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    MX5 NC cam trigger setting

    Hello all I just finished wiring of an Extreme ECU on a MX5 NC 2.0(LF-VE) I do not know cam trigger setup to work on this engine. Wiring is maybe ok… rpm trigger is setting to MAZDA3 Wich trigger should i use on MX5 NC ?
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    PC link - Windows CE based double din radio

    No chance, closest you could get is if there's a WinCE OBD2 app out there you could hack into the headunit's OS, then configure the G4+ to output OBD2 and devise a way to get the ECU output into the headunit. An easier way would be one of the many double din Andriod headunits, as then you could run Torque on it and with a Bluetooth dongle on the headunit and a Bluetooth OBD2 transceiver, get it all talking
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