago so I should hope he's got it running by now. If you want some help with your setup then it would probably be best to start a new thread so we get info more relevant to your problem.
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    Subaru DCCD

    Yes, it is doable, I wont be much help on the wiring side but I know of a couple of rally cars running the same sort of strategy that I mentioned in this thread:
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    EJ207 Subaru WRX 2011 Engine RPM problem

    Ok thanks, now I understand. You have massive trigger errors in all logs. The next step is to do a triggerscope so we can see what is wrong with the signal (just at idle will be fine). Here is a short video how to do the trigger scope: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmieMTkwQDCXEb2LY Please "save as log" and attach the file here.
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    That and a few other handy features are already on my list of "Things that would make PCLink much nicer to use as a tablet dash". Thanks!
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    [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    Hi, to use the Link software as Dash in the next update you could remove the outer frames of the watches and always be in front. This way it could be configured similar to a Motec or other Dashboards The Dial gauge RPM could also be improved with a more "Racing" look I attach an example
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    Piggy Back ECU Config

    To give a little more info... There are many different scenario's or reasons for a piggy back type install but typically it is done where the aftermarket ECU cannot properly control or duplicate some function that the OEM ecu has. This would most commonly be features such as automatic transmission control, cruise control/DBW, or CAN comms to other modules in the vehicle such as the instrument cluster. The OEM ecu would typically only be left with the bare minimum function it needs to control, all other engine control will be done by the aftermarket ECU. The problem with many modern OEM ECU's is they have many saftey and diagnostic strategies built in that detect when for instance the injectors are disconnected. This means the installer needs to be very familiar with how the OEM system works so he can work out a method to "fool it" into thinking everything is connected and happy. Piggyback installs are often very difficult to get right and should only be attempted by a very competent installer.
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    EFI University or HPA?

    Hi Grant, In case my user name didn't give it away, I'm Andre from HPA We went down the path of online training because it allows us to help more people all around the world, and we firmly believe that it offers significant advantages to in-person training. It's a cost effective option since you don't need to travel, and you also have the advantage of being able to re-watch our courses as many times as you like. This means you can brush up on concepts that you're not clear on, or revisit concepts that you've perhaps forgotten since initially taking the course. The key to our courses though is our support community which is where we bridge the gap between online and in-person training - We believe strongly in supporting our members and this is where our private online forum and our regular weekly webinars help back up the course material. The forum is the perfect place to get fast and reliable answers to your questions, while our weekly webinars are the fastest way to expand your tuning knowledge on a range of engines and platforms, as well as staying up to date with the latest technologies. I couldn't agree more with Ben's comment about the requirement at some point to transition into hands-on experience and that's exactly why we developed our 'remote practice dyno' where you can get real world hands-on experience tuning a real engine on a real engine dyno without leaving your house. The online practice dyno is currently operating a Link G4+ Fury ECU which may be helpful to you given you're on this forum. You can find out more about the online practice dyno here: We understand that buying online education can be tricky and we want our members to be able to purchase with confidence which is why we also offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee - If for any reason you feel our courses aren't right for you, we will refund the full purchase price. If you're interested in getting a taste of what HPA is all about then I'd suggest you start by signing up for our free six-part series of lessons. This will give you some insight into how we work and what we can offer: https://www.hpacademy.com/free-tuning-lessons In the perfect world I believe the best solution is to get as much training as possible - Both in person and online. I found that when I was operating my own performance workshop however, that unless the in-person training was local, the cost of training staff in this way was usually prohibitive. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have
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    EFI University or HPA?

    Hi All, Ben here from EFI University. Honestly, you really can't go wrong with any of the choices out there. Ben and Andre at HPA do a really great job and we have nothing negative to say, in fact a lot of our customers tell us they've used both and learned things from both. We try really hard to focus on giving our clients a real world "experience" by letting them actually put their hands on the dyno and doing the work. It's obviously a different approach to the learning process than an online experience, and we realize that due to cost and time not everyone can take advantage of this platform so we do offer some online training as well. As we move forward we may offer more of the online stuff based on requests from customers, but it's unlikely we'll ever transition to online only as it just doesn't stack up in real value to the customer the way a true hands-on experience does. I always like to use flight training as an example...you can only play on Microsoft Flight simulator for so long and eventually you HAVE to get into the airplane. No matter what, the experience will be different in real life so while we absolutely agree there is value in online video based training, our focus will always remain on training in a real world environment. I hope that was a helpful introduction and explanation of our core philosophy and if anyone had any questions don't hesitate to call or drop an email! Thanks, Ben Strader, President, EFI University, inc
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    Base for Toyota 1NZ FE

    Hi guys ..... Do u guys have based map for Toyota 1NZ FE ? just bought G4 Storm ...... Thanks guysÂ