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    How big can Maths numbers be?

    It's a 32 bit single precision float. so there are a few answers to the question. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-precision_floating-point_format
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    PC Link Downloads - G4+ release notes

    If you go to the "legacy" page the release note links for the G4+ are working correctly (https://www.linkecu.com/software-support/pc-link-downloads/pc-link-legacy-software/) Only the last 3 versions have release notes attached though, it was all done in the help file prior to that.
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    4D and 5D need more resolution

    Hi Good spotting, this will be corrected in a coming release.
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    Greg W


    Yes 4 bikes running these with either Link or Vipec
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    Error ECU Unlock

    The dealer hasn't followed the instructions properly. Go back to them and explain that when they enter the unlock code online, they need to enter 2442 not 02442
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    W210 mercedes E55 ecu select

    The Xtreme will certainly run the engine fine but be aware parallel installs in an auto DBW car are usually fairly challenging and usually end with many compromises. I have been asked to fix other tuners attempts at it in the past. I generally try to steer people away from the idea when asked. You have to do lots of research first to confirm how the factory system works, but usually you have to leave the factory ECU in control of the DBW to keep the gear shift torque reduction working and factory ECU out of limp mode, but the problem with that is DBW ecu's usually control the idle using a combination of ignition timing and DBW. So when you move the ignition control to a different ecu it is difficult to get the two now separate idle control systems to play well together. The car will often stall when you put it in gear etc, or the idle ignition control will start fighting against the DBW idle control. So its not impossible, but you will need a very good, patient experienced tuner and potentially lots of time/money...
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    G4x Trigger Modes

    The X just uses the Multi tooth mode. Set tooth count to suit and if no sync set trig 2 sync mode to none.
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    Mixture Map

    my understanding is Overrun Fuel cut > 0.5 will only show cells where overrun is active. I usually set mine to show Overrun Fuel Cut < 1
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    Make a P&P for Supra VVTi & JZX

    A JZX100 plugin was announced to dealers today.
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    No, sorry not possible. Keyboard shortcut is "U" which may help if you didnt know that. You could set all the other pressure/temp/speed units the same so they dont change between metric/imperial and only lambda changes when you hit the U key...
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    You could perform a visual test and know that it works for sure. Remove the coil pack from the engine, attach a spark plug to it, ground the plug onto the engine (rest the plug threads on the intake manifold or somewhere on the block so that it can be grounded just as it would be if installed in the head), then run an "ignition test" through the ECU software, turning on one cylinder at a time. The ECU will then fire whatever cylinder you want repeatedly until you turn off the cylinder. When you turn on a cylinder, simply go over to the engine bay to visually confirm that it is firing.
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