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    Lambda CAN issues

    Nope, even easier. The car has individual throttle bodies with idle bleeds going to a common manifold. The mechanic who assembled everything left a large (8mm) vacuum port open under bank 1 which caused a huge leak, which he compensated for by adjusting the blades so one bank was completely sealed off while the other was drawing air through the leak. That bank was getting so much air the car still idled at 1500 RPM with 0 degrees of timing only running on 1/2 its cylinders. I got thrown off because I didn't realize the lambda heaters needed exhaust temp to help them get to 780 before they'd time out. Either way I learned something today: A non-firing bank on Link won't just read "off the scale lean" but will not allow the heater to reach temp in time. Cheers, Neel
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