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    Hi Martin, Just been contacted on this, I did reply to you on MLR however, It seems to have been deleted because we dont pay any subs (No help to you though) If you'd like to discuss it give me a call on 07591205003 I've tried a number of ways to contact you directly (Email, MLR, Facebook & Through the Dealer you went to) Without much luck. I hope you can contact me and I hope we can put this right, Im very active all over the UK And haven't yet had any phone calls from yourself to clear this up. Kind regards - Kieran
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    Help required 1uz-FE on Link atom

    No problem man any time!
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    1jz non vvti

    Hi There if you follow PT Motorsport Electronics on Instagram / Facebook he's one of our very good Irish dealers, he's currently making up kits All the best Kieran - Northern Sales Manager (UK)