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  1. I had the same problem the only you have to do is to calibrate the fans to switch on with the AC
  2. That’s common on zeds I had the same problem on my zed as well so I have added 0.5% on cylinders 2,4 and 6 and that fixed the problem on low vacuum and cruising areas but lambda 2 still a bit leaner on high loads.
  3. Kostasz33

    350z anti theft

    I see. Well the car is a 2005 uk model so if anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks
  4. Kostasz33

    350z anti theft

    Was like that but I had to disabled to start the car. I couldn’t get any spark. Is it something else I should check? Thanks
  5. Kostasz33

    350z anti theft

    Is it any way to keep and set The immobiliser on 350z pnp ecu ?
  6. Kostasz33

    350z wideband

    Thank you for your advice I ended up using a relay and feed them from the battery
  7. Kostasz33

    350z wideband

    I’m looking to wiring my spartan2 wideband sensors on my 350z and I need switched 12v can I use Aux7 (O2 heater LF) and how should I set it up? Thanks in advance.
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