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    MR2/ST205 and Knock

    Highly likely.
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    I think with engine temps of 10°C and 94% ethanol you are going to struggle with cold start and there will be little you can do from a tune perspective to help. The vapour pressure of straight ethanol is very low so there will barely be any vapor in the port at that temp no matter how much fuel you dump in, it will just remain as liquid. Somewhere below around 10°C there is not enough vapor produced to support combustion. This is the reason why pump E85 gets reduced to E60-E70 in winter so there is a little more of the volitile solvents available to create some vapor in the port. In regions like Brazil etc where they predominantly use straight ethanol it is common to use heated injectors to get around the problem.
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    Link Monsoon

    The crankshaft turns twice per 4 stroke engine cycle. So the missing teeth on the crankshaft wheel can only tell the ECU where TDC is, it cant tell the ecu whether it is TDC for cyl 1 or TDC cyl 4. Only a cam sensor can do that. So if the ECU doesn't know if it is TDC 1 or TDC 4 then it cant fire the correct coil or the correct injector in seq/direct modes. Injectors don't need to be re-wired - just change the setting to multipoint group. Coils will need to be rewired to the correct drives and ignition mode set to wasted spark. If you want sequential or direct spark you need a cam sensor.
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    Injector dead time

    probably not useful for you but as an indication I've got the following : 290cc 1zzfe injectors have a deadtime of 0.608msec at 14V 349cc 2zzge injectors have a deadtime of 0.93msec at 14V But as posted above, you can start with around 1msec at 14V and then vary the system voltage adjusting the deadtimes at each breakpoint to maintain consistent AFR. I've got a big DC power supply that I connect in place of the alternator when doing that part of the calibration
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    Injector dead time

    If your having trouble finding dead time information you can usually start with around 1.0ms at 14v, once you get the engine idling at a stable AFR unplug or disable the Alternator so the charging voltage drops to around 12v, tweak the deadtime information until your back at the original AFR. From there you can interpolate and get pretty close. The deadtime information isn't as critical as you might think, it normally only affects the low load areas of the fuel map.
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    MR2/ST205 and Knock

    It would actually be a huge task to implement this due to the way the code is written so will not be happening on the G4+ platform.
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    tps and MAP accel fueling together

    Bumping this topic... I'm surprised no one else has interest in this. OEM systems I have worked with do this, and it makes sense. At low throttle openings, a change of throttle angle is a better trigger for transient fueling than map for engines that have low / noisy idle vacuum. However, at steady throttle angles, on a turbo engine, as the boost builds, there can be a need for additional fueling, otherwise you get a lean spike. I've noticed this when tuning steady state and then doing transient sweeps, if you tune to the sweep, you get a inverse V in your fuel map. Certainly this is not reinventing the wheel, just doing what the OEM's have already been doing for many years, and for good reason.
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    Your ignition timing is all over the place, your jumping like 30 degrees in a 500 rpm range.
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