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    Digital Input State Via CAN

    Ok attached are a couple of files. The .lcs is a configurable version of our "generic dash stream", it has been modified a bit (the 8 knock channels have been removed). I have added DI2 status to the end of it so hopefully you can see how it is done. The .xc1 file is a matching custom CAN config for race studio 3. The Link end I think is easy enough to work out by trial and error. The AIM end is not quite so intuitive so I will post a couple of pics to explain the basics: Click the custom CAN button, then import, then browse for the .xc1 file: Once that is imported you can right click on it and select "open this custom can for editing" and you will get a screen like below with the whole message format showing. If you look down at the last frame you will see the DI2 status that I have added. If you double click on those DI2 bytes it will bring up an edit screen which is where you set the start bit, length, scaling etc. Have a play yourself, if you cant get it to work then reply here with the channels you need and I will try to set something up for you. Configurable Generic Dash - modified with DI2.lcs LINK_G4+ Generic + DI_@20170524_021339_007952.xc1
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    RX-7 Sequential Twins

    No progress yet. In the process of rebuilding the 13B. The new ECU will be going in towards the middle of next month. I dont foresee major issues with it but will definitely take some R&D time.