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    Share your Math Channel List

    Something I've done recently is add a knock warning to my CE Light, I used a math block to calculate knock level - threshold and put it through a gp output to get an off delay (hold time) and fed it into the CE Light Aux. So far I've only used it for playing around with setting up my thresholds (so I can see how often it happens and for a clearer picture of when it happens) but I imagine it will be very useful once I've finished setting u the knock too. It has also been very useful for reviewing Knock stuff in PCLink logs as often the knock stuff happens too fast to be caught by PCLink but the knock light status can be used to see when it occurs without needing to actually see the knock level above the threshold.
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    Fury with MXS dash reverse gear

    Dave, this is an older MXS, not the 1.2 we sell. It doesnt look like they have updated the CAN stream in it. Even if I create a new MXS config from scratch in the latest RS3 the ECU stream version is still v00.00.01. In the MXS 1.2 the can version is V02.00.05
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    Crank Sensor Trigger 1 output

    Testing is complete. All 6 injectors clicked. No ignition spark from any spark plugs...but i found my problem. The previous owner installed a relay to power the coils. The car has a power on and fuel pump on toggle and I found a broken wire from the fuel pump on relay going to the relay that powers the coils. The relay should have switched when I powered on the fuel pump but did not. As soon as I forced the relay I had spark....then the engine started once I reassembled the stuff I had taken apart looking for the problem. I learned a lot in this process and feel more comfortable with what I have. This started out with me trying to reduce the wire clutter. Now I know the wires I removed were not the problem so I will continue simplifying the remnants. Pictures attached of what we were working on. Should be able to make it to Watkins Glen in New York state this coming Monday. Thanks again for the support. All my work buddies (mates) have been told about then customer service you provide.
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    Pulstar sparkplugs

    I would agree with Vaughan's comment, from the extra noise you have on the lambda trace it suggests you have a misfire or at least 1 cylinder with very poor combustion. It is definitely not due to an increase in torque or efficiency - probably quite the opposite.
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    Pulstar sparkplugs

    If the idle got rougher and it is showing a leaner afr it seems reasonably likely that it is missing which causes a leaner afr (sensor measures how much unburnt oxygen there is).
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    Couple of things on WRX107X

    ok, thanks very much.
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    Suggested Settings for Mixture Map

    Yes, mixture map can be used from road logs. Set up a Transient filter Eng speed < 250rpm/sec and another with TP<5/sec will get rid of a lot of the inconsistent data. Here's a video I done for someone else earlier with some further info: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPszz5hTxJ8ec0MitL?e=2JbDVh
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    Combining Power Grounds?

    The ground wires on the Link looms are 18awg, 120°C rated, so will handle about 15A each. Obviously my 60A example was stating the worst case example so that you or anyone else that reads this post in future has good information to base their decisions on. It would be very rare in real life to ever have a scenario where every output is running at 100% DC all at the same time but with power wiring it is important to consider what you have connected, the maximum DC/loads, the wire lengths, the insulation temperature rating and the amount of voltage drop that you consider is acceptable. I have seen many fails in my time where the installer has assumed because the ECU works fine with a 5A fuse that they only need a ground capable of 5A. All ground pins are connected internally to the same ground plane so I cant think of any electrical theory reason to do so, I suspect this is more just a statement that was made to encourage installers not to take shortcuts on arguably the most important wires.
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    Leo Malcolm

    Combining Power Grounds?

    Was the intent of that "DO NOT JOIN" warning mostly so that someone doesn't combine too small of a gauge wire to all the power ground wires or was it more for noise immunity? Just intrigued.
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    Combining Power Grounds?

    It should be ok through a single pin provided it can handle the current with a good safety margin above steady state to allow for in-rush and minimal voltage drop etc. An Xtreme for instance, 10 aux outputs capable of 2A each, 8 inj drives capable of 5A each = 60A total ground current fully loaded = unlikely to work through a single ground pin... However if you only have 4 x injectors that pull 1A each and a few auxes pulling 0.5A then a single ground pin would be fine.
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    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    GP Outputs and GP PWM Outputs don't display the rest of the settings until an output is selected. Do you have a screenshot of a GP Output with an output set but no settings showing?
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    Link CAN wideband

    Thank you sir
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    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    It seems to work ok for me. Are you doing this online or offline? If offline, is the map you are working with from an ecu with the latest firmware?
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    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    im not 100% sure what this means, but there is a note in our system that reads something like "Flipped WRX10 inputs & outputs around to match bank numbers", So it was possibly just they had it set up with bank 1 on the wrong side of the engine. The built-in analog cal table for the AEM was wrong, if yours is connected via CAN it wouldnt have an affect. If yours is connected by analog input then the ecu would have displayed lambda a bit leaner than actual at the rich end of the scale. Thanks for that. I will get it reported. The firmware engineer was nervous about breaking something there, apparently there where huge changes to the way those lists work to speed up the connection and search. I dont personally use the ecu settings search much, but tested it over a couple of weeks of day to day use and never stumbled on to this issue. I obviously didnt try every letter of the alphabet...
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    High Cam crossover Knock windowing

    Put your cam aux status on one axis of the knock target table. In my experience the 2ZZ is very prone to knock on the low cam but not really needed on the high cam.
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    LINK G4x

    Freezing is generally a comms drop out, often caused by extreme electrical noise. Do you have resistor spark plugs fitted? There are some changes to comms in the next software release which is coming soon that may help it recover quicker when comms is lost. I think the engineers have got to the bottom of that now, they found some laptops would put the graphics cards into low power mode whenever not connected to AC power which made everything feel very slow. In the next release they have taken a lot of load away from the graphics card so you should see a big improvement.
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    Fuel table max VE

    Yes in modelled mode fuel temp (or ethanol temp if a flex sensor is configured) is used as along with fuel density temp coeff to calculate the change in fuel density due to temp.
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    Long Term (Stored) Fuel Trims

    Yeah I added this to the list a few months ago.
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    G4X does not start subaru v3-4

    Yes i did . BUT after instaling the new loom permanent after testing ignition and injection the ground pin on the connecter i used popped a bit out and it didnt had good ground on the coils stupid f*** i am always looking to far . pulled the wire on the plug and the ground pin just came out thnx for the heads up but i was too focused on the triggers.
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    Running a KA24DE on the S15Link

    Yes it should be pretty clear once you have the ecu in front of you and read the manual. If not post here and one of us will answer any questions that pop up.
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    Generic 3d table for switched output

    Thanks. I'm waiting for the G4X Fury so can't test but it looks like I have options for VTC.
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    Generic 3d table for switched output

    Try this, seems to work from a quick play on the desk
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    Yeah I think this is a decent idea, it could potentially also cover the drift guys that swap diff ratios regularly.
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    Aux port triggers

    Most of our plug-in ecu's only have low side drive aux outputs as OEM applications rarely use high side. Only the Storm, Xtreme, Fury, & Thunder wire-in ECU's have high side drives available.
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    Sensor calibration setting

    Great, thanks for the quick response
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    Engine wont rev to redline under load

    Your TP voltage is spiking to 11V at your 110% TP. Most TP systems operate a bit below 5V.
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    G4 PCLink - Red Text when Offline

    Hi there, When I'm checking things out offline -so not connected to my ECU - when I change parameters, the text goes red -- presumably to identify to me that I've changed that value but it isn't loaded to the ECU, I don't know. However, red text on my laptop screen against the black background is impossible to read - I've tried setting different colours in the themes, but none change this particular colour. Can anyone help? Cheers!
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    Fury or thunder X

    I chased engineering last night to get a feel for what the delay was. Most of the other G4X's ECU's we had quite a large stock of prior to all the covid stuff, but the Fury was just entering production at the start of it all. The long shut down of most of the major electronics manufactures (mostly China) and the consequent stockpiling that many of the large manufacturers done has caused worldwide extinction of several needed electronic components and a massive backlog for the component producers. At the moment we are waiting in the cue like everyone else with no firm ETA sorry.
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    G4 PCLink - Red Text when Offline

    I thought in the G4 they turned blue by default? In anycase I think the theme item "value changed" is what you are after? If you have a G4+ then the relevant theme item is called "value changed offline" G4: G4+:
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    ECU Hold Power

    does this help?
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    No, MAP is the most relevant for ignition as that is more closely related to combustion chamber pressure (ho much advance it needs). MGP works better for the VE table look up. But you are right, it is often nicer and more intuitive to have the same axes on both fuel and ign tables. If you dont see large elevation changes in your normal use then its not going to matter - you can use either. I often put MGP on the ign table, but it is relatively flat around my ways.
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    Ford TFI to trigger atom x

    Most igniters will current limit at about 7A. So if they don’t happen to fry themselves straight away then you will only have about 3.5A available to charge each coil, it’s going to be a very weak spark.
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    JZX100 G4X plug-in base map

    As far as I know the tacho gets its signal from the ignitor in these cars. Have you changed any of the ignition system? I suspect AC maynot work until the control units sees RPM.
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    JZX100 G4X plug-in base map

    Make sure Disable Digital Input is set to off or is inactive, if that doesn't work check the knock status runtime
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    K20a Vtec Relay Required?

    If its a two wire solenoid then yes you should be fine to connect +12V constant to one side and lowside drive the other side directly with an Aux. I suspect the note in the help file was probably based on using the factory loom which has one side of the solenoid permanently grounded.
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    Couple of things on WRX107X

    My bad, part of the risk of trying to convert basemaps using a custom program. New release will have it corrected to the G4+ axes.
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    Share your Math Channel List

    same setup seems to be working for me here, do you want to attach a copy of your basemap? Also just to clarify did you setup that math block before making that log? The math blocks only work in real time and can't be backdated through logs.
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    The settings overflow/underflow will be solved with a firmware update - basically it is just a scary warning that there is a setting out of bounds, it wont effect the way it runs. The re-lock thing sounds more worrisome, like some serious interference or something. Does it have resistor sparkplugs fitted?
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    there you have it, like Adamw said, it just need more tuning. Usually you need to take quite a lot of fuel at higher rpm because like Adamw said, the efficiency of the engine drop (maybe no so much in a high na revving engine)
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    RPM Activating Early

    Ok, I can see why it is not happy, one of the cam teeth edges is sitting right on top of the crank edge that the ecu uses to sync. Something a bit weird with the position of your cam teeth compared to our internal records and all pics I can find online. Has this engine been apart? What do they have for teeth on the cam - are the teeth part of the camshaft or are they on a disk that can be moved? Here's a pic from the FSM, notice the cam teeth are nicely sitting in an un-toothed area on the crank: Compare to yours, the raising edge on the cam is very close to a rising edge on the crank: One thing I would like you to try - switch back to the "OBD2" trigger mode, but change trigger 2 to rising instead of falling.
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    Issue Connecting ECU to PC

    I was using the wrong software. I was under the impression it was a g4+ ECU, as that is what I ordered, and that's what the instruction manual listed it as. It's a g4x ECU. Waiting on the unlock code now, but, the ECU is able to communicate with the PC now.
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    Idle Issues

    Attach you latest tune after the firmware update and I will fix some of the idle stuff. It looks like the tune needs a lot of work though.
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    Use the X-Series template that is included in the software. You will not be able to use the status or error data as AEM enumerations for status and errors are different to ours. You could input them as CAN AN Volt channels as a diagnostic if you really want to but it is unlikely useful. Link use a resolution 0.001 for lambda so there is already a native divider of 1000 built in to the software. AEM use 0.0001 resolution, hence divide the input by 10. You can use the test calculator to see how it works. ID should be 384 as per the help file article for the X-series. AEM use Hex, Link ID's are in decimal. 180 hex is 384 decimal.
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    Couple of things on WRX107X

    That's exactly what I mean. Thanks again. Initially (I mean with the G4+ yet) I had it at 15 degrees, but the engine wasn't happy, it didn't sounds good at all. Will give it an other try with the G4X. Thanks for the recommendation, will try and see.
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    Couple of things on WRX107X

    with the E-Throttle target keep 0% tps for 0%aps but make it more linear from there to make it more aggressive, I found with the big v6 I need to put in a decent curve to give me better throttle control down low
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    advice setting Closed Loop Lambda

    The main purpose of the update rate table is to account for "transport delay", this is the time it takes for the lambda sensor to sense a change in the fuel mixture and reach a stable value. To test this you can log injector PW or fuel table number and lambda, hold the engine at a constant RPM and apply a step change of say 10% to the whole fuel table, the transport delay is how long it takes after you have changed the fuel table until the measured lambda reaches the new value corresponding to the change in fuel input (~10%). The more gas that is moving through the exhaust system, then the faster this delay will be. So you can update at a faster at higher RPM because more gas is moving through the system so the delay to reach and saturate the sensor is shorter. Your update rate can be close to the transport delay time. If your update rate is too fast then you have to use much less gain to prevent oscillation. The gain is basically how "big of a bite" the CLL system will take at correcting the lambda error. To tune this I just log CLL trim, Lambda error, lambda target & lambda 1 and watch response while making step changes to the whole fuel table (just multiply the whole table by say 10% or -10% as well as smaller and larger changes). Then play around with gain to achieve the fastest correction possible without significant overshoot/undershoot or oscillation. Especially the 3 cells at the left hand end of the gain table are the ones that make the biggest difference. You can do a pretty good job of this just free revving, holding at constant RPM, you dont really need to be on a dyno or anything.
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    Cranking time

    Add pre prime fuel or increase it. Try lowering your injector timing table values, and make sure fuel rail volume does not drain back to the tank as it will take longer to build fuel pressure.
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    Base timing

    The best option is to get your timing light out and check it. A good trick on distributor application is to set up the ECU as direct spark so the coil only fires once in a 720 cycle and then just move offset to correct position. This will ensure that you injection timing is correct even on a distributor application.
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    EFI University or HPA?

    Hi Grant, In case my user name didn't give it away, I'm Andre from HPA We went down the path of online training because it allows us to help more people all around the world, and we firmly believe that it offers significant advantages to in-person training. It's a cost effective option since you don't need to travel, and you also have the advantage of being able to re-watch our courses as many times as you like. This means you can brush up on concepts that you're not clear on, or revisit concepts that you've perhaps forgotten since initially taking the course. The key to our courses though is our support community which is where we bridge the gap between online and in-person training - We believe strongly in supporting our members and this is where our private online forum and our regular weekly webinars help back up the course material. The forum is the perfect place to get fast and reliable answers to your questions, while our weekly webinars are the fastest way to expand your tuning knowledge on a range of engines and platforms, as well as staying up to date with the latest technologies. I couldn't agree more with Ben's comment about the requirement at some point to transition into hands-on experience and that's exactly why we developed our 'remote practice dyno' where you can get real world hands-on experience tuning a real engine on a real engine dyno without leaving your house. The online practice dyno is currently operating a Link G4+ Fury ECU which may be helpful to you given you're on this forum. You can find out more about the online practice dyno here: We understand that buying online education can be tricky and we want our members to be able to purchase with confidence which is why we also offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee - If for any reason you feel our courses aren't right for you, we will refund the full purchase price. If you're interested in getting a taste of what HPA is all about then I'd suggest you start by signing up for our free six-part series of lessons. This will give you some insight into how we work and what we can offer: https://www.hpacademy.com/free-tuning-lessons In the perfect world I believe the best solution is to get as much training as possible - Both in person and online. I found that when I was operating my own performance workshop however, that unless the in-person training was local, the cost of training staff in this way was usually prohibitive. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have
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    EFI University or HPA?

    Hi All, Ben here from EFI University. Honestly, you really can't go wrong with any of the choices out there. Ben and Andre at HPA do a really great job and we have nothing negative to say, in fact a lot of our customers tell us they've used both and learned things from both. We try really hard to focus on giving our clients a real world "experience" by letting them actually put their hands on the dyno and doing the work. It's obviously a different approach to the learning process than an online experience, and we realize that due to cost and time not everyone can take advantage of this platform so we do offer some online training as well. As we move forward we may offer more of the online stuff based on requests from customers, but it's unlikely we'll ever transition to online only as it just doesn't stack up in real value to the customer the way a true hands-on experience does. I always like to use flight training as an example...you can only play on Microsoft Flight simulator for so long and eventually you HAVE to get into the airplane. No matter what, the experience will be different in real life so while we absolutely agree there is value in online video based training, our focus will always remain on training in a real world environment. I hope that was a helpful introduction and explanation of our core philosophy and if anyone had any questions don't hesitate to call or drop an email! Thanks, Ben Strader, President, EFI University, inc
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