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    Copy all the injector data from the base map "G4+ Xtreme Black Sample.pclr". This map is from one of our test cars that uses those injectors and we have tested them in-house. For an engine size of say more than about 500cc/cylinder with 1000cc injectors I would say it is not so critical as the idle pulsewidth is usually still in their linear region. It gets more important with larger injectors or smaller engine capacity from here.
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    knocklink light g4

    Hello Ahmed Above the headers seems no good place to me, because there's a good chance that temperatures wil get to high, and wiring or knock sensor itself is gonna melt, imho. My experience is, that the best placement of the sensor is on the intake side, as close as possible to the center of the block.
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    IAT sensor

    No, done it many times. I suspect under some conditions they probably have a haze of fuel on them in the manifold so I dont think liquid will hurt them. If you are worried you can put it in glad wrap or a latex glove finger etc.
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    IAT sensor

    In the latest g4+ software help file there is a table of the common temp sensor resistance curves. You could compare yours at 3 points - say ice water, boiling water and room temp to see if it is close to any of our built-in calibrations. 1.68K @ 20 definitely sounds like a 017 type.
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    CAN-EGT module

    Some files and instructions attached. It will be fine to connect to the same bus as the CAN Lambda provided your CAN Lambda is using the default 1Mbit bitrate. ECU Master 8Ch EGTtoCAN.txt Ecumaster Egt2CAN Stream2 ID1553.lcs Ecumaster Egt2CAN Stream1 ID1552.lcs
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    Aux injectors on the G4+ plugin

    Ideally avoid wiring the injectors in series, If high impedance then you can do up to 3 injectors per drive in parallel. Low impedance would be a push at 2 per drive. Assuming 8 injectors then primaries on to drives 1 and 3 and then the secondary on drive 2 and 4. Two injectors per drive. Then run as group staged
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    Aux injectors on the G4+ plugin

    The Evo 3 plugin only has hardware for 7 injector drives onboard and some of them are already used for other functions - for instance Inj 6 is used to drive one of the fans and inj 7 is used for the CE light. If you wanted staged injection you would probably have to do it in group fire mode.
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    Richard Hill

    Subaru knock problem

    That would depend on whether it is a false knock detection due to noise threshold or actually knock on cylinder 4 . As mentioned above it could be a fuel issue. Try swapping injectors between cylinders and see if the knock moves with the injector. If it is knock due to ignition then I would retard #4 a degree at a time in the individual cylinder ignition trim table. HTH, Richard.
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    Boost control strategy

    I think you should be able to improve this with some adjustment to the DC table. If you post your .pcl I will show my proposed adjustments.
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    Boost control strategy

    Can you attach your current map so I can take a look at your settings - usually an openloop setup with MGP on one axis works well. If you run wastegate only and no ECU control is the boost control stable and repeatable?
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    so that didnt work! lol got an airbox from a Ford 2L, ecotech, which has quietened then intake noise considerably. now just the SC whine to go