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    The continental Ethanol Content Sensors will read significant lower when low flow goes through the sensor. This means during a WOT run the ethanol content will read significantly lower at high load and rpm than at idle, because the flow in the return line is low. I attached a Log to show the problem. With more boost, I see values 20% lower at WOT than at idle. This is a well-known problem and other ECU manufacturers have an Ethanol Clamp function for a good while. The Ethanol content does with activated clamp function only update when the Injector Duty Cycle is below a certain level. Once the INJ Duty Cycle is higher than the threshold the ECU takes the last value read below the threshold and update Ethanol content only when InjDC goes below the threshold. So a quite simple function, but with a big need! Please implement it asap. Thank you.
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    Windows Tablet Dash Configeration

    Of course it works, I see it set up and working in nearly every log I look at. If you didnt look at the runtimes screen then you obviously didnt follow the instructions. You dont need an F12 key to access the runtimes, thats just a keyboard shortcut, you can click on the menubar>tuning>runtime values. The runtimes is a key part of the set up as it will tell you if it is happy or not, when its finished and when you can move on to the next gear.
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