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  1. I've found the problem,there was an issue with the igniter,put a new one on and it's running like dream. thanks for the help Guys
  2. The rpm is around 170 when cranking the base timing is spot on when checking with a test light,the injectors are clicking when testing also pulled the rail of to make sure fuel was coming out which it was,whenever I try doing an ignition test nothing seems to happen but when I crank it over it's definitely sparking,got it running ish today but it sounds like it's running on 4 cylinders and it does spark on all plugs
  3. This is the map I'm using,the injectors I'm using are high impedance 650cc side feed and fpr is set at 40psi SOARER WHITE.pclr
  4. Can anyone help me with a base map for my engine I've tried using a supra one and modifying to my specs but can't get it to run engine is standard 1jz running Mitsubishi wasted spark and running multipoint group inj 1-2 also has standard tps and using build in map sensor as it's a G4+ storm and a link inlet air temp sensor.any help would be highly appreciated.
  5. Sweet so I'm not going crazy,thanks a lot.
  6. Hi I've selected inbuilt map sensor in anv5 and set to 4 bar but it's staying at 14.5 psi even if I do a calibration when I apply vacuum to the map it goes down fine and also goes up when I put pressure in it but I thought it should start from 0 and work it's way up and down from that value?please help.
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