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    Aux 5 is set to activate the light if GP limit 1 becomes active.
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    Sorry CJ posted just before me but I will leave it here anyhow. Here is an oil pressure example from the help file: For a warning lamp to be activated whenever this Oil press limit is active you would use a GP Aux with set up like below:
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    Low Oil Pressure protection strategy question

    The warning light is simple enough - configure an aux output as GP on/off, label it "Oil pressure warning" or similar, and set the condition to "oil pressure < 30kpa" or whatever you decide is a good level. This output will be connected to the ground side of your warning light in most cases. the ignition cut you can do a couple ways but you'll probably end up setting a GP RPM limit (under engine protection). turn on GP limit 1, then in the GP limit 1 table, change the Y axis to "oil pressure". You now set the rpm limit to 10000 or something higher than you ever hit in all cells where you want the engine to run normally, and either zero or your idle rpm in all the "failure" cells (ie the low pressure+high RPM cells). you can also do some logging of normal oil pressure and tweak the table using this so that the threshold for "failure" is just below normal at every RPM. If you set the limit to 0 you will stall the engine. There is a startup lockout timer in the GP limit settings that you may need to set so you can actually get the engine to start and have the oil pressure stabilise before it starts limiting it. If you have e-throttle you have another option of setting a second ethrottle target table where the target value never goes above 5 or 10% (or 0 if you want to stall it). You then set the condition for switching to table 2 to be the status of your warning light. This way you can also add in low fuel pressure or any other protection conditions you want to cover by adding them as conditions for the warning light (which could also be a virtual aux if you want the warning light to use different conditions than the thottle table swap.
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    Internal knk on ttlink

    German: Der Gain Cyc 1-4 darf defintiv nicht 0 sein. Eher mit 1 starten und dann einzeln so anpassen das die Zylinder sich im Log von der Lautstärke ähneln. Außerdem ist Knock Detection der einzelnen Zylinder ausgeschaltet! ;-) Kock Freq würde ich auch anpassen... Versuche mal die Map im Anhang jochen1.8tknock-rework.pclr
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    G4+ Plugin v5/6 & AVCS

    Yes it can be done with a bit of wire shuffling. The 2 extra cam sensors need to be wired to DI 1 & 2, these inputs were originally used for the start signal and the power steer signal. These can be moved to DI 7&8 on the expansion connector instead to free up DI1&2. You dont really even need the start signal. The AVCS solenoids need to be wired to Aux 1 & 2 which were originally used for fuel pump and wastegate valve. Similarly these wires can be moved to Ign 7&8 on the same expansion connector to free those pins up. Aux 3 may also be another option if air conditioning is not needed.
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    Boost control strategy

    Can you attach your current map so I can take a look at your settings - usually an openloop setup with MGP on one axis works well. If you run wastegate only and no ECU control is the boost control stable and repeatable?
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    JZX110 Kurofune start up

    hi i am running a kurofune in my jzx110 i might be able to help with some issues id say main one tou will have is the temp sensor does not like being shared with link and stock ecu so you will have to run a 100 water neck which has 2 sensor slots i tapped out the 100 dash temp sensor and fittes another temp sensor just for the link as when shared it was doing crazy limp stuff due to temps
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    Slow reacting

    I have just done some testing on my Dell laptop which only has 2 USB ports. One is USB 3 (Blue) and the other is USB 2 (Black). I have been using the left USB 3 port as it was easier to plug in while in the car. I swapped it over to the USB 2 port on the other side and i now no longer have any lag what so ever in the software. It was really bad before,. I have found this the case many times in Windows 7 and Windows 10. A lot of devices just dont work well in a USB 3 port unless they are USB 3 themselves. Most likely a driver issue. Check your laptops and see which port you are using as it may be the same case for you too.
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    Richard Hill

    Link G4 Extreme CAN Lambda

    As per title, will the CAN Lambda work with a silver G4 Extreme? If so are there any preset files I can use please? Many thanks in advance, Richard.
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    Subaru Impreza WRX 2001

    Also note, the manuals on our website are generally up to date. You can download the V7-9 one with the updated pin functions here: http://dealers.linkecu.com/WRX9Plus
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    Ca18det Peak and Hold injector Settings

    As a general rule the peak current will be around 60% of the total draw in current found in ohms law, this is because we are not actually dealing with resistance but magnetec inductance and the solenoid coil will start making maximum magnetism well before coil saturation however the only way to really tell is to watch it with an oscilloscope. So in your case at 14v the current drawn in ohms law would be 5A like you said so 60% of that will be 3A and the hold current will be 25% of that figure 0.75A and the requirement will rise slightly as fuel pressure rises. So I would try 3A and 0.75A
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    Absolutely use the multiplier function in the tacho setting.
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    As long as ANTemp2 is working and set to Inlet like the base map you can just turn that ANTemp3 MAF Temp to OFF dont forget to goto ECU Settings and clear ECU fault codes.
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    The ECU has internal Pullups on the ANTemp inputs, so you could try disconnecting the MAF, if the voltage goes up to 5v then the sensor is at fault, if not the input pin is shorted to earth somewhere.
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    Euen Burke

    Wiring Earths on MX5 PNP

    Furai, if you still have my number give me a call. I may be able to help.
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    Wiring Earths on MX5 PNP

    The sensors and shield can all be grounded to one sensor ground on the expansion harness. The coils will need a high current power ground so they should be grounded direct to the cylinder head or block. For the trigger you would be better to buy proper shielded wire - I wouldnt trust just sleeving or foil over two/three regular wires. It shouldnt be difficult to find.
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    2 step pops/burbles during gear shifts?

    Obviously overrun fuel cut will need to be off as you need fuel for combustion. You dont have any ignition cut enabled with the antilag which you might need but otherwise most of the settings look ok. Are you sure you are actually activating it properly? Do you realise that your TP activation is set to 40% so it is only going to become active after you have given it a pretty decent boot full? Also be aware antilag can be highly dangerous in a road car as there will be little or no vacuum to maintain the brake booster.
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    Yes PCLink see attached picture for the settings. You can see all the runtime values by pressing F12 and selecting Analogue. You can clear faults once fixed by going ECU Settings and Clear ECU Fault Codes.
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    Richard Hill

    Laggy PCLink software

    The window not displaying while dragging is probably caused by a scaling issue with a non native resolution and/or scaling setup in windows display preferences (or at least it was on my laptop)
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    so that didnt work! lol got an airbox from a Ford 2L, ecotech, which has quietened then intake noise considerably. now just the SC whine to go
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    +4 I'd like to change the default save folder to my Dropbox folder, so as soon as I get within range of wireless it'll automatically back it up, and I can then view it on another machine with a better display.
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    Richard Hill

    Setup Analog to Can Converter

    The PLX wideband digital output is RS232 in their iMFD format. 19200 baud rate, 8 data bits , no parity and 1 stop bit. It is output at 10Hz. They will send you a PDF file with details of the format if you ask them. So basically no it won't work over CAN... Hope this helps, Richard.
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    DBW throttle on link g4+ celica st205

    Drop me a call next week 01474 850666
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    EFI University or HPA?

    Hi Grant, In case my user name didn't give it away, I'm Andre from HPA We went down the path of online training because it allows us to help more people all around the world, and we firmly believe that it offers significant advantages to in-person training. It's a cost effective option since you don't need to travel, and you also have the advantage of being able to re-watch our courses as many times as you like. This means you can brush up on concepts that you're not clear on, or revisit concepts that you've perhaps forgotten since initially taking the course. The key to our courses though is our support community which is where we bridge the gap between online and in-person training - We believe strongly in supporting our members and this is where our private online forum and our regular weekly webinars help back up the course material. The forum is the perfect place to get fast and reliable answers to your questions, while our weekly webinars are the fastest way to expand your tuning knowledge on a range of engines and platforms, as well as staying up to date with the latest technologies. I couldn't agree more with Ben's comment about the requirement at some point to transition into hands-on experience and that's exactly why we developed our 'remote practice dyno' where you can get real world hands-on experience tuning a real engine on a real engine dyno without leaving your house. The online practice dyno is currently operating a Link G4+ Fury ECU which may be helpful to you given you're on this forum. You can find out more about the online practice dyno here: We understand that buying online education can be tricky and we want our members to be able to purchase with confidence which is why we also offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee - If for any reason you feel our courses aren't right for you, we will refund the full purchase price. If you're interested in getting a taste of what HPA is all about then I'd suggest you start by signing up for our free six-part series of lessons. This will give you some insight into how we work and what we can offer: https://www.hpacademy.com/free-tuning-lessons In the perfect world I believe the best solution is to get as much training as possible - Both in person and online. I found that when I was operating my own performance workshop however, that unless the in-person training was local, the cost of training staff in this way was usually prohibitive. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have
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    Link G4 User Manual download?

    Hi Marc, As Zack mentioned, you can open the help file and print the pages you wish. Generally if you are going to be tuning (and using the G4 tuning manual), you are going to have PCLink open. I do understand where you are coming from though as being able to read something from paper without having to switch between PCLink and the help file is useful. I will put a suggestion forward to have the manual available in a pdf format. Cheers, Scott