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    antilag programming m50 turbo

    See help file: Navigation: G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Motorsport > Anti-Lag >Anti-Lag Setup Examples There are also examples for the cut and retard tables on the relevant pages.
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    R&D question - cylinder deactivation?

    But you also need to hold the exhaust valves open on the deactivated cylinders otherwise you just have massive pumping losses. So not only do you need the mechanisim to do this but you also need an engine like a hemi where there is enough piston to valve clearance for the piston to travel past TDC with the exhaust valves fully open.
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    I had time to play with this today. It looks like you can make it work as is. In the ECU's that dont have the serial data stream settings visible In PC link, it seems that the "requested short" data stream method is enabled by default. Realdash is compatible with that. In PC Link set the baud to 57600. In Realdash set the baud the same and set it to "use short datastream". Let me know if it works for you. I tested it on a couple of my test ecu's and it seemed to work.
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    Co2 boost control

    i have co2 boost control on my skyline using the fury to control it. I just use a 1kg co2 bottle with a 3 pot mac valve it works really well however i needed to use pneumatic needle and seat valves to get it smooth which also saves co2 they were about $10 from a air plant shop. Can run a 3psi spring and achieve 40psi can do nice boost vs speed tables etc awesome for track. If you need any info let me know and ill email you pics
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