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    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    I would say unknown, but most likely it is a wideband sensor. 6KHz should be in the ball park
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    Fuel Pump Control for dummies

    Fuel pump heating the fuel is a myth in my experience. My injector flow bench has 2x 044's in about a 10 lire tank and I only get about 5 degrees increase over a couple of hours. Say if your pump pulls 10A, that is only ~140watts, DC motors are about 80% efficient and vane pumps are up in that ball park too, so you may have something like 50watts of heat produced by the pump, most of it will be radiated off the large surface area tank etc. Also, see this one:
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    Replacing resonant knock sensor to flat

    Knock 1 is pin B50, Knock 2 is pin B49, Sensor gnd is pin B65. At the ecu end of the cable, connect the shield and one wire together to sensor ground, connect the 2nd wire to the knock pin. At the sensor end of the cable the shield doesnt get connected to anything, and one wire gets connected to each sensor pin.
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    Why don't you see it being added? There's nothing overly complicated about it - it just averages a few sensor signal values. 10 year old Megasquirt software allows you to set an individual smoothing value for each input. Restrictors are not always practical/effective to add, such as in a water injection pressure.
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