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    G4+ monsoon to v8

    It is not really anymore more difficult to wire a monsoon to a V8 than any other engine. However if you have little experience with wiring you may find it tough and will need some patience. Obviously the Terminator X would be easier since it is designed specifically for the US V8 market and comes with a fully plug and play loom. Note the Monsoon wont be able to control a GM stepper motor idle valve. I assume it is a cable throttle engine? I can probably knock up a basic wiring diagram if it helps. I suggest you start by having a read of the wiring information section in the PC Link help file however.
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    Dbw s15link

    Should have this sorted now.
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    Latest Update

    That reply was related to the part about using math on a 4D ignition table @Adamw. Had a play with using Lambda on a GP Limit table axis and it works perfectly when you are connected or have been connected and disconnected but doesn't appear to work correctly when being offline and loading a basemap. So a work around for the moment is just to set it up while connected to the ECU. Just checked the Math stuff again and it runs into the same problem.
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    Target afr protection

    A basic setup but you get the idea.
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    Target afr protection

    Then set a lean AFR rpm limit as long as your wideband is reliable and works.
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