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  1. Are these similar to bosch
  2. What a complete dumb ass. Previously. I wasn't cranking it long enough for it to register an rpm Signal. On that scope log retry I kept it turning over longer to log. Which it did, and will of also given that rpm result , but I wasn't looking for that at the time. Bangs head against wall several times..... Thanks for all the help people. So what timing settings etc do I need for the direct fire setup.
  3. Trigger 2 is set to non. So the sensor is ok then??
  4. I pressed capture then cranked?? When I'm cranking I get trig1 signal goes from no to yes though?? Is the sensor too close?? When I received it, there was barely a gap. I would go as to say, touching. I have taken 1mm off. Maybe not enough?? Is it maybe because I have wired it with 12v?? Surely that should read 12 in stead of the 10v the scope says?? And the ecu is looking for a different voltage??
  5. hi adam, attached trigger scope file cheers trigscope.llg
  6. Thanks for your input. I have turned trig2 vvt to off. I get trig1 signal ok when cranking but no rpm
  7. The coils are getting power as I have tested for that. All the earth check out fine as does the signal wires. Aem smart coils. Should I have it set to falling or rising. I've turned trig2 mode off now.
  8. No spark with the test mode. Not getting any rpm. So it must be the settings for the ffe hall sensor?? Also have I got the ignition setup correct for direct spark
  9. im at the stage of trying to start but I'm getting no rpm signal. im running ffe hall sensor aem coil wired direct fire EDITED... karl peril.pclr
  10. That's the only expansion connector I have. I'm not running omp, a/c, fuel temp so can I not use those wires??
  11. I've got a plug in g4+ and I'm trying to work out how to wire in my fuel and oil pressure sensors, aem wideband and mac boost solenoid. I have the xs loom. Picture below.
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