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    Closed loop Fail-safe for CAN lambda

    If using the Link CAN lambda (or internal Fury/Thunder lambda) there is fail safe logic built in. If using a single CAN lambda and it reports an error then Lambda will be displayed/logged as zero and the CLL will be disabled. If using two CAN lambdas in dual channel mode and one reports an error the CLL will be disabled on that bank only. If using multiple CAN lambdas and single channel CLL (based on Lambda average), if one sensor reports an error then that sensor will be removed from the Lambda average calculation and CLL will be based on the average of the remaining good sensors. If all sensors are reporting errors then CLL will be disabled Note if using an ecu with automode you can also turn on 3D trim tables which allows you to specify different min & max trims under different conditions. For example you could allow CLL to remove 25% fuel under cruise conditions, but no more than 3% at high boost or full throttle. CLL is also disabled during any of the lockout conditions, as well as launch control, antilag, over-run fuel cut, accel enrichment active etc.
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