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    Flat lines in log file

    I only see one around time 1:04, is this what you are talking about? This would typically indicate an interruption of USB comms. So it just draws a straight line between the points where is lost comms and when it started again. The reason for that will be harder to diagnose. What sort of connection speed do you normally see at the top right of your screen? I only had a quick look, but my feeling is just before that point the MAP drops from around 39/40 to 34KPa, this reduces the injector PW from 0.44 to 0.37, but the lambda actually goes richer. I suspect maybe your injectors are just hitting the point where they are becoming erratic - some are behaving differently than others. Try setting your min effective pulse width limit to something like 0.42 and see if you can reproduce it.
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    cool .. Was trying to get ideas for my turbo/rewire thats about to happen. The idea of a maf sensor for this very purpose was on the table. But id be concerned with maxing it out in the turbo application as im not going to be running any huge pipes.
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    OBD II Android is a Joke! Seriously??

    We have a really nice colour display: http://dealers.linkecu.com/MXS_street Completely customisable, you can display any parameter inside the ecu over CAN Bus.
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    Hella SSR Relay fuel pump control issue.

    Yes, it is even more critical than fuel injector control. Spill valves are controlled just like injectors - they usually have battery voltage deadtime compensation and other PW compensations based on solenoid characteristics as part of the control strategy. Because fuel is not compressible and the HP pump is a mechanically driven piston pump, to keep the fuel pressure near target the spill valve needs to add exactly the same amount of fuel to the rail as the injectors let out. The only way it can know how much fuel the pump is capable of delivering at any instant is by knowing camshaft position (i.e how where the pump piston is on its cam lobe). Say if the ecu calculates it needs 0.2cc of fuel added to the rail and it knows the pump capacity is 0.4cc per stroke, then it needs to close the spill valve when the piston is exactly half way up the cam lobe. The graph at the top right of the russian picture is a better representation of what P&H looks like. So a short patch of 0V (this is the "peak" current), then the rest of the opening time is just short pulses to 0V (typically about 25%DC).
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    Accel Hold when using Semi-Sequential

    Yes, it does count the injection event even when there is no driver. Here is a quick test with and old Storm ECU (4 inj outputs), white trace is with config set up as 4cylinders, pink trace is same accel settings but engine config set to 8 cylinders.
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    V6 wrx with a ej25 avcs engine

    The first UK/Euro/JDM EJ25 AVCS's ran a crank/cam as normal, but also had 2..mmmmm I think they were VR sensors for the rear cam positions. It was only when they moved to hall cam triggers they dumped the normal front left cam trigger on the camwheel
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    New firmware is here :- https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0189/1312/files/Spartan_3_ADV_Firmware_1_09.zip?52 You will need a Windows computer with Bluetooth. Instructions are in the zip file. If you have any problems, give me a ring on 01474853219 UK working hours and I can talk you through. HTH, Richard.
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    Typically for a turbo engine you would put MGP on the fuel table axis, (MGP is MAP-BAP) this will take care of altitude changes quite well and rarely needs anything more than that. If you want something more user configurable or want to do something a bit different with BAP compensation then just turn on a 4D fuel table, and put BAP on one axis. The 4D tables are an overlay so act like a multiplier. If you have a "5%" in a 4D table it will add 5% to the calculated fuel, if you put "-5%", it will remove 5% from the calculated fuel.
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    From my hours of googling to find information I have found that haltech use the same CAN data stream as AIM do and aim have the can data on their dash setup for link so I guess I could use this. http://forums.haltech.com/viewtopic.php?t=4916 http://aimsportsystems.com.au/download/ecu/racing/LinkG4_CANBase_100_eng.pd i would like to do it this way as if I can do it it will mean I can display more parameter that the Universal adapter won't allow.
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