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  1. motomattx

    Vr4 link g4+ Idle & Timing

    Ahh, nice you guys think of everything! Im still used to how things were done on other systems which it seems now they were less feature prone.
  2. motomattx

    4g63 boost control.

    I do run E85, and popping and jerking are usually a lean problem on E, you would have to run pretty rich to cause that behavior, but even so if richening it makes it worse simply go the other way with it until it cleans up.
  3. motomattx

    Vr4 link g4+ Idle & Timing

    Grounding those pins does nothing on the Link ecu as far as I know, just set all of your idle cells to like 5 degrees and set the ignition timing off of that and then check it again at higher speed such as 2k with everything around the 2k cells set to 5 degrees or so.
  4. motomattx

    4g63 boost control.

    Just went through the same stuff setting mine up, the first few cells are likely too lean. Turn the ve map tracing on so you can see what cells are being used when its acting up and then richen those areas up a handful of cells at a time until the afr shows what your fuel map is targeting, I'm certainly not new to tuning having a 980 hp 2.0 litre 4g63 but I'm new to linkecu.
  5. motomattx

    ECU no longer firing 2 cylinders...

    Have you tried using the coils from another car? I have known cdi boxes to damage coils in strange ways that are not always easily apparent.
  6. motomattx

    Pump gas vs E85 power range lambda value

    7.6 to around 7.9 afr on E85 works well.
  7. motomattx

    Continental ethanol sensor

    Just to update the thread in case someone else has the problem in the future, the sensors from the internet are likely to be 90% knock off junk that either dont work or wont read the proper level of ethanol, they look so close to the real thing that I could easily return the fake in the real GM/AC Delco package and I'm sure that they wouldnt know any different, they knocked off the look THAT good, the fake cost me almost as much as the real one so I had no reason to believe that it wouldnt work or be legit. After testing the defective one on the floor outside of the car and finding that it still sends a signal that was the same as when it was in the car, I knew it wasnt right. Traveled after work and picked up the real deal, came back and plugged it in and it works great. Lesson learned and a warning to others to buy only from a trusted source that is willing to stand behind what they are selling and dont buy knockoffs, if its to cheap to believe then its junk.
  8. Im running E85 which with the new now working sensor shows 80% ethanol. My2g-Mitsubishi VR4 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr
  9. I thought about that but even if it was wrong, I dont think that should cause the actual lambda vs afr to be off? those are kind of a constant I would think? maybe not, maybe it is just taking the lambda value and calling a lambda of 1.00 as 9.8 afr? I would rather view it as a gasoline ratio I guess if thats the case.
  10. Is there a reason that the lambda value thats showing up on the screen is not showing up as the same value that the on screen afr gauge is showing? in open air for example the lambda is showing the proper lambda value , but the afr is showing completely wrong, the afr on screen is wrong the entire time the engine is running also vs my actual afr gauge. You can see under the tuning logged values that the lambda with the engine off is showing up correctly at 1.503 which should be around 21.0 or so afr, however the gauge is showing 16.53? maybe I'm totally missing something? I have looked for a way to apply corrections to the on screen gauge but dont see anything anywhere I have looked.
  11. motomattx

    Continental ethanol sensor

    Tested the sensot with gasoline pumped into it, no change. Tested it on the floor at home, no change, so its a fake piece of junk. I wasnt aware that knock off's of these exist or I would have bought better.
  12. motomattx

    Continental ethanol sensor

    It was an Ebay sensor so im sure its junk now that I have researched it better, going to Summit racing to just get a real one, I didnt know that there were knock offs of this sensor. Someone needs slapped up side the head for making junk like this, it looks identical too but when I look closer it doesnt have the pins labeled like the one that Summit sells.
  13. motomattx

    Continental ethanol sensor

    This is true, I dont run anything but ethanol though, so I guess I can set the default to 50% or so. Whats the chances of a brand new sensor being bad though? or a brand new tank of ethanol from a 6 month old gas station being full of water? the car runs the same as it always did with my other ecu plugged in. So if I take the sensor out of the fuel line and clean it out and leave it plugged in with no fuel in it, then it should not be outputting any frequency at all then correct? or no? looking for a way to test the sensor to eliminate it being bad or water contamination.
  14. motomattx

    Continental ethanol sensor

    Would that cause it to show zero percent though? I would think that it would top out at 100% ethanol content if it went beyond 150hz.
  15. motomattx

    Continental ethanol sensor

    I have a Continental ethanol sensor wired to the DI6 on the expansion harness, for some reason my ethanol percentage shows 0 even though when I look at the frequency on DI6 its showing 169hz, any suggestions? When I unplug the sensor the frequency drops to zero also, so I know that the sensor is outputting a signal at least.