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  1. Hello, would the Real Dash App work with Link G4X ECU's? The RealDash website says that it is not possible. (only with G4+) Is there another way to display G4X readings via an app or tablet? Kind Regards Andre
  2. Can you roughly estimate whether the ThunderX will come this summer or this year? Kind Regards Andre
  3. Hello, thank you very much. Now it looks plausible :)
  4. Hello guys, i would like to understand the calculation of the injection time.. In my opinion, it should be relatively simple to understand. If i have a warm engine (no cold start enrichment etc), and constant difference between fuel pressure and intake manifold pressure, the Injection_Effectiv_PW should be calculate so: Injection_Effectiv_PW_calc=constant_conversion_factor x Master_Fuel x Fuel_Table1 x (1+Lambda__Fuel__Corr/100) x (1+Accel_Fuel/100) x (14.7/AFR_Target) x (1+IAT_Fuel_Corr/100) If i plot Injection_Effectiv_PW (measure) over Injection_Effectiv_PW_calc, i haven't a straight line. I don't understand, what i do wrong? Is there another corrections for the injectors? Thanks for help. Best regards Andre
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