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    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    You are fine. For those that do have problems it is very obvious, ecu will be disabled/locked and engine wont run.
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    EFI University or HPA?

    Hi All, Ben here from EFI University. Honestly, you really can't go wrong with any of the choices out there. Ben and Andre at HPA do a really great job and we have nothing negative to say, in fact a lot of our customers tell us they've used both and learned things from both. We try really hard to focus on giving our clients a real world "experience" by letting them actually put their hands on the dyno and doing the work. It's obviously a different approach to the learning process than an online experience, and we realize that due to cost and time not everyone can take advantage of this platform so we do offer some online training as well. As we move forward we may offer more of the online stuff based on requests from customers, but it's unlikely we'll ever transition to online only as it just doesn't stack up in real value to the customer the way a true hands-on experience does. I always like to use flight training as an example...you can only play on Microsoft Flight simulator for so long and eventually you HAVE to get into the airplane. No matter what, the experience will be different in real life so while we absolutely agree there is value in online video based training, our focus will always remain on training in a real world environment. I hope that was a helpful introduction and explanation of our core philosophy and if anyone had any questions don't hesitate to call or drop an email! Thanks, Ben Strader, President, EFI University, inc
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    rpm not stable and alot of trig1 error !

    It has already been explained to you. 36-2 and need a oscilloscope wave form pic.
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    maximum ignition for 93 octen

    The engine has a fairly low compression ratio (9:1) so I would think around 28-30deg at peak torque N/A. Its really a "how long is a piece of string" question as every engine is different and knock can be dependent on so many different factors. Guessing is really going to just get you into trouble, you really need some way to monitor knock and ideally a load bearing dyno to dial in MBT.
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    Internal or External MAP?

    As MAP is a reactive measurement rather than a demand based measurement you actually want some damping, fast changes are made based off throttle position. You can choose a long pipe where it may react slightly slower or a long run of wire which may induce interference the choice is yours.
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    This is a REALLY common issue. Every single S15 plugin and 90% of GTR Plugins have this problem. We get round it in one of 2 ways - 1) use the power from pin 45 to fire a relay which has battery power supplying pins 49/59 2) just use pin 45 to connect to pin 49/59. Never a problem on OEM ECUs but is on plugins. I have reported this and it is being looked into by Dave@Link in the UK.
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    Base map for subaru sti v7

    There is a V7 base map in PC Link too.
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    Am I seeing knock here?

    Yeah I think Ducie might be on the right track here, it almost looks like it is hitting a zone in the trim table that already has some trim numbers left in it from a previous knock event. Also check that the "Clear I-trim tables" setting is set to "ECU power-on" too.
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    ECU Fault Code 74: Analog 5V Supply Error

    Just the +14V (pin A5), and one of the main grounds (A34 or A25)
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    ECU Fault Code 74: Analog 5V Supply Error

    Just pull the 5V wire out of the ECU connector (leaving all other wires connected) and see if the 5V out parameter returns to normal, if it does that suggests there is a short somewhere. The pins can be extracted quite easily: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MnJlNTBhX_ccv40PbVgIi9XTy4HbXEfJ
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    Am I seeing knock here?

    You need to check your knock ignton trim tables to see if the was any previous knock threshold over shoots during that ECU on period. Each time the ECU powers down or knock is turned off then on it will clear that table.
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    Yes this would be the best option
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    You cant remove the connector off the sensor, it has a laser trimmed calibration resistor inside that is unique to the sensor. You could extend the ECU side of the wiring, or something like one of these: http://dtec.net.au/Lambda Extension Cable - LSU4.9.htm https://www.ebay.com/itm/LSU4-9-WBO2-Wideband-Sensor-Extension-Cable-5ft-fiberglass-loom-/262585943294
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    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Thanks for reporting, you are right, I dont think it was intended to remove the automatic file naming so I have passed this on to engineering.
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    Link extreme and Dash 2 connection issue

    No, connect the speed sensor to any digital input 1-8. Assign the DI as LR wheel speed and adjust the calibration number until speed reads correct in PC Link. In the speed sources menu, set both driven and non-driven wheel to LR. You will not need to connect anything else to the dash, the wheel speed will just be sent over the existing CAN bus with all the other ECU data.
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    Link extreme and Dash 2 connection issue

    You might be better to connect the speed sensor to the ecu rather than the dash. From memory the Dash 2 only works with Hall effect speed sensors and I suspect the FD is reluctor. The ECU will accept either type and send speed to the dash over CAN
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    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    If this is not an ITB engine and has a reasonably stable manifold vacuum then you will get a better tune switching your fuel table axis over to MAP or MGP. Note the existing fuel table numbers wont be much good to you after that as it will take a completely different shape.
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    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    Here is a video I did on that subject. Also see and https://youtu.be/MJ1V0A9uKLE
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    Link extreme and Dash 2 connection issue

    Form the side you are attaching the wires to
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    Is it a VVTi or non-VVTi engine? Can you do a short log and attach that and your map here. Even if you cant get a log of it running, a log of cranking will still be useful. Here's a quick guide how to do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A
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    V6, lambda different bank to bank

    You could loosen up the WG actuator rod a litte bit to fix that tho..
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    v6 ecotec turbo Base map

    I dont have a map to offer, but if you dont get any further joy from other users on the forum here then you can give me a ring here at link one night and I will log in with team viewer to help you get it running. You will need wifi access near the engine. Im here until 9PM NZ time most weeknights.
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    For quite a while I've had an issue with an oscillating idle especially during the winter months with a built Subaru application. We first came across it on my V88 ViPec ECU, but could not do too much about it given that I was out of tables on the ECU to bring online certain features such as idle ignition control. Since moving to the G4+, I have been able to activate the Idle Ignition table, which seems to have helped things out especially on warmup from cold, but I'm finding that when up to temperature, the oscillation seems to return, and the ECU appears to be bouncing into parts of the ignition map (i.e. at 2500rpm) that it shouldn't really be doing, given that target idle is more like 1200rpm, which is contributing to the oscillation. As is now, when sitting at traffic lights, other motorists could easily be forgiven for thinking that I was trying to instigate a race, given how it sounds as if I am constantly blipping the throttle. This isn't much of an issue at all while the engine is warming up, but tends to become a lot more prevalent once at operating temps. I have taken a log and map for your perusal. If any of our resident experts knows what I need to be adjusting, I would very much be grateful. Map 1.1.pclr Map 1.1 Idle log - Log 2018-01-20 9;54;42 pm.llg
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    Thanks Adam, will do. I will set the idle ignition lockout back to the previous value which kept it off. I know the idle is not perfect yet, but compared to where it was before, it's a night and day difference so far. The map was ported over from my Vipec V88 where it was controlling the fans as they should. It seems there are a few settings that get lost in the translation when making the upgrade. I will report back with logs and the updated map soon. Thanks everyone for your contributions so far. I'm extremely grateful!
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    shield ground as sensor ground?

    The Sensor ground and Shield ground are on a common ground. If the shield ground pin is not in use then use you can pick this up as a ground point.