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    Newbie switch question

    We can deal with either option. If switching to ground then the Di will need the pullup turned on, If switching 12V then pullup will need to be turned off on the Di.
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    Traditional to Modelled

    Yes with a couple of assumptions. Changing traditional to modelled only affects fuel delivery, so as long as you re-tune fuelling to the same point, all other things will be equal. Eg it doesnt matter how you calculated the amount of fuel to add, X fuel at Y boost pressure is still safe at Z degrees of ignition. Unless you changed mechanical components of the engine/turbo/etc, those tables relate mostly to what is good/safe on your engine, not how much fuel it needs. The bit where you have to at least think about what you are doing though, is that to start with, your fuelling will be off, and so whatever ignition values you had previously used might be potentially dangerous if you are initially running a bit leaner while re-tuning.
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    Hondata Strain Gauge

    Features say, Analog (voltage) output proportional to gear level force. So you need to use a Analog input not a digital input.
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