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  1. Want to say thanks to Link Engine Management for sponsoring the Dsm/Evo/Gtr shootout in Norwalk, OH back in August of this year, the turnout was great and I had no actual idea that there was going to be a Link dealer at the event, so it was a great surprise to see them not only there but they ended up parked beside us which was either a coincidence or on purpose, either way it was a great weekend!
  2. motomattx

    FWD Auto DSM - 4g63 powered by Link Fury

    I just noticed your post here, how far have you gotten?
  3. motomattx

    Cal table resolution

    Ok, thanks much!
  4. motomattx

    Cal table resolution

    Ok, its been a while since I have had the cover off of the ecu so my memory of it isnt great.
  5. motomattx

    Cal table resolution

    VR4 plug in, come to think of it though, I think I should already have the can inputs on the plug that I made to input the Ethanol sensor on?
  6. motomattx

    Cal table resolution

    Ok, so I just need the can cable then?
  7. motomattx

    Cal table resolution

    Gotcha! thanks. I was hoping that the new X series was much better, I checked the reviews and it won the wideband shootout so I said what the heck, I hadnt heard anything negative about them. I was wondering if the sensor was Bosch or not, all of the ones that I have had that are Bosch say Bosch right on the metal area of the sensor, this one didnt but the plastic on the plug had the bosch symbol on it? maybe just a Bosch plug but not sensor? This seems to clear things up some: https://www.aemelectronics.com/forum/question-about-genuine-bosch-lsu49-sensor
  8. motomattx

    Cal table resolution

    From the data points provided by Aem in the manual it didnt look all that linear at first glance and if it is then why do they give 17 data points? also I guess what Im getting at is that i would like to be able to see lambda beyond 1.23 and it seem that is as far as I will be able to view with the AEM unit?
  9. motomattx

    Cal table resolution

    Is there any way to increase the Cal3 table resolution beyond the 16 or so columns that are provided? I would like my input from my wideband to be able to show more values than I currently can see. Its bad enough with the AEM already since they dont have any progamable outputs like the Innovate does, you would think that the X series being newer would have at least had the ability to display E85 on the gauge with its popularity, instead though all that can be displayed is either lambda or Gasoline afr's and not in the range that the Innovate can, and also no narrowband simulation output. Sillyness. Had I not needed a new wideband I would have stuck with the Innovate and all of its ground issues.
  10. motomattx

    4g63 boost control.

    Yes accel enrichment.
  11. motomattx

    4g63 boost control.

    It sounds like you might need to adjust either the injector latency/dead time (how sure are you that you have this right?) or the response fuel.
  12. motomattx

    4g63 boost control.

    What mode are you running it in?
  13. motomattx

    methanol or ethanol to run in Flex Fuel setup

    Methanol will rust your engine internals unless you plan to flush the engine after every run, that I can tell you.
  14. motomattx

    Mitsubishi RVR - EvoLink G4+ Trigger Issue?

    Yes, you can build a circuit with a 7404 hex inverter if your so inclined, or use the 1g cas.
  15. motomattx

    Big cam idle strategy

    I do use tps instead of map, I think the idle could be better though That might be an idea, have you used it? Im kind of trying to cut back on the hunting/cycling of idle rpm as much as I can too.