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  1. Ahmed.T

    knocklink light g4

    Hi gain, I installed it next to oem knock sensor which is the prefect place for it. it work fine and it flash if the coolant temp is high toward the H side also it detect some knock which is good. but sometime it flash while im rolling at wot and if i do another test it does not flash again without changing anything.and that confusing me. what i usually do i do retard the timing a bit and i do another test and then i advance it to see if still knocking or that was just a flash. it happened from time to time but not alot maybe once every 2 days. The question is what might be the issue or what can cause that ? Also how can i knew if the flash was because of the sensor detect a knock ?
  2. Ahmed.T

    knocklink light g4

    Thank you Shedley ..
  3. Ahmed.T

    knocklink light g4

    Hi, I just bought knocklink light g4 with knock sensor & loom full kit and i would like to know some location of the senor to be installed to make sure it is deduct noise. first of all i can't install it next to the stock knock sensor as it needs to move some parts like drive shaft from down the car or the intake manifold. so i found 2 places the first one is on the caver of the engine valve at right side and the lift side , 2nd above the headers around 1cm there is a hole ( under the join of the block with the head ) but im afraid that the heat of the header might damage the sensor It's suzuki 4cly engine Also is there is a tips how to test if there is knock or no with stock ecu
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