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    No spark on 350Z ECU in G35

    Well, I'd like to start off by saying sorry for being such a duma$$... Next, I'd like to thank those that worked with me finding things to try and get my car to run... It runs now... Apparently you can't FULLY trust an FSM, even straight from the manufacturer. I followed the directions for installing the cam sprockets, but the RevUp information is very limited... The images specifically tell you to install the exhaust cam gear 180 off. lol. So I did. After taking it all apart, I realized my error. Got it corrected, reassembled it all, then forgot one stupid hidden ground wire so I had no spark again. Fixed that, now she runs super smooth... Can't wait to get the burn in done and get on the road!
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    Vehicle speed issue

    It looks to me like the DASH2Pro CAN stream sends "non-driven" wheel speed so your setup above should have worked ok. No harm in trying what Simon suggests though and assign both driven and non driven to the same wheel. Also check in the Dash2Pro config that the speed display is looking for "non-GPS" speed: In the Dash2Pro CAN config, make sure the ECU speed channel is enabled and also make sure you dont have more than 15 channels enabled:
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    Dave Kriedeman

    CAN-EGT module

    Hi all, these will be available also in the next few weeks. Will work with LINK and ViPEC products I forgot to mention the unit also has a spare analogue volt input so for example you cold add another temp sensor or connect a wideband AFR signal into it and have that also transmitted via CAN BUS to your ecu etc. Regards Dave. CAN EGT-8_Manual.pdf
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