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    Grant Baker

    Easy DI Function Search.

    Hi, Just an idea... It would be great if there was a way of searching for what a DI controls. For example, you have a DI x set to activate Boost. You may want it to do other things and have it activating a less agressive traction control, alternative fuel map etc. A simple "Search" for DI x shows all the things that DI x is assigned to?
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    e-throttle opinions - worth it?

    The Silver xtreme does in fact have E-throttle built-in. Cruise control is not available in the G4, so we can scratch that one off the list. Another function E-throttle is really nice for is anti-lag but that is not relevant in this case. So that leaves two main benefits; The multiple target tables like David mentions. Wet/dry or husband/wife setting etc. The other one David touched on but may not be clear to those who dont know; Many engines will perform better with a smaller max throttle openings at some RPM's. For instance you may find at 3000RPM your engine makes more power with 85% throttle than it does with 100%. With E-throttle you can command a different "WOT" value for different RPM's. On the flip side, compared to a cable throttle, E-throttle uses up 3 more analog inputs, wiring is a little more complicated, and requires a bit more tuning time.
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    Engine protection question

    If you dont mind it being a bit harsh, you can "chain" virtual aux's with as many parameters as you want, and set this virtual aux as the trigger for any kind of engine protection you want (either RPM limit, or the trigger to swap to a low power ignition/ethrottle table, etc). Its a straight on/off though so if you want it to fell graceful you have to set up the "safe" table to have something like usable values up to 2-3k rpm or 10% throttle and "limit" values above this.
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    Differential Fuel Pressure

    change your fuel system type to FP sensor. Without that, Fuel pressure is not actually used for the various calculations. The way you had it, it tells the ECU to always assume it's 300kpa.
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    Engine protection question

    Note you can also make your main RPM limit table 3D to add extra parameters. Fuel pressure protection for instance if you use Differential pressure it should be relatively constant under all conditions so you dont need a full 3D table - you could just put it on one axis of the RPM limit table.
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    +4 I'd like to change the default save folder to my Dropbox folder, so as soon as I get within range of wireless it'll automatically back it up, and I can then view it on another machine with a better display.