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  1. I am installing a Wideband to the G4+ for my WRX ver1-2 I am connecting the wideband output to the Expansion Connector 1 on the LinkECU, This is connected to the pin labeled Volt 5 (analog 0-5v input). I can't get any readings to show up on the LinkECU Software I have two questions: 1) Is the the correct input connector to wire the wideband to the LinkECU? 2) what analog input reading do I set to Lambda in the LinkECU software. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Graham
  2. Hi I am considering purchasing the Innovate Wideband kit for my Link G4+ Wrxlink v1-2. Can you tell me is this will Wideband will work with the G4+. #3877 INNOVATE LC-2 Digital Wideband Lambda O2 Controller Kit (8 ft.) This item is availabel on ebay, as below: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3877-INNOVATE-LC-2-Digital-Wideband-Lambda-O2-Controller-Kit-8-ft/202289070189?hash=item2f195e406d:g:AFEAAOSwzaJX61d2 Can you please advise is this wideband kit is with the Link G4+ WRXLink (1-2) Thanks in advance Graham
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