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    Brad Burnett

    AEM Water/Meth Boost Safe

    Can wire that wire into a digital input on the ecu. Then could configure the ecu to change boost, timing, and fuel values when that is active.
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    That is a G1 based ecu. It is about 20 years old. Im pretty sure all the Integralink ECU's were laptop tunable but you will need a "Serial Link" box and either a laptop with a serial port or a USB>serial adapter. You will find a manual for it in the G1 section of the forum here: http://forums.linkecu.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2527. Tuning software is on the Link website, PC Link V2.5. There will not be many tuners around that are interested in tuning them anymore so you will probably have to shop around.
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    Virtual aux trigger check engine light

    Added "Custom CEL functions" a few weeks back, no ETA but it's in there.
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    Virtual aux trigger check engine light

    I agree, it would be nice to have a more configurable driver warning light function. Some ecu's I work with have a table or check list where you can select which situations or sensors will trigger a warning. @Davidv. I know its not exactly what you want, but just in case you didnt think of this, I often do something like below to give the CE light output multiple functions:
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    Pnp Ecu

    March to June I'm told.
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    Link Knock block

    I dont think I have ever seen a knock sensor fail. You will know when it is not working as you wont hear the engine noise in your ear anymore.
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    BMW ITA calibration

    Yes that sensor normally uses the Hella calibration. The resistance curve for the hella sensor is in the help file if you wanted to measure yours at a couple of points to verify it matches (ice and boiling water is normally a good reference).
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    Kiggly 12 tooth Crank trigger Setup

    The Offset figure will depend on which cam tooth has been removed. But this can be found relatively quickly when doing the timing calibration. Also note that you will need to change the wiring for the Tacho to a available Aux output on the ECU as in stock format it is driven from the crank signal on our plugin.
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    rb25 no spark

    It comes down to the coil as to what the needed dwell is going to be. I would assume that table is for stock coils. If the dwell is too short you loose spark energy. If it is too long you risk overheating the coils. I would try increased dwell time and see if it improves. While keeping an eye on the coil temps.
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