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  1. There are definitely plans in the future to investigate other comms options for the next generation of ecu's, but with G4X we have stuck with USB so that PC Link didnt need a complete re-write as well (Months, if not years of work for our small team). The comms chipset that is in the G4X is capable of native high speed USB 2.0 as well - not only the virtual com port system that is being used at present so in theory it has the potential to be very fast. I believe this is being worked on. Ethernet is nice and robust, resilient to noise and makes wireless easy, but it has some significant n
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  2. Adamw

    Inputting CAN

    Ok if your freinds info is correct then the settings below would be how to set it up. Your original screenshot doesnt show any ID's 77A or FA though. Note you will need to be connected to the ECU part of the bus, not the OBD side. Set up channel 1 & 2 like below: Set up stream 1 & 2 like this:
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  3. wastegate

    Link user CAN help

    Update, HGM fixed the firmware and now have gear change request. Thanks Adam on the torque reduction strategy, works a treat. Just need to fine tune it. I've reduced the IGN trim retard a little as I don't have 20 degrees of timing in some spots and it's getting retarded too much and seems to spike boost.
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  4. As I say, unplug a couple of aux pins at a time until you find your culprit. They come out easy - no tools needed. You want at least Injectors and ignition coils to remain connected to the same source as the ecu so it can apply correct deadtimes and dwell times.
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  5. The back feed can only be caused by one of the accesories that is connected to an aux output being "hot fed" (live all the time, not ignition switched). Remove the diode, find which aux is causing the backfeed and move it to an ignition switched feed. The easiest way is often to pull say 2 aux output pins out of the main connector at a time until the problem goes away, then you can narrow down which one it is. Ignition outputs and injector outputs on the Storm cant backfeed so it is only the aux outputs you need to investigate. Correct main power wiring is below, and I have also atta
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  6. The problem is the diode you have drawn in the main ECU power supply - you need to remove that. The flyback from the solenoids needs to be able to go back to the battery though that wire, having the diode there will prevent that. With nowhere for the flyback to go it will just "pump up" the ECU voltage.
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  7. Adamw

    Startup map needed.

    Yes, you can load the ST205 map into any G4+ ECU. After loading you will just need to set up the inputs and outputs to match how your car has been wired.
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  8. dx4picco

    'Save All' logs

    that is already possible in the log file manager on the left. just click on it and it changes the log you are in
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