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    Mixture Map

    my understanding is Overrun Fuel cut > 0.5 will only show cells where overrun is active. I usually set mine to show Overrun Fuel Cut < 1
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    No, sorry not possible. Keyboard shortcut is "U" which may help if you didnt know that. You could set all the other pressure/temp/speed units the same so they dont change between metric/imperial and only lambda changes when you hit the U key...
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    AUX Tacho output issue

    You have two aux outputs assigned as Tacho. You have the one on Aux 4 which would be correct for your application. But you also have one set on Aux Ign 5 If you set Aux Ign 5 to off and store all should be good.
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    Have you done all the pre start process? Checking the injectors, trigger calibration, map sensor calibration and TPS calibration? If youve done all this i would check the trigger error counter? If you are not sure of this search trigger error in the PC link and it explains it all. Not sure of the COP conversion but also i would make sure the ignition setup is correct - i had a honda where the previous owner had set the mode to falling instead of rising as the hondas ignitor polarity is opposite to traditional falling setups.
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    Internal logging issue

    I would add log status and log memory use to the ECU logging parameters.
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    New ecu fitted but car won’t start

    You have 2 issues. First is the ecu does not control the starter motor in a s14. The ecu wont run when its locked.
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    I ordered both. Thanks for the infos!
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    George GEP

    Link ECU tuner Gauteng, South Africa

    if you are interested in remote tune, let me know.
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    Another way to work around the missing inputs on the Thunder (or to divide an input frequency down on other ECUs) is to use a CMOS 4018 IC. No external components required and can be powered from the ECUs +5 Volt supply. To divide by 10, the inverted Q5 output is fed back into the data input pin. I used this last week to divide by 8 on a fury (I fed back the inverted Q4 pin to data) Hope this helps, Richard.
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