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    Yeah I think this is a decent idea, it could potentially also cover the drift guys that swap diff ratios regularly.
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    Aux port triggers

    Most of our plug-in ecu's only have low side drive aux outputs as OEM applications rarely use high side. Only the Storm, Xtreme, Fury, & Thunder wire-in ECU's have high side drives available.
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    IACV delete

    There is an idle ignition function but you will likely need to open the throttle stop a little too. With the engine warmed up lock the ign timing to 5deg (open set base timing screen) then adjust the throttle stop so that the idle speed is sitting at about what you want with no loads running (fan etc). This will get the throttle is a good place to allow good idle control from the idle ignition control function. From there close the base timing screen, turn on idle ign control and set it up like below as a starting point. Will need adjusting from there.
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    Sensor calibration setting

    Great, thanks for the quick response
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