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  1. So I switched the main and the sub tp. And initially it worked the calibration for the main tp was 100 and the sub was 66. Used F12 to check calibration when I pressed the pedal and main went to 100 then sub went to 66. However thr car would cut out. I changed it back to original setup but then I thought and determined that needed to change the fuel setting slightly and raise it since it maybe running a little lean. So I changed it back by swapping the main and sub again and calibrated. So now main tp is back to 100 and sub to 66. But then when I check on F12 it triggered e throttle error 76. Main stopped at 81%. Error accumulation was at 100%. It gave me a headache, so I started from the beginning saying I probably made a mistake. But error still comes. When I press the pedal main goes to 100 then the pedal jumps slightly and triggers the error causing it to stop at 81%. So I decided to go back to the main and sub in there original position. I calibrated. Main is back to 66%. However on F12 to check when pedal is in moving both main and sub go to 100%. But the main is chasing the sub.
  2. Ok just to be clear, they are 4 wires pins. Your saying to swap the wires (pins) that connect to the tp sensor?
  3. These are the wires on the throttle position sensor your speaking about?
  4. I honestly can't say, the only other sensor on the throttle body is the accelerator cable sensor. And I haven't seen any other sensors.
  5. Hello I have been having a on going issue with my throttle position setup on my Toyota altezza. 1. I initially had an error where I would get a e throttle error 76 causing the car to idle to 1800 rpm. After some tinkering this has stopped. 2. However new problem is the car will idle and jump between 3000 and 500 rpms eventually cutting out if I don't use the throttle. We did a calibration which showed the tps main to be reaching only 61% and the tps sub at 100%. I eventually bought a new tps sensor but it has only increased to 66%. Causing the car to still cut out and jump between rpms. I've seen other post where persons have written about FPS main and sub needing to work with the tps. I have no idea what is that and need some assistance in sorting this issue. I do not believe I have a vacuum leak however this is a possibility. But the tps is just not going to 100%. This ECU was wired by my tuner. I'm not a tuner myself and just learning along the way. I therefore need some help in fixing this issue. Thank you in advance.
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