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    Evo Thunder Wiring

    Adamw - you continue to answer all my questions with a crazy depth of knowledge and experience. I feel like I more owe you a carton than a beer at this point... You are a serious asset to the company! You obviously know this stuff backwards to pick up that I somehow managed to mix up my findings for the SAS and Evap/Purge systems. My bad on bamboozling things. This is probably not the best thing to be doing at midnight after working 12 hours... To clarify on the SAS - I said Pin 5 on there because on every loom diagram I can find online and in the electrical manual shows Pin 5 having the SAS and Pin 4 as having no function connected to it. With that said, I have been looking exclusively at JDM 8MR diagrams. It is quite possibly one of those ones that hops around. Either way, not a system I will be making use of anytime soon. In relation to the purge solenoid (which allegedly resides on Pin 16), I am indeed a little confused so it would sound mixed up (Pin 16) - My understanding is that this is a separate unit that allows air/fuel vapor to pass through some channel from the fuel tank to a charcoal canister and then into the intake manifold for emissions compliance. Again, glad its not something to worry about. On both of of those systems, my largest concern was the presence controls that you guys may have had hard-coded into the ECU that was not something "transferable" to the Thunder. I totally appreciate that one of these units is basically useless and the other one is for rally. With the Alternator wiring, thats fantastic information! Some day in the future I hope to put this car will be in the 5 digit RPM limiter club. I will make an assumption that adding an extra 3000RPM to the alternator would move it out of its intended operating range and could cause some high voltages. This may be a tool to combat this if it happens. Just like the rest of it, its nice to know its there, but more-so that I dont have to worry about it. For the relay wiring response you get 11/10. Just what I needed to know. The eThrottle info is valuable too as that is a future plan (because Evos need cruise control too...) Will post a build thread when everything is finished. If it goes even half to plan, I think it will inspire at least a couple of other people to follow suit. Very exciting to be able to continue with the project without concerns. Cheers!
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