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    Fury with MXS dash reverse gear

    Dave, this is an older MXS, not the 1.2 we sell. It doesnt look like they have updated the CAN stream in it. Even if I create a new MXS config from scratch in the latest RS3 the ECU stream version is still v00.00.01. In the MXS 1.2 the can version is V02.00.05
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    Here you go. Freshly out of my car. The calibration process is very easy the new way. Hats off for that. Not sure how the 4 offsets/teeth came for you.
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    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    Has been released! Some key functions I'm dead keen on: Traction Control and Torque Management. More GP Tables Boost Control pressure source selection MAP Sync Fixed the file path directory thing so it's like G4+ again Faster connection speed and faster navigation inside PCLink GP Output On Delay (I'll make a post soon on why this is cool) Download Here Release Notes
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    Link CAN wideband

    Thank you sir
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    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    It was on the 2.5L engine only, the cam wouldn't swing it's full length.
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    Leo Malcolm

    Alternator Control

    I have ran into a few cars in which the factory ECU controls the output of the alternator. I've fiddled around with a few tables to get some control but, would always fall short of what's really needed. I think i'm missing some sort of feedback. I would like to see a dedicated control strategy for alternator control.
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    LINK G4x

    Freezing is generally a comms drop out, often caused by extreme electrical noise. Do you have resistor spark plugs fitted? There are some changes to comms in the next software release which is coming soon that may help it recover quicker when comms is lost. I think the engineers have got to the bottom of that now, they found some laptops would put the graphics cards into low power mode whenever not connected to AC power which made everything feel very slow. In the next release they have taken a lot of load away from the graphics card so you should see a big improvement.
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    Fuel table max VE

    Yes in modelled mode fuel temp (or ethanol temp if a flex sensor is configured) is used as along with fuel density temp coeff to calculate the change in fuel density due to temp.
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    isc operation

    To confirm Vaughan's comment, the lockouts just control the point at which closed loop control takes over. Outside of the lockouts the idle valve will be in open loop mode and will just follow whatever is in the base position table. The help file explains how most of these functions work.
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    G4X does not start subaru v3-4

    Yes i did . BUT after instaling the new loom permanent after testing ignition and injection the ground pin on the connecter i used popped a bit out and it didnt had good ground on the coils stupid f*** i am always looking to far . pulled the wire on the plug and the ground pin just came out thnx for the heads up but i was too focused on the triggers.
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    Running a KA24DE on the S15Link

    Yes it should be pretty clear once you have the ecu in front of you and read the manual. If not post here and one of us will answer any questions that pop up.
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    Yeah I think this is a decent idea, it could potentially also cover the drift guys that swap diff ratios regularly.
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    The DI's can be switched to ground or to positive, they can be set up to work either way. So you should be able to just connect it up to the stock wiring and it will work.
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    G4 PCLink - Red Text when Offline

    Hi there, When I'm checking things out offline -so not connected to my ECU - when I change parameters, the text goes red -- presumably to identify to me that I've changed that value but it isn't loaded to the ECU, I don't know. However, red text on my laptop screen against the black background is impossible to read - I've tried setting different colours in the themes, but none change this particular colour. Can anyone help? Cheers!
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    No, with charge temp approximation biased more towards air temp the ecu thinks the charge temp is varying more than it really is so it applies more compensation. ECT is more stable so you need to bias more towards that so it gets less variation in the compensation applied. You have to retune the VE table everytime you change the charge temp approximation.
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    You need to bias it more towards water temp at idle as the air is moving through the port slowly it picks up more heat from the hot manifold and water jacket. Typically charge temp approximation numbers will be up around 70-90% at idle. You can see the E-throttle target is stable, but your TP is bouncing around a lot, this means your E-throttle PID needs work (not idle PID). I suspect due to the throttle bouncing around as above, the throttle stablises a little when the fan is on so MAP is much more stable and therefore PW is more stable. The unstable TP is also causing a little bit of accel enrichment to kick in.
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    OBD2 disabled on Monsoon X

    OBD2 hasnt been implemented in the G4X yet sorry, it is being worked on. For your dialog problem, I suspect it is the windows display scaling, it needs to be set to 100% for PC Link to function correctly.
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    ECU Hold Power

    So are you using for a stepper motor reset?
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    ECU Hold Power

    does this help?
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    G4 Expansion Loom CAN PORT?

    Proper CAN bus structure is easiest to describe as a "daisy chain". So you start at one device, go to the next, then from the 2nd device to the next, etc. The first and the last device have to have terminating resistors. The ECU has a permanent terminating resistor built-in and the dash has a terminating resistor built-in that can be turned on/off in the software, so it is easiest to have one of these at each end of the bus and the Lambda in the middle. So two wires from ECU down to the lambda, then another two wires from the lambda back to the dash. If you use small wires you can just crimp two wires into a single pin at the lambda connector to save having to do a splice or whatever. Sorry for the rough drawing but hopefully gives you the idea:
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    2jz gte vvti in G35

    kind of common for people to damage the teeth on JZ crank sprockets when they remove them but dont remove the tab on the intake side of block first, usually ends up ripping the trigger wheel off the back of the sprocket
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    2jz-ge trigger problem

    Nate i think you should start a new thread with your setup and ecu and see what adam comes back to you with as our issues now different
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    Share your Math Channel List

    I thought I did, but it seems I did not, as today with some crispy fresh pulls it is working properly. Thanks
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    K20a Vtec Relay Required?

    If its a two wire solenoid then yes you should be fine to connect +12V constant to one side and lowside drive the other side directly with an Aux. I suspect the note in the help file was probably based on using the factory loom which has one side of the solenoid permanently grounded.
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    Random questions

    Looks like you have the wiring reversed to me, its normally moulded into the housing:
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    Share your Math Channel List

    same setup seems to be working for me here, do you want to attach a copy of your basemap? Also just to clarify did you setup that math block before making that log? The math blocks only work in real time and can't be backdated through logs.
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    I had the same issue. Update the firmware of the ECU, that should solve it.
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    Plus your Emap will be higher.
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    VE will usually drop away pretty quick after peak torque, so your VE table having the same number from basically 4500-9000RPM is not realistic.
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    Engine died while running

    With the ECU unplugged, can you confirm there is +12V on pin 85 when the key is on. Then with the ecu plugged back in, with ign on, can you check there is +12V on pin 59.
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    Engine died while running

    I suspect it is a wiring problem in your car rather than a laptop/software issue. Thats why it would have been good to test with your laptop while it was powered up on the bench.
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    RPM Activating Early

    Ok, I can see why it is not happy, one of the cam teeth edges is sitting right on top of the crank edge that the ecu uses to sync. Something a bit weird with the position of your cam teeth compared to our internal records and all pics I can find online. Has this engine been apart? What do they have for teeth on the cam - are the teeth part of the camshaft or are they on a disk that can be moved? Here's a pic from the FSM, notice the cam teeth are nicely sitting in an un-toothed area on the crank: Compare to yours, the raising edge on the cam is very close to a rising edge on the crank: One thing I would like you to try - switch back to the "OBD2" trigger mode, but change trigger 2 to rising instead of falling.
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    Issue Connecting ECU to PC

    I was using the wrong software. I was under the impression it was a g4+ ECU, as that is what I ordered, and that's what the instruction manual listed it as. It's a g4x ECU. Waiting on the unlock code now, but, the ECU is able to communicate with the PC now.
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    Idle Issues

    Attach you latest tune after the firmware update and I will fix some of the idle stuff. It looks like the tune needs a lot of work though.
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    Use the X-Series template that is included in the software. You will not be able to use the status or error data as AEM enumerations for status and errors are different to ours. You could input them as CAN AN Volt channels as a diagnostic if you really want to but it is unlikely useful. Link use a resolution 0.001 for lambda so there is already a native divider of 1000 built in to the software. AEM use 0.0001 resolution, hence divide the input by 10. You can use the test calculator to see how it works. ID should be 384 as per the help file article for the X-series. AEM use Hex, Link ID's are in decimal. 180 hex is 384 decimal.
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    Couple of things on WRX107X

    I would have ignition target lower than that, typically around 10. At 25 you are already sitting near MBT so there is less ability for the ECU to quickly increase torque when it is needed. You may find the MAP lockout will need to be a bit higher so that it works reliably during coldstart - many engines when cold will sit above 50kpa after start for a while. An actuator deadband around 40 is usually better for E-throttle to stop it dithering.
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    Too high VE issue

    I dont see much wrong with the set-up. As above, turn off IAT trim and the 4D table as a start but I dont think these will solve the problem. If it were mine the next step I would take is a basic flow test on an injector to confirm it is actually 1000cc. You can get a pretty good idea just by connecting an injector direct to a battery and holding it open for say 30seconds and measure how much fuel you get. You can usually just hose clamp them in a piece of hose, dont need the rail etc. And I would try to confirm the fuel pressure with a gauge or similar - just to confirm the sensor is reading correctly. I have had mislabeled sensors before.
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    RPM Activating Early

    The triggerscope will not change, this is just showing you the signals that the ecu is receiving from the crank and cam. The VVT trigger mode since it is designed for an engine where the camshaft can move in relation to the crank, uses a more complex "sync test" which allows a larger margin on where the ecu expects the cam teeth to be. On the non-vvt trigger mode the cam teeth are expected to be near the factory location and only allow a smaller deviation from the expected factory position. Your cam teeth are not in the normal factory position.
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    Help with Aem to read on link g4x

    I got the Aem x series and selected x series calibration it works now just waiting on the tune to make sure it’s showing the same values on the gauge and the ecu, I at least wanted it working on the ecu to properly tune the car
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    Couple of things on WRX107X

    A few notes: In G4X set your ethrottle target table to 0% at 0% accel pedal and set the idle base positions to the appropriate tps targets for idle. (G4X uses a clever bit of code to combine ethrottle and idle targets to ensure on exit of idle that the position doesn't dip). Closed loop idle only uses Integral control, Ignition idle uses Proportional and Derivative control Torque management help hasn't been done yet and that code isn't officially finished yet, I plan to test it more (has already had a decent amount of testing) and write the help for it either this week or next week. Accel sens was initially a single value but it was requested that it be made into a table to reduce it's effect "at the top end". I would recommend turning on asynchronous injection (under fuel main) and then seeing if you actually need accel enrichment, I found with my car that asynchronous injection is faster and more precise than a more traditional accel fuel. I'll make sure this help is corrected if I haven't already done so. Have a play with that accel fuel axis to see what suits your car the best, any feedback on this is much appreciated. I've attached a copy of the basemap from my 2GR-FE, It should be a half decent example of an ethrottle idle setup although I am not using closed loop idle, just open loop and ignition. vaughans_mr2.pclx
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    Trigger 2 noise

    Also I noticed you dont have accel enrichment enabled. You typically need plenty of this with ITB's. Looking through some of my files they seem to vary greatly, but below will be an average starting point. I have some files with 3x this amount of enrichment...
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    advice setting Closed Loop Lambda

    The main purpose of the update rate table is to account for "transport delay", this is the time it takes for the lambda sensor to sense a change in the fuel mixture and reach a stable value. To test this you can log injector PW or fuel table number and lambda, hold the engine at a constant RPM and apply a step change of say 10% to the whole fuel table, the transport delay is how long it takes after you have changed the fuel table until the measured lambda reaches the new value corresponding to the change in fuel input (~10%). The more gas that is moving through the exhaust system, then the faster this delay will be. So you can update at a faster at higher RPM because more gas is moving through the system so the delay to reach and saturate the sensor is shorter. Your update rate can be close to the transport delay time. If your update rate is too fast then you have to use much less gain to prevent oscillation. The gain is basically how "big of a bite" the CLL system will take at correcting the lambda error. To tune this I just log CLL trim, Lambda error, lambda target & lambda 1 and watch response while making step changes to the whole fuel table (just multiply the whole table by say 10% or -10% as well as smaller and larger changes). Then play around with gain to achieve the fastest correction possible without significant overshoot/undershoot or oscillation. Especially the 3 cells at the left hand end of the gain table are the ones that make the biggest difference. You can do a pretty good job of this just free revving, holding at constant RPM, you dont really need to be on a dyno or anything.
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    Trigger 2 noise

    Many thanks Adam, the 5l engine has a 347 stroker kit, the firing order is 351 as per custom cam grind specs, traction control noted. FP noted. yes ITB's, 48mm, home made when I had a bit of spare time a few years ago, will set the arming threshold in the morning and see what happens
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    Trigger 2 noise

    Ok, no signs of trigger error in your log but it wouldnt hurt to bump that trig 2 arming threshold up to something more relevant. No other obvious signs of an issue in your log. A couple of comments after looking at your tune: Are you 100% sure your engine is using the "351/HO" firing order? I know from a previous case that some 5.0's use the older 289/302 firing order. Turn traction control off for now. It is not interfering in the log but with the slip aim at zero, it is going to start cutting as soon as the wheels start to turn. Set fuel system type to FP sensor since you have one, it will mean your tune is going to change but it will make your VE more realistic, make tuning easier and give you an extra layer of safety if fuel pressure ever drops. Looking at your Avatar - does this engine have ITB's?
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    Trigger 2 noise

    You would want to set the trig 2 arming threshold so that it is above that noise level, but otherwise it looks quite usable, provided it doesnt get exponentially worse at higher RPM etc. In that scope capture your trig 2 waveform is about 6V high and the noise is about 0.5V. So if you set the arming threshold for that specific RPM to say 3V, then the ECU will ignore everything below 3V. Are you getting trigger errors reported or any other trigger error symptoms such as RPM jumping around? What coils does it have? Do you have ignitors? If you want to attach a short log of it running and the tune file I will take a look.
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    JZX100 G4X plug-in base map

    Thank you very much Buddy!
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    TP / Idle control

    had a quick look and it happened when you moved from the idle control being locked out by your vehicle speed to being in closed loop idle control, the blip is the 2% idle base position being applied then after 2 seconds the closed loop idle kicks in and pulls the idle speed down. To fix it consider reducing your ISC Base Position values in the 80-100deg c range
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    Cranking time

    Add pre prime fuel or increase it. Try lowering your injector timing table values, and make sure fuel rail volume does not drain back to the tank as it will take longer to build fuel pressure.
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    r32gtr base map...tweaks

    Ok, this one should be closer to the ballpark. TOMSNissanR32-R34GTR Single throttle.pclr
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    Basemap for an RB26DETT

    Dont worry with the Supra file name-this is currently in my RB26 S14. Should get your basics done. xxx new fuel supra refined fuel 85 to 175 more timing carefull .pclr
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