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    Replacing resonant knock sensor to flat

    Knock 1 is pin B50, Knock 2 is pin B49, Sensor gnd is pin B65. At the ecu end of the cable, connect the shield and one wire together to sensor ground, connect the 2nd wire to the knock pin. At the sensor end of the cable the shield doesnt get connected to anything, and one wire gets connected to each sensor pin.
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    Link atom to motec SDL dash?

    Try these. H8SR2071019 with CAN dash.pclr Dashmuckingaround CAN setup.U16
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    @Khaled Abdurhman What vehicle do you have? Some vehicles tps is only an idle switch and wot switch, for example early model MX5 miatas.
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    Link atom to motec SDL dash?

    Attach your ecu and dash config and I will set up the comms.
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    First step will be to get the PC link tuning software connected to check what the MAP sensor is reading at key on engine not running. Fault 10 and 11 both relate to AN volt 1. It is indicating its at either ground or 5V it cant be both at the same time so there might be a setting issue.
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    Boost solenoid valve advice

    Confession time: the hose I thought was going to the wastegate was going to compressor and the other way around I switched them around and now target boost seems to come around 25 % wastegate and controllable. I'm sorry to have wasted your time and to have driven the car in overboost dozens of times while trying to understand what's going on.... unfortunately I was just too sure of how those hoses were connected and I thought of any other complicated explanation but this. So car pulls strong and it seems that soon the tuning will be done. Next priority is getting the cold start decent but I'll meet you in other topics about that Thank you for your help and good luck! Best regards, Florin
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