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    No Rpm Signal Or Spark

    I found the problem :-) it was something wrong in the trigger setup, sync pulse was set to Cam. but it should be set to None :-) Now maybe its time to celebrate Christmas :-) :-) have been working on this car none stop all week an last weekend :-) Thanks for help everyone :-D and merry merry Christmas :-D
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    No Rpm Signal Or Spark

    You are on the right diagnostic track with finding the problem. The ECU will not do spark until it is reading engine speed. What is the tooth pattern that trigger 1 and trigger 2 see? Please attach your base-map. Scott
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    S14 Nissan RB26.

    Dave, Dave, Dave......never a truer word spoken in jest... Just completed my Spool RB34 and fired her up yesterday. Sounding awesome ! Will post updates as "we" go along..:-)
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