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    Hi Dinn, Thanks for reporting back on your testing with 5.6.2. I'll have a look at the timing lock and report back. Dave, I've also tested Lambda 1 on CLL on firmware 5.6.2 and it is working well on Stoich and Auto modes. Scott. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi again Dinn, I can confirm that 'Lock Ign Timing' is not fixed in 5.6.2. It is expected to be fixed in our next major release. Scott.
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    Hello everyone, Just tested the new firmware v5.6.2, The lambda 1 closed loop control is working correctly. For the DI# input, Lock Timing only can be use on DI1-8, it's still not working on DI9&10. Will update if there's any other problem exist. Thanks to the support team. I am using the same Extreme Red Ecu, running on the latest firmware version 5.6.2. Are you still running on the 5.6.1 firmware? They finally fixed the problem on the 5.6.2 firmware.
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    Seat Ibiza (TT) Plugin

    Grant is correct, if the lamps are controlled over CAN then the problem lies with the data being sent and received on the bus rather than the wiring of the bus. I've just increased all members data limit, so you should be able to post now. Scott.
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    DIY vipec display

    my screen display has been shipped so should have it in a day or so. the display has a pretty powerful graphics library IDE system and i can pretty much do whatever within the code to display gauges, bar graphs, digit displays etc so the possibilities is endless. the one issue i have is screen size real estate as the display is 3.2" because i didnt want a mega display panel on my evo dash. ill do a full detailed write up including parts and part #'s once i have working
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    DIY vipec display

    good news, got it working first shot with new controller board. this is what it should look like using the simple CAN_RECIEVE test demo. ill write up a full howto for those playing at home as its taken me a good few weeks to get to this point
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