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    Fuel Pressure Sensor recommendations

    That's a solid sensor. There are 15-20 cars local to me running the same one.
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    Fuel Pressure Sensor recommendations

    have a look on mouser or digikey for honeywell PX2 or PX3 sensors. They come in various fittings including 1/8-27npt and pressure ranges up to 10bar. One of them is brass body and the other stainless but are otherwise very similar. Try to get the ones with Nitrile o-rings in them. Nitrile handles contact with fuel better. The spec sheet for these tells you which letter of the product code identifies the o-ring type. Dont buy the chinese copies of these from aliexpress/ebay/etc. Even if they are accurate on day 1, they very quickly (a few weeks) become bascially random number generators. The genuine ones are reliable howver, and provide good data sheets that are easy to set up in the link calibrations
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    WRX phantom RPM limit problem

    Another thing you can try is set the trig2 lockout to below the point where your trigger issue often occurs. The ecu will then ignore the cam sensor above this RPM, if the error is related to the cam sensor or cam timing etc that may help.
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    @Serkan Thanks for getting back to us with that info. Good to know it was resolved.
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    WRX phantom RPM limit problem

    It is likely getting noise on the trigger signals so could be a coil breaking down causing noise and then the RPM error. I'm assuming this is an older install and it has developed over time.
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    Hi sorry for being late to reply. In both my cases I concluded that there were problems with the wiring. In the first car, there was a problem with the solder of the sensor ground, in the second car the throttle plug was not seating fully into the socket. In both cases there was electrical continuity most of the time but from what I understand the e throttle system is VERY sensitive. The solder problem and the problem with the plug were randomly creating just enough resistance to trigger the fault. Fixed the problems, re calibrated and no more faults ever since. Hope it helps !
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    Matching wire for flying lead harness.

    AVSS is what the wire is not ADSS. http://prd.sws.co.jp/cables/en/avss.html
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    Note, it sounds like you have some other (possibly wiring) problem from what you describe, but just FYI, you do not need a custom cal table for that sensor. Just set the calibration to "1000Kpa (150psi) TI sensor".
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    Another way to work around the missing inputs on the Thunder (or to divide an input frequency down on other ECUs) is to use a CMOS 4018 IC. No external components required and can be powered from the ECUs +5 Volt supply. To divide by 10, the inverted Q5 output is fed back into the data input pin. I used this last week to divide by 8 on a fury (I fed back the inverted Q4 pin to data) Hope this helps, Richard.
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    Hi Everyone, My V3 Sti RA has both Manual and Auto switches. Manual used to run trigger a spray for about 3 seconds, timing relay is now gone due to a knob trying to steal the car...Auto never worked for me, even prior to the Link G4 Plugin being installed. Anyways...thought I'd just re-wire the lot, and wire in the Link. Just wondering how others have done it? The more I think about it, the more ways I see it being possibly done. I'd like to have the Manual function utilise a timer in the link i.e. Wire the manual SW (momentary ON) to a DI, then set a timer so it sprays for say 3s. The Auto i'm thinking i'll link to IAT, so it sprays at say 70deg. I need the Auto SW (ON/OFF type) Â to be in the picture so I can disable the Spray for when I'm just cruising round otherwise I'll always be filling the reservoir! Plus my 'level SW' appears to not work anymore either, so my safety net of that stopping the pump run dry is gone. (side question, are these easy to track down?) The Link plug-in is tight for outputs as well, so I'm not sure I can do both functions through just one output or will I need two? I think I have one Aux Output (A/C clutch) and I could use one of the Aux - IGN outputs (don't need A/C fan). Got heaps of DI's free. Thanks in advance! Matt
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