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  1. Hi Adam Sorry I don't understand, You have said the G4 could do gear cut based on an analog signal, but then say that it can only do a digital on/off type signal. did you mean "couldn't do gear cut based on an analog signal"? Where can i purchase one of the interface box's from? Thanks
  2. Hi There Im trying to setup flat shifting with a strain gauge on a Storm G4. I know the G4+ has an option for selecting gear lever force as the gear cut shift mode but is there a way to do it on the G4? My sequential box has a strain gauge gear lever that ranges from 0-5v. Is there any way to wire this to a Digital input so then it could be selected as the control channel for the gear cut? it only needs to work on upshifts so the voltage would go from 2.5v up to 5v on an up shift. Any other ideas to get it to work would be appreciated. Thanks Aaron
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