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    CANBUS OIL Temp from AN8

    Hi Mark, I suspect the problem is your oil temp sensor being on a AV input is not actually assigned to the "oil temp" parameter but rather a "GP Temp" parameter that is not sent in the standard generic dash stream. Attached below is a configurable version of the generic dash stream where I have replaced "oil temp" with AN 8 - Oil temp. MarkHellier.lcs For any others that want it I will also attach an un-modified configurable generic dash stream. Configurable Generic Stream.lcs
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    Blown engine!

    Coils running low on energy is just going to cause a misfire, it is not going to harm the engine.
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    VVTI position hunting

    The proportional for the 1JZ vvt mode is 6.0 when set to default PID mode. This works ok for most 1J/2J's but I have seen a couple recently need lower P. I dont know if it is related to wear of the hardware, oil viscosity/pressure, or some other variable.
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    Flick them in to tech@linkecu.com
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    attach your ecu tune file and dash config and I will set it up for you.
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    Unlocking ECU???

    No, just load one of our basemaps out of the PC Link basemap folder. Note before you "overwrite it" I suggest that you save a copy of the existing protected map as you can always load that back in if you get stuck. Also before overwriting, have a look at the runtimes screen and note down (or take screenshots) what functions are assigned to aux outputs, analog inputs, and DI's like pictured below. Having this info will make it easier to set up the new map.
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    You can use either. Gnd out & Shield/gnd are effectively the same thing - they are both connected to sensor ground inside the ecu.
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    Windows Tablet Dash Configeration

    Of course it works, I see it set up and working in nearly every log I look at. If you didnt look at the runtimes screen then you obviously didnt follow the instructions. You dont need an F12 key to access the runtimes, thats just a keyboard shortcut, you can click on the menubar>tuning>runtime values. The runtimes is a key part of the set up as it will tell you if it is happy or not, when its finished and when you can move on to the next gear.
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    Lean warm/hot restart

    its off because "sensible" values for IAT fuel enrichment are already used as part of the modelled calculation. You *can* turn it on if you have a reason to do something "non-sensible", such as completely opposite of normal like add fuel at high IAT value at specific throttle opening, and just set the majority of the table to 0 except the points you want to change. The modelled fuel behaviour is still going on in the background. Think of it like an additional overlay table which you dont normally need.
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    Fuel Table Cell Numbers

    Its just so you have some resolution to play with. There is no "magic" to having 50's in the middle. In traditional mode the master fuel value is how long the injectors open for at 100kpa if the fuel value is 100. Any value in the 100kpa line is basically what percentage of the master value is going to be used. master fuel trim is bascially just there to let to put decimal points into the master fuel number. ie you cant enter 10.5ms, but you can enter 10ms, and then 5% fuel trim. So 10ms and 10% fuel trim is the same as just entering 11ms and 0% fuel trim. If you're tuning from scratch I dont see a reason you'd use it. More likely it would be if you put in new injectors that were a few % off your old ones, or new engine parts that changed your VE just a fraction but equally across the whole fuel table
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    2JZ Electric Power Steering Pump

    The pumps come with a controller. I cant remember if its inbuilt or in a separate module right next to the pump but there is certainly a controller, it takes in voltage, ground, vss, and a signal the toyota manuals call PSCT which as far as I can figure stands for Power Steer Cutout. I've got an SW20 mr2 wired up to a fury and have it so the main power feed to the steering is via the factory relay (which may count as a "controller" anyway in that its not direct battery fed/not fed when key is off), plus a factory VSS input from the dash, plus I have the PSCT wire hooked up to the ECU and configured as below This means it doesnt provide assist when the engine is off, or above 20kph (the idea is to have it behave as a manual rack at anything above carpark speeds). Works a treat, and you can demo to the certifier that it must be "controlled" by switching that aux on/off in front of him and having the assist cut out. Only minor gremlin is that because of the way link ECU's seem to bring the outputs online, it very briefly ground's that output and applies assist at key on (for a fraction of a second) and you can hear the pump power up then down again. If this was deal breaker it would be simple enough to wire the aux out to a relay instead of straight to the controller
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    VCT Setup - GP Output

    Yes, the RPM range you have set is pretty normal for an RB25. To prevent it switching on/off at cruise just change that TP condition to something that is not in your normal cruise range. I would go to like TP >1% or similar.
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    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    I assure you all we will let you know once we have it out. Would rather have it all well sorted so we don't make the same mistake again.
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    Ethanol Content Clamp Function

    The continental Ethanol Content Sensors will read significant lower when low flow goes through the sensor. This means during a WOT run the ethanol content will read significantly lower at high load and rpm than at idle, because the flow in the return line is low. I attached a Log to show the problem. With more boost, I see values 20% lower at WOT than at idle. This is a well-known problem and other ECU manufacturers have an Ethanol Clamp function for a good while. The Ethanol content does with activated clamp function only update when the Injector Duty Cycle is below a certain level. Once the INJ Duty Cycle is higher than the threshold the ECU takes the last value read below the threshold and update Ethanol content only when InjDC goes below the threshold. So a quite simple function, but with a big need! Please implement it asap. Thank you.
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    Windows Tablet Dash Configeration

    The calculation is based on a 16bit value. The largest 16bit number is 65535, the ratio parameter has a resolution of 0.01 so a gear ratio of 655.35 is the biggest number the ecu can compute. Really since you are trying to divide speed by zero (RPM), the correct ratio should be "infinity" but obviously electronics have trouble counting to infinity...
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    Which Bosch knock sensor?

    A common one is part number 0 261 231 006
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    Beams AE82

    V88 3SGE VVTi LCA table

    Hi Adam and David. I scratched out my sheet of measurements previously taken when I stripped a vvt pulley to ascertain the possibilities of limiting the range of adjustment. My bad, sorry, You are quite correct Adam, the pulley range of movement is just more than 23deg, equivalent 47crank deg as per the target tables. Apologies for questioning the topic again and again and thank for your input.
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    Temp sensor inputs

    Yes you can, you just need to wire in a pullup resistor to 5v so that the AnVolt input sees between 0-5V depending on the resistance of the sensor.
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    Aem uego wideband

    In your map you have Lambda 1 assigned to AN Volt 6 which is on the expansion connector. If you have wired the wideband to the stock O2 sensor input then that would be on AN Volt 4.
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    Brad Burnett

    3sgte knock gain

    diagrams are in the help file in the software.
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    Vipec i88 wiring

    3A would have been the ground the ECU connects to the injectors when the injector drives are "on". 3C would be the ground the ECU connects to aux outputs. Assuming both of these are decent sized wires I would use these two as the main "power grounds" Connect 3A to one of the i88 main grounds. Connect 3C to the other i88 main ground. Dont bother connecting 3B to anything.
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    Trouble Setting Up Knock Control

    Neither of your logs look too bad to me but there is only one very short blip of decent load and RPM so its hard to tell without more data. The big spike when you lift off is pretty common and is usually driveline bashlash that causes that. You can get the ecu to ignore that via the TP delta and TP lockout. I would normally set the knock thresehold somewhere around where I have drawn the pink line below.
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    Logging setup for ECU logging

    Yes, that was one of the first Efi engines I done about 20 years ago when I was a teenager. Motec M48. Couldn’t get many SR20 parts in those days so had to make throttle bodies, camshafts, dry sump system etc from scratch. Datsun 510 rally car.
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    Just played with this, have updated V44 output baud rate to 115200 and changed connection to match and now have practically 0 lag between input and display. Very very happy boy. Now to play with some display config screens.
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    2JZGTE SupraLink starting problems

    Thanks, ill post those up at some point today ECU is still locked as its brand new straight out the box, Triggers do show as locked BUT it allows me to adjust them by clicking on "set base timing" input the number and hit enter. ill be gutted if its still locked and i cant even get the car started to check for leaks etc before it goes to the tuners