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    Base map for 2jzgte vvti single turbo?

    2JZ-VVTi Start up.pclr
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    R32 GTR won't start

    Please do the triggerscope to confirm, but I suspect that will be it. If it was a GTR plug-in that would be no problem as there is an on-board jumper to swap trig 1/2, but no such feature on the 300Z plug-in. If you do the triggerscope and notice the waveform is showing on trigger 2 and trigger 1 is just a flat line, then you will have to move that pin.
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    Don't connect ecu to PC

    That screenshot suggests the driver has not been installed. Do you have a G4X or G4+ ECU? Do you have administrator privileges on that PC? What version of PC Link do you have? (go to Help>about in PC link to see version)
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    Link g4+ to Ecumaster Adu 7 stream

    The "0x" in front of the 3E8 means that value is in Hexidecimal notation. The Link software uses decimal. You can use windows calculator or there are many online tools for converting Hexidecimal to decimal. But to save you the effort - 0x3E8 is 1000 in decimal. So put 1000 as your ID in the link software. You should also change transmit rate to 20Hz. And check the bit rate is set the same at both ends.
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    Honda K20a Installer Table - Feedback

    A few need changing.
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    PC Link New Layouts

    Hi All, The default layouts in the current G4+ PC Link are pretty dated, I recently done a couple of new ones that will be included as the defaults in the next PC Link update. But in the meantime here they are so you can use them now. FYI, if you use both G4+ and G4X ecus and you have highly customised layouts, you can copy the same layout into both PC Link versions by just changing the file extension. G4+ extension is .llg and G4X uses .llgx. Feel free to add to this post if you have any layouts you want to share. 1366 x 768.llf 1920 x1080.llf
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    EZ30R MAP

    You had a few settings wrong mostly to do with fuel. I have fixed them in the version below. Fuel table numbers were too small for modelled mode. Lambda target overlay was enabled and was commanding a Lambda between 8-200? Fuel system type changed to MAP referenced. It looks like you havent done the trigger calibration so you need to do that. The rest will just be tuning. 604246050_EZ30rv1.0 fixed.pclr
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    Hey people, Just thought I'd post up a quick note about something I did recently that worked out well. I was wanting to optimise ignition timing for cruise, so using some switches on my dash to trigger a combination of datalogging, 4D ignition, 5D ignition and the 2nd ignition table set to overlay mode. With the idea that I could add or remove timing from the main table in varying amounts without having to stop the car, and datalog the whole lot easily. Like so: Since you can turn on more than one ignition trim table at once, using those three you can get a combination of timing settings which I then marked on the switches. So +1 degree, + 3 degrees, +5 degrees, etc. I completed a run on a particular stretch of motorway that has lots of ups and downs, with cruise control turned on at a speed that's at 3250rpm in 6th gear. Then flicked the first switch, did it again. Flicked second switch, did it again, and so on. When home looking through the data, bringing up a time plot with instant fuel consumption and throttle angle it was very easy to see which timing gave best economy. However a secondary method of checking fuel consumption overall is to create a "statistics" page and bring up wheel speed and instant fuel consumption, and look at the mean values: Then from here I've made a quick excel sheet that converts it to Litres per 100km: Then from here, collated the results from each run. So based on this it's pretty clear that an additional 9 deg advance made the engine pretty happy on those particular cells, so updated my ignition table and readjusted some of the surrounding cells to more sensible values too. It was a fairly time consuming exercise but it's amazing to see how much fuel I have been throwing down the toilet just based on under advanced ignition. It was also interesting to see that at 100kpa my car only has 14 deg ignition at that rpm, but then by 70kpa it's wanting 33. (The goal AFR changes though, to be fair... 15.2:1 goal AFR for cruising) Since changing the timing the car is a lot quieter too! I am guessing because when you dont have enough timing, the flame front is still expanding when the exhaust valves open. So instead of having energy push the piston down, it's coming out the exhaust as noise and heat.
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