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  1. Here is an example of mine. Source is EGR port, which may skew the number from actual, but I don't have a way to source off the manifold of turbine housing right now. The far side of the canister will go to a braided line. The braided line will go to a firewall mounted pressure transducer. I suppose the transducer could be screwed directly into the canister.
  2. Was good to see Link there. Wish I had more time to talk with them.
  3. Hey Matt! This build has been happening in chunks when time and money permit. I recently picked up a bunch of missing pieces and have been making good progress. The Trans is done and I have begun assembling the engine. Hoping to install the engine and trans very soon so I can start building the wiring harness. I have also been working on getting the fuel system, suspension and brakes finished in the rear. Hope to have all this finished soon so I can get paint on it. Hope to have it running by the end of the year and racing in the spring.
  4. But there are no 6500Hz DIs on the Fury, correct?
  5. Somewhat on this subject... I introduced myself to the Link people who were at The Shootout in Norwalk Ohio this past weekend. I explained to them that I had purchased a Link Fury recently. I told them that I had done a LOT of research both before and after purchasing the ECU, and I was very excited to begin wiring it in. I expressed to them that the only thing I was unhappy about on the Link Fury was the lack of high freq DIs. They told me that they ARE high freq. I told them I understood that the first few DIs were "High" freq at 500hz and the rest were not. They were sure the first few were real high freq like the Thunder. Can you clarify? I want turbo speed AND traction control by wheel speed in my front wheel drive.
  6. Good info here. Thanks guys! I will also be running the Kiggly 12 tooth crank trigger on my 4g63 along with a modified cam angle sensor like you have here.
  7. I played with this a little with my Fury set up on the kitchen table this weekend. Got it to connect following the instructions given in the .pdf above. I didn't work on it much more after that as my ECU is not connected to a car... and I read about the AN Volt issue. Glad You posted a fix for that Adam, thank you!
  8. That's correct. 1gs have a temp switch in the radiator.
  9. Looks like you have to enable 3D tables in Traction Control configuration before it will let you access the axis option.
  10. Great info guys, thank you. Is this in a drag application?
  11. Stu, who is your dealer/tuner? If you don't mind me asking.
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