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  1. Gotcha, thanks for the quick reply, thats all I was wondering!
  2. I have a simple question, when using the dual fuel table, is the percentage the percentage of fuel table one that will be used or the percentage of fuel table two that will be used at say a certain ethanol level. For example if I set the axis to ethanol percentage and I want to run fuel map one at 50% and up ethanol and I want to run fuel map two at 80% when ethanol content is 40% or less how would that look as far as the numbers.
  3. Research the Bosch wideband type of knock sensor and its advantages.
  4. What Im getting at is that AEM sensors dont seem to have super high quality anymore, youve had one fail, it might not be the last.
  5. Im not sure if I could trust that setup, why not just use a 1:1 rising rate fuel pressure regulator and simplify things? even if you wanted to simply log fuel pressure you could without using the output to alter the ecu's calculations.
  6. I would suggest in the return line right after the fuel rail/regulator, that should give you the best indication of the true fuel temp reading. Some ethanol content sensors have the temp reading built in btw.
  7. Bringing this back to ask if I could in theory tie my 4 aux injectors in series to my main injectors on the trigger side and then us a relay to only apply the 12v B+ to the secondary injectors under a certain level of map pressure so as to keep the aux injectors in sequenced mode but only use them when needed for the high map level of fuel? I do understand that I would have to lower the numbers in that part of the fuel map at the moment where the aux injectors are brought in of course.
  8. motomattx

    Lock ecu

    That will work!
  9. motomattx

    Lock ecu

    Is there a way to lock the G4+ ecu so as to render the car/ecu temporarily unusable for security reasons and then be able to log back in and make it driveable again quickly? I might have overlooked this already and it might be obvious but I dont off hand remember seeing it.
  10. Another possibility is your timing light is goofing up.
  11. Is there a way to make the text in these forums appear darker? its tough to see with the light background?
  12. Could you have had hydraulic cam followers that took some time to bleed down? possibly holding an intake valve slightly open...
  13. Are you certain that your injector dead times are correct?
  14. In my experience with E85, they are typically harder to start when its cold or the car has sat for a week or so, I havent came upon a good fix yet, although I have tried a few different attempts, that being said the stock ecu had the same issues with E85 so its not just standalone having the problem, its possibly the injectors not atomizing the ethanol as well as the gasoline and the higher flash point and water intrusion that happens with ethanol.
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