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    LAt and Lond Accel values

    The accel channels only work with the Thunder ECU which has built in accelerometers. You should be able to use the gearshift control function to do the downshift blip. It will look at clutch switch and throttle position to determine if it is an upshift or downshift and apply the appropriate strategy from there.
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    Connect to the factory knock sensor wiring. Bosch 0 261 231 006 is a common wideband part number.
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    Motec use hexidecimal notation for the CAN ID/Address, Link use decimal. Hex 384 (motec end) is decimal 900 (set at link end). Motec use the terminology "Alignment: word swap" to refer to LS byte first, so change that to normal. Uncheck the "signed" checkbox in the motec setup as you are sending from the Link unsigned data. Put a multiplier of 10 at either the Link end or Motec end. This is because Motec uses 0.1°C resolution for EGT, Link uses 1.0°C.
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    Cold Start

    Would it be a 2 wire Ford idle valve? If you need some throttle before it can start, it might mean that you are injecting too much fuel. Try to use less and see how it goes. When the engine does not start, did it kick back at all?
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    Cold Start

    I dont know these engines well but the idle valve aux output is set to 20Hz, that is way lower than typical and I suspect the valve wont control well at all like that. More typical is 100-300Hz. Most ford valves seem to be happy around 150Hz.
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    Richard Hill

    Cold Start

    Can you post a log of the start up? That would help. Also, check the idle valve isn't stuck, that's quite common. To free them up, we take them out, leave them connected and spray some penetrating fluid in, while setting the aux out to PWM test at about 10Hz. At a glance, I would increase your max. clamp in the idle speed settings, and also try a higher idle proportional gain. (although your idle screw might need opening a touch) HTH, Richard.
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