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    What you are describing is a often refereded to as a "sequential message", this is where you have a base ID and each subsequent frame uses an ID that is incremented by some amount. At present the only way to do this in Link in how you have done it - that is assigning separate channels/streams for each message. The problem with sequential is there is no "industry standard" for the increment. Some use increments of 1, some use 8 or 10 or 16 or even mixtures of these... Note that Haltech is not really sequential, their first few frames look like it, 361, 362, 363, etc, but after 363 it jumps to 368. This is called compound or multiplexed messaging. Note you need to have an identifier in one of the bytes for this to work. You set that up in the "frame ID" box at the top of the streams tab. If you are interested there are a few examples of Arduino sketches linked here on the forum if you want to see how others have decoded this type of message. Most use the arduino "switch/case" statement to interperet the frame into different channels depending on the frame ID. Another option is to use the preconfigured dash2pro stream which uses 3 sequential ID's. If there are any channels missing that you want you can just add another custom stream on the end.
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    Hi Adam, Sorry for Zombie posting this but had a question regarding the CAN structure and CAN IDs. My friend makes a Gauge that was made for the Haltech originally. Uses a CAN ID+N similar to the Race Tech above. My question was, is there a way to address different CAN ID eg +1 +2 etc without needing to use a separate channel for each to specify the new CAN ID? At the moment we are using 3 channels with separate CAN IDs and a user stream on each, then they have a single frame on each stream with the parameters. We tried it with multiple frames on the one stream but the frames seemed to mix. So had to do above. We managed to get this working with minor changes to his code but would be nice to get all the streams onto one channel, without needing to completely rewrite the audrino code. Here is the gauge working with the multiple channels for a example. Regards Nick
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    Would be nice to be able to see at a glance if edits were additions or subtractions since last marker reset. Say on fuel table you add to a cell than the cell turns blue and if you subtracted the cell turns red.
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    Why don't you see it being added? There's nothing overly complicated about it - it just averages a few sensor signal values. 10 year old Megasquirt software allows you to set an individual smoothing value for each input. Restrictors are not always practical/effective to add, such as in a water injection pressure.
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    Ethanol Content Clamp Function

    The continental Ethanol Content Sensors will read significant lower when low flow goes through the sensor. This means during a WOT run the ethanol content will read significantly lower at high load and rpm than at idle, because the flow in the return line is low. I attached a Log to show the problem. With more boost, I see values 20% lower at WOT than at idle. This is a well-known problem and other ECU manufacturers have an Ethanol Clamp function for a good while. The Ethanol content does with activated clamp function only update when the Injector Duty Cycle is below a certain level. Once the INJ Duty Cycle is higher than the threshold the ECU takes the last value read below the threshold and update Ethanol content only when InjDC goes below the threshold. So a quite simple function, but with a big need! Please implement it asap. Thank you.
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    Soft Touch on off buttons

    I use a window tablet for a dash on my car and it would be nice to have some soft touch on off buttons and maybe even momentary button option to add to the screen. I control fans with the ecu and turn the water pump on with the ecu if I had a quick soft touch button I could turn things on and off with that would be very nice. It would also be nice even with a laptop we could have a diagnostic page with momentary buttons so you could quick test and make sure boost solenoid clicks of fuel pump runs and so on. Then maybe down the road something could be done with soft touch on real dash. This would clean up need for extra switches and wires a guy could even have a nitrous purge button or line lock ran with the tablet. Oops I see this was already posted.
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