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  1. Hello, thank you very much. Now it looks plausible :)
  2. Hello guys, i would like to understand the calculation of the injection time.. In my opinion, it should be relatively simple to understand. If i have a warm engine (no cold start enrichment etc), and constant difference between fuel pressure and intake manifold pressure, the Injection_Effectiv_PW should be calculate so: Injection_Effectiv_PW_calc=constant_conversion_factor x Master_Fuel x Fuel_Table1 x (1+Lambda__Fuel__Corr/100) x (1+Accel_Fuel/100) x (14.7/AFR_Target) x (1+IAT_Fuel_Corr/100) If i plot Injection_Effectiv_PW (measure) over Injection_Effectiv_PW_calc, i haven't a straight line. I don't understand, what i do wrong? Is there another corrections for the injectors? Thanks for help. Best regards Andre
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