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    Yes any CAN port and channel is fine. Note there are instructions in the help file how to set up the ECU master CAN. G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > CAN > Device Specific CAN Information>ECUMaster 8Ch EGT to CAN. The LTC dash set up instructions are on the same page. DI9 & DI10 will need to be set to off for CAN 2 to be available. You can load the GTR map into your Fury. The Fury features will added into the map once it is loaded into a live ECU. One thing to be aware of is you are going to have to build an external circuit to generate the TPS signal for the Attessa ECU, the GTR plug-in ECU has this circuit built in but a wire in ECU wont. I will post a bit more detail about that when I have more time.
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    G4+ Fury first tune 2gr-fe Turbo 92 MR2

    you have fuel pressure problems. Either your pump isnt working or your FP sensor is dead. Your tune uses FP sensor as a input to the fuel table (which is good) but its reading 0-2psi for the entire of both of those logs. The car therefore thinks you have no fuel pressure and is running the injectors flat out. If the sensor is right, your fuel pump isnt on, if the sensor is faulty, you'll be running is crazy rich. Either way, fix the fuel sensor on ANVolt6.
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