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  1. Churchy.0

    ECCS SYNC not working

    Never mind. Running car with jumper leads it stays online under cranking now
  2. Churchy.0

    ECCS SYNC not working

    Thanks. I just needed to interpret the warning properly. It says in the case of an ecu reset. Perform a store and then set to off and reset. It worked once i did that right and your right it ended up at 16. Thanks for your help Restore i should say Is there any know wiring issues for power to the s15 plugin. Cant set base timing because ecu goes offline when cranking. We have battery jump pack and this vehicles wiring is untouched. Ran fine 2 days ago on original ecu. Maybe immobilizer
  3. Churchy.0

    ECCS SYNC not working

    Please help Just trying to do basic setups for an s15 silvia before tune. When testing ECCS widest slot the ECU will go offline while cranking and under runtime values i dont get any results. No errors or signals Thanks Ryan